A RUMORED List Of Britney Spears Tribute Performers Hits The Internets


Earlier today we learned that the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards will be paying tribute to our dear living legend Britney Spears in honor of her contributions to pop music and pop culture. Altho NO OFFICIAL WORD has yet been released about what, exactly, this tribute will entail a curious document has leaked its way to the Internets that claims to list the performers who will be participating in the Britney Spears Tribute. To be honest, I don’t believe that this list is official … BUT, just in case it turns out to be the real deal, well, I guess I should share it with all y’all. Check it out below.

See … now I can believe that Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj and even Lady Gaga might be included in a tribute to our dear Britney … but I’m not so sure about Demi Lovato and Janet Jackson. Demi just got out of rehab … I don’t know that it’d be a great idea to put her in the spotlight like this so soon after getting out. As for Janet, well, I just don’t know that I believe she’d want to participate in a tribute like this. I can also believe that Madonna might be included in some way so … I’m not sure if I’m leaning toward totally buying the validity of this document or totally discounting it. What do y’all think? Do you believe this list of performers is genuine? If not, who do YOU think should be included in the MTV VMAs Britney Spears Tribute performance?


  • oniks

    britney and jason split.jason love jamie lynn.it is true???

  • Chris

    I bet another blogger (coughperezcough) made it up because he or she had nothing better to do with his or her life.

    Or it could be true. Who knows.

  • Chris

    Although I would LOVE to see Gaga do Circus. It’s perfect. Britney and Gaga should do an EP together a la Kanye and Jay-Z

  • nicole

    i dont buy it. i dont see gaga,demi (to me it would make sense for her to promo her new single/album),janet or katy doing it. and something about the song choices for each artist they picked..just doesnt seem to work.

  • sum126

    Janet is promoting a concert tour (she is in my town this weekend) and gaga DID make an appearence at Brit-Brit’s concert recently…demi is still “weak” but has a new single out, I know I am just hoping for this to be true!

  • nicole

    you know who i could see doing a song..Beyonce…i dont think her voice would fit in..but with how big she is…i can see MTV seeking her out

  • .iheartryan

    I think it would be epic lol except for Janet, Demi doesn’t normally do uber pop so it’d be cool.

  • Jim

    Didn’t Britney only get her first nomination for a VMA like a year ago or something? I just remember the VMAs snubbing her somehow, so this seems strange to me.

  • Vanessa

    This would be EPIC if it is true. I LOVE Demi, it would be awesome to see her do Britney, same with Katy and Gaga. But I dont get Janet, seems a little off.

  • .iheartryan

    No she was nominated a lot but she didn’t win until two years ago three vmas for piece of me then one last year for womanizer.

    • Jim

      Yea, I was just reading the overhead article and someone mentioned my bit of trivia I was thinking of. Just seems to me to be a mistake to have nominated her, but snubbed her for so long. I think it’s good. If I try to think of anyone else who would be deserving other than her I can’t think of many at all that are still relavent, but haven’t recognized (See Madonna, Janet). Maybe Beyonce, but even she is only “recently” an individual artist, in comparison to Britney’s career so I can support this, even as someone who isn’t a fan. Like her or not, she’s had a huge impact on music today.

  • Christina

    Yeah I don’t believe Janet would do this. I mean Janet is a legend and are not in the same league. Plus couldn’t they get someone that can sing do Baby one more time and I like Katy but I just don’t see her doing Oops. Well it is Britney so I guess it makes sense. All 3 of them aren’t known for there singing well Britney and Katy aren’t plus Selena is just silly disney music like Miley or Hilary Duff

  • Dana

    I Hate It when they do Tributes at Awards Shows.

  • Marcella

    Wouldn’t it be great if JT was included…..I’d want JT madonna (gaga even tho I dont like her I just like seeing her bow down to the real QUEEN) beyonce, Kesha, rihanna and like Adele do something…that would be better!!

  • Me

    I’m more inclined to think this is absolute rubbish. I find it VERY hard to swallow that Gaga’s enormous ego would allow her to perform a Britney song, let alone sit back and watch such major icons as Madonna or Janet pay tribute to someone that wasn’t Gaga herself. Janets on tour across the globe, Madonna is recording new music in London, and Selena or Demi even being included in this roundup of women is laughable at best.

    • nicole

      actually, i think salena is the only one from this list that makes sense (minus madonna presenting) due to the fact that thier both products of disney,britney wrote a couple songs for her, and salenas been doing her own little tribute to her at her shows.

  • .iheartryan

    Britney has already put in her two cents on Selena, she gave her songs, she has respect for her sand Demi… she is an AMAZING artist she writes her own music and her voice is hauntingly beautiful … don’t write them off because of Disney.

  • cutitout

    I don’t see a legend like Janet doing a tribute to someone who should still be doing tributes to her. That is the saddest list I have ever seen, all a bunch of talentless(minus Janet) womps. When is the next generation of real pop stars comming up. These gals just don’t cut it. Gaga is Ok but all the others are horrible live performers.

  • ariel

    it would be amazing if they could have janet, madonna, gaga and christina to sing the most iconic songs of britney and justin to give her the award. it would like the queens and her contemporaries would pay her some tribute and well justin it’d just a plus!!!

  • Martin

    Ha. In the town. It is raining. I did it.

  • donny

    OMG! I need Miley Cyrus on this tribute…

  • Xadax

    Why Janet? She’s a queen already.

  • Lisa

    Janet was the only one that seemed odd to me. I think Demi would make sense- she seems to be stepping out more and this would be a great “I’m back” type of thing. Madonna and Brit Brit are friendly enough I’m sure after working together- it seems like something Madonna would be willing to do, no? Now if it were for Lady Gaga…I don’t think so!

  • needtostudy

    Janet wont do it.
    madonna def wont do it.
    gaga MAYBE.
    the other teen queens, yes. they have nothing better to do. lol.

  • Well thats retarded to say Demi isnt ready because he’s performing Skyscraper at the DSAs and thats official. So yeah… If Demi performed Toxic that would be so hoooot!!! Damn. Demi is fiiine lol

  • Miguel

    To everyone being pessimistic about Disney girls being rumored in this tribute. Don’t forget that Britney Spears is a former Disney Girl herself…You know, just an FYI. Demi is brilliant.

  • Cristina

    I think that the reason Janet is on there is solely for the purpose that she’s probaaaaably the only one that could really nail the dance routine for i’m a slave 4 u. Just a thought….

  • Ash

    @cristina.. I don’t think Janet would nail that. They should get Heather Morris!

    • @Ash — YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My thoughts exactly.

    • Alys

      Yes. That would make me so happy!

    • jaybee

      Trent, you didnt see all the Janet hints in the video?

    • @jaybee — HMMMM … you do make a very intriguing point. OMG, I would DIE. Just DIE :D

    • jaybeefly

      go back, there’s also a madonna vogue ;)

  • jaybee

    Did you guys not see all of the Janet hints in the video..?