Madonna Inadvertently Announces A New Concert Tour


Back in early July we learned that Madonna officially began recording her next album … and now, just over a month later, we learn that she is already planning a concert tour! The news about Maddy’s upcoming tour came out yesterday in a roundabout way. She teamed up with Smirnoff Vodka to hold a contest to find one lucky dancer to go on tour with her. The contest was announced by Smirnoff on their Facebook page and, therefore, news came out that Maddy is planning to hit the road!

Smirnoff will help Madonna pick a dancer for her next tour in a new promotion that will try to get 10 million people in 50 countries to swap their nightlife stories via social media. The promotion, called the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, asks fans from around the world to share their nightlife experiences on the brand’s Facebook Page. The campaign, created by ad agency JWT, will include an event on November 12 in which 50 parties will happen simultaneously. Madonna will be attending one of the parties where dancers will compete in front of her. The winner of that dance-off may be chosen as a dancer for Madonna’s next tour. Smirnoff will take submissions for that contest from August 17 through October 10. To enter, dancers have to submit a 60-second video of themselves. Details are available at Madonna has close to 6 million fans on Facebook, but aside from that, she’s kept a relatively low profile in social media. She’s not on Twitter yet and hasn’t released an album since 2008?s Hard Candy. Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary, however, tweeted in June that Madonna was planning to start work on a new album.

I mean, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! What great news!! Not only is it awesome that one lucky dancer out there will win the chance to go on tour with Madonna but, HELLO, we now know that we have a Madonna tour to look forward to. Since the contest goes well into October, it’s unlikely that any tour will take place this year … but next year, for sure! OMG … so awesome … a new album … a new tour … Madonna is coming BACK, y’all! CAN’T! WAIT!


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    • Dominic

      Me too! Best news of the year!

  • lori

    this isnt news to me. haha i knewwwwwww madge would tour the sh** out of this alubm. thats what she does. ever 2-3 years a TOUR. LOVE her.

    my first madonna concert. i told my friends as soon as i heard she was creating a new album to save money because we have a BIG trip to go on enxt year!!! CANT WAIT.

    ill start dusting off my ‘like a virgin’ costume.

  • Let’s hope the album is better than Hard Candy, which I thought kinda sucked. She’s back in the studio with William Orbit, which is great news. Ray of Light is her best album, IMHO. Now, if she’d just get back to writing songs with Patrick Leonard …

    • Dominic

      your know whats up!

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  • Michael Singh

    Trent you look so starstruck in your photo with Brit-Brit. Much cooler with the big M. Who is next on your hit parade?
    Me I’d go for ‘hell to the no’ Houston.

    Love to you & your beau,

    Michael Singh

  • monica

    how do you have the f’n time for all you do M