‘Sex And The City’ Is REPORTEDLY Returning To TV

Please Find a HUGE Grain of Salt with which To Take This News
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  1. Alicia

    I can’t see it happening. The show was about casual sex and finding love in New York. Three of the ladies are now married and two have kids. It wouldn’t be the same.

    If they were to start something based off The Carie Diaries and Summer in the City books, I could see that going somewhere.

    • PierceMN

      Sex and the City is about friendship and how far you will go to help a friend in need. It’s about what real friendship is like. I absolutely love it and am thrilled that it could wind up back on TV.

  2. canaussiegirl

    Is SJP trying to make me hate Sex and the City? Cause after the movies and now with the possibility of it coming back to TV, it is looking that way.

    So very disappointing.

  3. denise a

    Wow! I was just telling my husband how every time I see the HBO “static” at the beginning of each True Blood episode, a part of me wishes I was watching SATC again! I would LOVE if they came back to the small screen. And, like you said, Trent- while the 2nd movie was pretty corny, I didn’t loathe it. I, for one, am curious to see what Darren can come up with for the “grown-up” ladies!

    • Tina

      I totally agree evrytime I see the hob static deep down I wish for Carrie and the girls.
      I can’t see this being true. I would be happy about it though

  4. Jacqui

    meh. I don’t buy it. They are all settled now, and aren’t running around having sex in the city anymore. They should just give it 10-15 years and then make it a remake of the golden girls.

  5. As much as that would rock they are just getting too old!! Cast a whole new crew and I would be all for it!

    • SuzieB

      OMG My thoughts exactly @Mr. G!! Def that would be a good idea, maybe have them tied to the orig cast somehow (niece, etc) But, the premise of fun single girls in the city has passed this cast by. BTW @Jacqui – I totally love the “golden girls” idea!!! Not sure if you meant it for real, but I like it!! :)

  6. .iheartryan

    Shoot I’m down for the prequel the three stars attached are amazing ;)

  7. MM

    I am the ultimate Sex and the City fan and I feel strongly that this is a terrible idea. Even the series itself went on a bit too long and both movies were SO off compared to the series so I’d be very war of het another comeback. It’s time to just let things lie.

    I blame the terrible movies on the fact that they were written by Darren Starr rather than the series amazing writers. A gay man is never going to understand women as well as a woman can. Hence the 4 outfit changes in the desert in SATC2 or the ridiculous puns that a women writer would never allow these intelligent women to say.

    The series seasons 1-4 – before Sarah Jessica Parker got so annoying – were amazing and I’d personally rather just be happy with my memories rather than kill the legacy any further.

    • Totally agree MM. I watched the show from the very first episode back in ’98. They should have left it at the last episode. The movies were meh and really nothing to do with the show. Making a 7th series would justbe very wrong.

  8. Nathan

    I don’t see this ever happening. At least not with the original cast. Extremely unlikely.

  9. teri

    Like the other commenters here…I LOVE me some SATC but I think it’s been played out. What new subject matter could they possibly cover that the show didn’t already? And the 1st movie was ok but hte 2nd? Not so much. Unless they change the theme to being married, having kids, etc. vs. being “single”??

  10. Janaegal

    @mm if you were an ultimate fan (like I am) you’d know Darren Star didn’t have much to do with the series or movies and he CERTAINLY didn’t write them. That’s Michael Patrick King who wrote for the series as well as both movies. And a gay man can write for women, just like a woman can write for serial killers and men can write for kids. The series staff consisted of women too but Michael patrick king ran the show.

    I actually thought the first movie was actually going to be another season and they just were usually the guise of a movie till they revealed the new season. I’d LOVE a new season, the core of the show has always been about sex, yes, ( which I’ve heard married ppl still have) and the friendship of the women. I don’t think they’re too old. I’d love for this to be true!

    • MM

      Sorry you’re right – I meant to say Michael Patrick King. I read in several places that he single handedly wrote both movie scripts so I stand by my opinion that any one of the series amazing women writers would have done a better job. He just didn’t capture their characters correctly in either movie. They were more caricatures. Maybe another gay writer could have done better but this particular gay writer did horribly IMO.

  11. If this proves true then they really will be The Golden Girls all over again.

  12. Janaegal

    I’ll concede to that. I thought the first movie was entertaining and the second was pretty much all fluff…because the first was a bit darker/sadder in tone, i think MPK went overboard trying to create a fun, fluff movie. And some of my favorite episodes were written by women (the chicken dance) but most of my favorites were written by MPK(The good fight, the post it always sticks twice, the exquisite pain). None of the other writers wrote as much as him so I’m guessing that’s why he was trusted.

  13. Alfred

    Wow – SATC returns for a 7th season. If it happens I’m all for it. I miss the girls. That said, if it’s going to be a repeat of the awful writing of SATC2Movie, then forget about it.

  14. Karina

    I thought they were doing this? Why would Michael Patrick King (presumably) take on both?


  15. I couldn’t help but wonder . . . what would SATC look like now the recession’s hit? So I had a great laugh coming up with some ideas: http://wp.me/pRYrv-8E

  16. all for it

    I am all for it! I would love to have this show come back. There characters alone make it entertaining and I am sure they could find material to carry on…

  17. Madsme

    @Skint…that was hilarious!

  18. teooto

    that’s amazing! I would love to see it again on TV! I would totally buy it!!! Cant wait!!

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