Shia LaBeouf & Joe Jonas Are Not On Speaking Terms


In LA it is quite common for celebrities to run into one another all over town, at restaurants, stores, on the street and definitely at events. It is pretty much expected that when celebs run into one another, they will at least acknowledge one another in greeting even if they do not know one another (and even if they are not fond of one another). Yesterday, Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf crossed paths in West Hollywood and altho they walked right by one another … neither acknowledged the other’s existence … like, at all. LOL! Check out the awkward photos below.

If you once imagined that in Hollywood you bump into celebrities every day only to be disabused of this notion, this picture is for you. Because today, in a fairly quiet area of Hollywood called Sunset Plaza, Joe Jonas and Shia LaBeouf nearly bumped into each other on the street. Jonas, 21 , as you can see below, is pulling the same face we all do when we’ve a) seen someone we know but don’t want to talk to, or b) seen someone we know but are unsure if they remember/know who we are. Transformers star LeBeouf on the other hand, seems genuinely not to have noticed the singing Puritan. The 25-year-old is, of course, regarded as one of the coolest men in the film industry today, so perhaps LaBeouf was simply rocking his poker face. And he was heading determinedly to Cafe Med, which serves the most delicious pasta in Hollywood, so perhaps hunger was driving him on. Those of you familiar with L.A and the love of automobiles which renders walking a less acceptable pursuit in the community than even smoking, or heaven forbid, aging, will wonder what the two stars are doing on foot.

HMMMM. I have to say … perhaps it was a matter of mistaken identity? After all, it’s entirely possible that Joe mistook Shia for a homeless person:

And Shia, on the other hand … well, he strikes me as the kind of guy who doesn’t like to get friendly with too many people. Honestly, this inadvertent snub is really no big deal but it is kinda funny. I kinda wish they would have wordlessly high-fived one another or something ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • JP

    It’s quite possibly Shia doesn’t even know or care who Joe is… who does?

  • Candy

    I’m thinking Shia might not know who Joe is. I wouldn’t if I saw him on the street. I couldn’t care less about a Jonas & I’d bet Shia’s of the same feeling :) I also wouldn’t have recognized that unkempt mess as Shia, either.

  • Nicole

    I honestly don’t think I would have recognized either of them looking like that

  • fab4runner

    Love Shia…but he really needs to not look like a dirty, homeless bum. Sick.

  • Manderz

    Do we know if he looks like that on purpose?

  • .iheartryan

    Show looks like Joaquin pheonix here like when he went all weird and stopped showering.

  • JennT

    What’s up with Joe Jonas anyway, he’s got some weird body language going on.

    And yeah, wouldn’t have known that was Shia unless you told me.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • krissy

    I don’t know if they even saw each other. When you are trying not to be noticed by other people, you tend not to make eye contact with randoms on the street. That only encourages people to come up to you.

  • RUby

    Joe looks like a regular person… doesn’t exactly have that distinctive celeb look.

  • Monkey

    Clearly Joe and Shia had sex…Shia didn’t call Joe the next day and now Joe is feeling hurt…Joe needs a hug

    • @Monkey — LOL. That may be it.


    Why would anyone want to say hi to Shia LaDouche?

  • Wynter

    Two former Disney boys…

  • jessicagiovanna

    How can Shia walk w/ dem chilli chokers on

  • vintage

    I am an absolute fan of shia but in all honesty, if he were to walk past me looking, i wouldn’t have known it was him either. even looking at the pic now, i don’t recognize him instantly. dun like him with facial hair… and i agree with Krissy about not making eye contact when u don’t want ppl to recognize u. they probably didn’t even notice each other.