Meeting Britney Spears


So … ok … last night. After many, many years of being a HUGE fan, I was finally able to meet the living legend herself … Britney Spears. After missing out on the meet and greets in SoCal (mainly because I wasn’t even aware that she would be doing meet and greets), I decided that I HAD to figure out a way to meet her. Long story short, I managed to get a m&g ticket for the Hartford, CT show and last night was the night. Before meeting Britney, tho, David and I had a great time meeting other people here in CT as well. Click below to see some of the photos from my epic night last night.

A highlight of the night was my finally getting to meet Bradley Stern of Muumuse. I’ve been a fan of his site forever so I was really excited that we were finally in the same place at the same time. It was fitting that we met at a Britney Spears concert ;) I also got to meet and hang out with Britney’s BFF Felicia Culotta again. That woman is an absolute doll. She does everything she can to ensure that fans are having the most amazing time at Britney’s shows. I just love that woman.

I was lucky enough to meet some Pink readers too. Jessica and her friends as well as Mike and his friends … it was my extreme pleasure running into you guys last night:

But the big moment, obvs, was meeting Britney. Let me tell you about the meet and greet … it’s a strange set up. They put Britney in a small room with a lot of lights … so it’s hot and cramped — mere moments before she’s due to hit the stage! Then they parade upwards of 20 people individually to meet her and pose for a photo. It’s awkward for us fans because we’re all so freaked out about meeting Britney Spears. I can only imagine what it must be like for her to pose with so many strangers, all in a row … night after night. Felicia told us we could talk to Britney about anything … and I intended do. Then, when I was right in front of her … everything flew out of my head. I managed to introduce myself and offered my hand for a shake (SO LAME!) and she kindly obliged and said Nice to meet you. After that, I totally blanked. We posed for our photo and then … it was over:

She thanked me for coming, I thanked her for existing and that was that. I could’ve spent minutes with her … but I freaked and clammed up. I understand that happens a lot. But Britney, Felicia and her entire team couldn’t’ve been more sweet and more accommodating. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. After the meet and greet, Jason Trawick very kindly came over to me and thanked me for all the support I’ve given Britney over the years. I was floored! He and I talked for a short while and, at last, I was able to express myself … er, which I hope he relayed to Britney ;) Hahaha! Last night really was a once in a lifetime moment for me.

I know people will continue to say mean things about Britney and take easy pot shots but none of that really matters. Haters will hate until the end of time. I am just so thrilled that I finally got to meet Britney, finally got to speak to her and can rest in the comfort of knowing that her team knows how much I heart her. That’s all I need to be happy :)

This afternoon, shortly actually, David and I will be heading into NYC for the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to getting back to the city. But Rhode Island has been a really fun place to holiday for a few days. I shall be back! Happy Wednesday!!

  • Vanessa

    YAY! Good for you, so happy that you were able to meet her!

  • Gentgiant

    It’s crazy how you have all this stuff in your head, on what you are going to say when you meet someone you admire and then it goes all away when they are in front of you. I’m sure she knows how much you and all her fans love her.

  • loriannakim

    Wow Trent! I’m not a Britney fan, but if it were me meeting an idol of mine, I will be absolutely thrilled too!

    I’m so glad you got this opportunity! and i just want to say im very impressed with the support you have given Britney. Also, im very impressed with the attitude you have towards all the celebrities you blog about, even the ones you don’t particularly like. You don’t bash them, hate on them and you’re not mean just for the sake of being mean and hip. You have reasons to back up how you feel and I fully respect that even I might not agree with you on some things (which rarely happen). You seem like a genuinely nice person/blogger and thats why I come to your blog and have been coming for a few years. You’re better than all those other gossippy sites : ) thank you for your hard work!

    Wow…that was long :D usually i dont comment much so when i do….well, you get the point ! Hope im not being too creepy or anything !

    Congrats again on having the chance to meet Britney!

    • @loriannakim — Thank you so much. It means a lot to read a comment like yours ;) xoxoxo

  • Lorraine

    Awe, very happy for you. We all have adored and appreciated her inspirational strength through the years. It’s good to hear she’s with a good guy now, that was really nice of him to thank you like that.

  • Sawadee

    Did she know about your blog ?

    Also, I totally agree with loriannakim… Your kindness is what makes us come back everyday to your blog :)

    I would totally want to hang out with you ;) (maybe we’ll cross path when I’m in LA for my honeymoon at the end of the month – I come from Belgium).

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YAY for you!!! I know you are a huge fan and so am I! I probably would have clammed up too! I think my heart stopped while i read this post lol!! so excited for you!


  • Lauren

    I have to second and third all of the comments here especialy @Sawadee and @loriannakim – Trent your positive tone is always a joy to read as well as objective. It’s exactly what I want for my goss/news perspective because it’s respectable. I applauded your positive tone and good attitude, and I was literally so happy when I saw on FB last night that you met Brit brit! Good for you!! And my mind would totally go blank if I met my favorite too :)
    We all have that person! I would die! Oh and BTW I think offering your hand is very gentleman like. xoxo

  • Cara

    Awww, congratulations Trent! After reading your blog for all these years, I know how important it was for you to meet Britney and I’m so very happy for you! :)


    I’m so jealous, Trent! Maybe one day I’ll be able to meet the living legend. : ( Congrats! Isn’t Britney beautiful in person? She was 5 ft away from me and she totally looks different in person than in pictures/videos/etc.

