The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Will Pay Tribute To Britney Spears


The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards just became a MUST SEE event because last night it was announced that the VMAs will pay tribute to the legendary Britney Spears. In years past, MTV pop music icons like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Janet Jackson have been honored with special tributes to their lasting impact on music and pop culture. This year, it has wisely been decided that Britney Spears will become the latest MTV icon to be honored in this way. Click below to see some promo photos and the promo video announcement of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Tribute to our dear Britney Spears.

On Thursday (August 11), Britney Spears took over MTV when her Video Music Awards promo made its debut and MTV News was there when she filmed it. The 30-second promo interlaces Spears’ latest hit “I Wanna Go” with her own “Slave 4 U,” Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and Madonna’s “Everybody” as dancers dressed in Brit’s most-famous outfits crowd around her. There’s also a nod to Michael Jackson, with a poster on the wall that says “Billy Jean,” in reference to MJ’s hit “Billie Jean,” and a dancer who mimics the late King of Pop’s iconic moves. At the end of the promo, Spears stands in front of a wall that cryptically reads “A Tribute to Britney Spears” before the date of the VMAs — 8.28 — flashes on the screen. Spears, whose “Till the World Ends” is nominated for Best Pop Video and Best Choreography, filmed the promo last month in Miami, and MTV News was on the set for a behind-the-scenes look. “The general concept of what we are going for is basically called ‘The Muse Factory,’ ” director Jahai Brightly explained. “It’s where all your favorite artists that are going to be at the Video Music Awards this year meet and explore their influences and inspirations.” The promo pulls from Spears’ own musical influences from over the years, which is portrayed through the set design, wardrobe and, of course, through Brit herself. In the promo, Spears pays homage to Madonna, Michael and Janet, whom she calls “the people I’ve grown up listening to and totally inspire [me].” The promo doesn’t just show the pop star’s own musical icons; it also reminds us of what a musical force Spears is as well. “We are going to be exploring her past styles,” Brightly said of Spears’ classic looks. “In particular, past six styles that represent each of her albums, with the seventh one being the current incarnation.” Spears, whose outfit was designed to represent her current style, is dressed in a custom-made studded leather jacket, a shredded black T-shirt and her signature cutoff jean shorts. The promo begins with Spears paying homage to her latest album, Femme Fatale. “I did the opening segment, where I’m at the mirror and I’m representing how many albums I’ve done, which is number seven,” Spears said. Spears then begins her journey down memory lane, where she is surrounded by dancers dressed up in some of her signature video looks, such as the flight-attendant costume in “Toxic” and her infamous red catsuit in “Oops! … I Did It Again.” “I’m walking down a hallway and I’m seeing memorabilia of all my performances that I’ve done in the past,” Spears said. “All my dancers are dressed up in my old outfits, which it’s really cool.”

Click HERE to watch the video promo on You Tube should the embed above not work for you. While I was a bit disappointed that Britney didn’t score more VMA noms when they were announced last month, I am ELATED that MTV has decided to pay homage to Britney’s lasting impact on pop music and pop culture. This tribute sounds fantastic … I cannot WAIT to see it … IN PERSON. That’s right, I will be in the hiz when the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards will take place LIVE on Sunday August 28 so this Britney Tribute news is BEYOND amazing for me. Isn’t this the best news ever? Woot!!!

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  • ksaysoff

    MTV really owes it to her after they let her tragically perform Gimme More at the VMAs…

  • glen coco

    I’m like totally kvelling

  • Louigi

    Well-deserved and WOOT!

  • SuzieB

    While I really, really do love Britney Spears, I kinda feel like isn’t it kind of a little soon to be honoring her? It’s the 30th anniversary, shouldn’t it be someone who’s been around a lot longer??

    • Lisa

      I thought the same. LOVE HER, but she’s in her late 20’s (I don’t think she’s turned 30 yet?). MJ, Madonna, etc. had impacted the world of music for a lot longer when they were honored. However, with that said, I don’t doubt that Britney has made and will continue to make a lasting impact on music.

    • Daniel

      while I understand your point, you have to understand that most artist doesn´t have the cultural impact and succest that Britney Spears have. taking away her private life her music is been always in the charts and her influence in the new pop music is out of the question.

      I’mm really exited fot this VMA’s :D

    • @SuzieB — Britney is turning 30 in December, she was born the same year that MTV was … seems perfectly fitting to me :D Long live Queen Britney!

    • SuzieB

      I wasn’t saying she was too young! :) I was just thinking since it’s the 30th anniv of MTV this year, maybe it should be someone with a more long lasting iconic status. I think she’s amazing – I wasn’t knocking on her at all, I do love her…but just maybe thought it’s a bit soon??

      And @Daniel, I wasn’t even taking into consideration her private life at all, umm Michael Jackson’s was a trainwreck!

    • SuzieB

      Oooh just got what you were saying – maybe the whole idea is she’s same age as MTV. (I’m blonde what can I say?!?!)Regardless, it’s going to be a great show and tribute, no doubt!

