A New Photo From ‘The Hunger Games’ Film Is Released


Back in May we got our first look at the first photos from the set of the big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games and, as you may recall, we got to see a couple of paparazzi-shot photos from the Reaping scene. Today we get to see a new promo still from the film that was also taken during filming of the Reaping scene … a photo which features Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne. Check it out below.

Leave it to Liam Hemsworth to make even the dreaded Reaping look good. The latest still from the set of “The Hunger Games” film adaptation hit the web last night, and it depicts a smoldering Liam (as Katniss’ childhood friend Gale) gazing out from a mob of boys at The Reaping—the lottery-style ceremony to select participants for the novel’s titular death match. And all I can say is, Hello, Gale! Can we—just for a second—talk about how incredibly amazing Liam looks? I’m left wondering if the Aussie is, in fact, too good-looking to play Gale. I mean, based on this image alone, I’d be more than happy to trudge into the woods on a “hunting trip” with Gale…never to return. Are we really to believe Katniss wouldn’t want to jump those bones? Of course, attraction is all subjective, but…oof. I might just pledge my allegiance to Team Gale right this minute.

Hahahaha … I love how beefy, tanned and perfectly coifed Liam looks in that sea of pale, scrawny boys. He doesn’t stand out at all, does he? To be fair, the book does describe his character, Gale Hawthorne, as healthier looking than most boys in town because he works in the coal mines and is an active hunter with Katniss. While I still don’t think Liam matches the vision I had of Gale in my head, I’m warming up to him … are you?


  • RUby

    you should watch Battle Royale… it’s a Japanese movie, quite similar to HG…

  • at the reaping, he wasn’t yet working in the mines… so, this is a little far-fetched. the more we see, the more i’m warming up. having the most trouble with liam/gale, though.

    cannot wait to see photos of lenny kravitz at cinna!

    • Vanessa

      i CANNOT wait to see Lenny too!

  • Shavonne

    Remind me again why she picks Peeta?? Liam looks so yum as Gale!

    • CHASE

      ‘Cause Peeta isn’t a douche! ; )

    • XtremeCota

      Boo for book ending spoilers :(

  • Ashwee

    I’m loving all these pictures! I’m on the last book now, probably going to finish it tonight, so I’m in the middle of all the excitement and this certainly helps! I don’t mind Liam as Gale, he’s about what I pictured anyway. I’m just wondering how all the details that I find important in the books are going to make it in the movie. I guess we’ll see!

  • Jill

    I still think the roles should be reversed. I imagined Liam as Peeta and Josh as Gale.

  • meagan

    I LOVE him as Gale. The books describe him as someone that all the girls love and talk about, and Liam is definitely that.

  • meagan

    On another note, is it just me, or did anyone else get a similar vibe from Katniss as they did with Bella in Twilight, with the whole torn between two lovers and not knowing the power she has over people spiel? I started to get slightly annoyed by the end of Hunger Games with the similarities.

    • Anna

      Completely agree @maegan! This must be some sort of formula for teen attraction to a novel series. And the whole “I’m too worried about my country to chose a guy” annoys me too. But I’m still reading the last book and can hardly put it down, so it obviously doesn’t annoy me that much :)

      As far as Gale, I think Liam is pretty perfect, as is the rest of the cast. Lenny Kravitz–brilliant!

  • M

    Everyone is too clean!