‘The Avengers’ Begins Filming In Cleveland, OH


Batman has taken over the streets of Pittsburgh, PASuperman has taken over the streets of Sugar Grove, IL … and today we learn that Captain America and the rest of The Avengers have taken over the streets of Cleveland, OH. A batch of fun photos snapped on the Cleveland set of The Avengers have hit the Internets … including a couple that show Captain America actor Chris Evans on set. Check out the photos (which are supposed to look like a destroyed NYC) below.

It seems like just yesterday that we saw photos of Chris on the set of The First Avenger … now he’s on the set of The Avengers. Love it. Here are some atmosphere photos of some destroyed buildings and such:

It looks like we’re gonna get to watch this film being made as well. HMMM. As much as I love sneak peeks at movie sets (obvs, cuz I keep posting photos), it’s starting to feel like a bit much, ain’t it? We got superheros making movies all over the place these days … sheesh. Still, the photos are kinda cool … and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more, too.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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  • RuthJ

    Ummmmm why does he look like he’s in pain? It looks like someone took pictures of a bad wax sculpture of Chris Evans! :(

  • Stacy

    Nah. That IS how Cleveland looks. No special effects there.

  • Mykull

    I live in Cleveland and plan to try and watch some scenes being filmed if time permits. It’s a good thing for the city to show that we have what many other cities do as well. Stacy, with the comment on that’s how Cleveland really looks….real mature you cunt nugget.

  • .iheartryan

    I wanna see Thor damn that hemaworthsworth is the sexxiest man alive to me riite now dayum! I want Thor peeks ;)

    • Eric

      Agree!!!! Give us some Thor!!!!

  • pattyann7

    I live in Cleveland and the explosions were awesome. The city looks really blown up. It is quite exciting to see how movies are filmed and sets are created. Hope the movie turns out really great!!

  • Vicki

    Is that a bald Ben Affleck behind him?