    • cutitout

      Too bad there is not a good crop of folks to properly pay homage to her. It will suck unless they get Christina, Justin, Usher, and Beyonce because they are the only true popstars around. These new Disney “products” need to hang it up.

    • nicole

      @Cutitout – i love your list. they all became big basically at the same time. i think it would be perfect.

  • MM

    Totally disagree. I personally don’t think Britney’s remarkable achievements have been honored enough! She has had so many number one albums and such a huge cultural impact. She is still the butt of so many jokes and hasn’t received nearly enough praise for all her hard work and talent, not to mention how inspiring her comeback has been.

    To me-a tribute is actually long overdue!

    As an aside-can I just say how adorable Britney’s tweets to her fans after her shows are? It’s no wonder we are so loyal-she is so lovable!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I totally agree. Her impact on the music scene has been pretty large. How many number ones has she had?? She totally deserves this and for how long she has been around. Now if it was like Rhianna or Miley I would ben questioning it!!!

  • Lisa

    I can’t believe I am now older than MTV.


    Anyone who thinks Britney doesn’t deserve this should slap themselves across the face with a hot spatula! Britney will go down with the ranks of Madonna and Michael Jackson. Srsly. I don’t care what anyone says. Britney is 29 and still relatively young, but she has accomplished SO much in her 15+ year career. She has survived struggles that no other pop star has and still came on top! No other star besides Michael Jackson/Madonna could do that. Not in today’s world. The 2011 VMA’s will belong to Godney, just like the 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2008 VMA’s. Living Legend, better than your faves, the icon of our generation, get on your knees and bow, haters to the left, stay pressed, etc. ; ) It’s SO good to be a Britney fan right now.

  • Tina

    Soooooo happy! Hoping that she gives a killer performance as well

  • gorkem

    Britney had the hugest cultural impact on pop culture and she is already the biggest selling female of the decade. Her songs,videos,performances are all EPIC. Why to wait longer? It’s time to make a tribute for the queen of pop and cannot wait to watch it. Britney definetely deserves it.

  • Jenna

    I love Britney but I am officially OBSESSED with Janet Jackson and always have been. Dear MTV Execs, please let a Janet/Britney collaboration go down as part of her tribute! I will freak out!

    • naomi black

      @Jenna… I so LOVE that idea, cuz I too LOVE Janet… and have love for Britney (I’ve elaborated on how I feel about Britney in the past…), I believe that would be amazing… if executed better than the whole Britney/Rihanna collaboration… I didn’t care for that at all!! I saw Janet perform this week in concert… I just love her!!! ;0)

    • Jenna

      I saw Janet in Atlanta and front row in Vegas. It was amazing. Please let this happen!

  • nicole

    i dunno, im always iffy when it comes to mtv and britney. they use her for ratings. i mean they decide to do a special on her..then magically she wins 3 mtv awards for a video i personally consider one of her worst. i mean really..out like 30 mtv noms she wins her first 3 with ‘Piece of Me’? atleast this time if she wins awards thier deserved cause the circus/FF videos have been alot better.
    and i agree with SuzieB, while i do think she deserves to be honored i would rather see it done at like the 40th anniversey, give her a few more years to really get back on her feet and do some more fantastic stuff like FF.

  • jj

    im so happy for britney… shes strong, talented, nice and beautiful :)

  • oniks

    britney and jason split. jason love jamie is true???

  • I can not fucking wait! It’s about time Britney is a living legend!
    ** **

  • mark

    AMAZING, finally a reason to watch the VMA’s this year!! Britney is the Queen of Pop!!

  • Viacom blocked the vid on youtube do to copywrite laws!

  • are u serious?!?

    R U ALL SMOKING SOMETHING!!!!!! SHE SUX!!!!!! she duznt sing her own songs, or write them and she lip syncs all the time!!!! shes nuthing but talk and auto tune!!!! i mean if i was lucky like she apparently was i can do what she does and be as big..i mean Queen of Pop my ass!!! ok soo she got lucky and sold a ton of albums…but she is definitely not an artist and i dont get why people are making it seem like she is.

    • jj

      blah blah blah

    • @are u serious?!? — LMAO

    • for-the-true-talent

      i gotta agree…
      mj’s songs all have incredible meaning because he was a very deep person. britney’s songs are… i’ve been a star since im 17, show my derrier in the magazine, fly away to the Philippines…

      but she did make an impact… a negative, but an impact.

  • jeffery mccloud

    way to britney i love you so much u rock

  • maria fernanda

    necesito el nombre , las letras y el video de paramore …. me facina y no se el nombre se q es inaseptable pro ponganala!!!!

  • Dale

    Girl can lip sync, I’ll give her that!

  • Bryan

    I wonder about some of the tributes from the other stars and how they’ll go? Like will it be performances of her hits or will they just have a nice word or two to say? I’m curious because while someone like Lady Gaga no doubt is a much better singer than Britney so her songs shouldn’t be a problem for her to handle when it comes to vocals, but what about dancing? There’s no doubt Britney is the much better dancer while Gaga’s dancing is so-so and I can’t see her pulling off some of Britney’s moves.