  • Bosnia

    I am so happy finally got to meet her and I love you for stanning for her! :D
    I saw her 10 days ago and I still can’t stop smiling!

    Those hozz who say mean things about her can ____ my ___! lol jk

  • Melissa

    Good for you Trent!! Really happy for you!! =)

  • FINALLY ;) And YAY!
    I’m really happy for you. I can only imagine how SO dying you musta been. And I can relate on the “clammin’ up when meeting an idol thing”. I got to meet George Michael WAY back in 1991 and as soon as he was put in front of me, I too totally clammed up! In fact I did the same thing as you… stuck out my hand for a handshake, mumbled “nice to meet you” or something like that and that was it! I was devastated.
    BUT, before he could go, I reached out and grabbed him by his left forearm and BLURTED out my lurve and admiration for him and his music (update: I’m not anywhere near as freaked out over him now as I was when I was a kid).
    I was SO relieved I got a chance to say what I wanted to say. I hope he didn’t mind me grabbing his arm. I don’t think he did actually… instead, he ended up kinda flirting with me. And that’s the truth, I’m totally not making that up.
    So anyway my friend, I really can understand how you must’ve felt meeting Britney. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

  • mg

    All i can notice is MADONNA on the right of ur site wrapping her arm around you and britney…stiff as a pole. :P i think she is jaded by her fans.

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Awww! Trent, I am so happy for you! I know you’ve waited a LONG time for this. I think you clamming up just shows how much she means to you. It’s super cute.

    I remember when I met Kelly Clarkson. (Yes, peep my screen name, haha). One of the coolest experiences ever! Thankfully, I didn’t clam up…because she’s so super bubbly and chatty, she doesn’t give you time. Not sure if she’s on your radar (yay, puns!), but if you haven’t met her, I highly suggest you do. ;)

  • PixiesBassline

    Hell yeah, Trent! I’m really happy for you that you got to meet her. :)

  • mg

    i feel bad for her. she seems like she is putting in SO much effort. she looks old in the fan pctures perez hilton just posted. he made some post that says “AWKWARD!” its fresh, so you guys can view it.
    she has aged a lot. she has been through a lot. she really should haev taken a break instead of making circus right after her public meltdown.

  • Glen CoCo

    I love that you basically reacted the way I would… love love that Jason thanked you for your support, he seems like a quality guy…..

  • Mela

    OMG are you freaking out that you are totally on the BSpears & Co radar?!?

  • Jill

    So excited for you! My girls and I will be going to her concert in Columbus next Sat.!!!!

  • Baybridget

    It’s totally normal to clam up when you meet an idol…at least that is what I keep telling myself. I met Isabel Allende at a book signing and I kept practicing what I was going to say to her: what an inspiration she is to me, how her work has affected my life, blah, blah, blah. Instead I blurted out “You are gorgeous!”. Sigh. Compliment was appreciated but I felt like such a tool afterwards. C’est la vie.

  • Lynne

    I’m so happy for you, Trent! Wow, that picture! LOL. :D

    • Lynne

      Wow to that picture of you and Britney, I should day!

  • Candy

    Trent- you look cute & genuinely excited to be there & a little like a dopey fan (which is TOTALLY to be expected!) but, and I’m truly sorry to say this, Britney has THE fakest smile I’ve ever seen on her face. I suppose that’s understandable, considering how much smiling she probably had to do… but she looks like a wax model of what a 45 yr old Britney will look like. I really am happy for you that you got to meet Britney but agree with the comment about the Madonna pic being better :)

    And to reiterate what others said, your realness & truly kind personality is what brings me back to your blog every day. We can all be snarky from time to time but you are always fair.

    • Balito

      Thats exactly what i thought!!! A wax statue of an old Britney!!! LOL

    • Tina

      I met her too, and the thing that you have to remember is this is moments before she goes on stage. She has a ton of stage makeup on. It looks akward in meet and greet room but beautiful on stage. I don’t think it’s a fake smile at all. I think it’s the makeup. There is a lot of powder which def makes her look older BUT I stared and she was wrinkle free!

    • @Tina — Very true, she is wearing stage make-up. But really, it looks much cooler in person up close. The smoky eyes were fabulous, tiny flecks of glitter … either that or she just glowed like an angel from heaven ;)

    • Louigi

      Why is it necessary for you to to rain on Trent’s parade? What a Debbie Downer thing to post, Candy. I’m glad she was as sweet as you say, Trent. Good on you!!

  • Balito

    LOL… I love me some Brit!!! But she looks off in this pic… the position of her hands indicate she doesnt want to be there or do that,,, SHE LOOKS REALLY WEIRD!!!
    You on the other hand, look like you had the time of your life!!! =)

  • Wow wow wow wow!!! I am so excited for you… finally! I love Felicia and so glad she turned out to be a sweetie like I expected! I always freeze when I see a celeb that I am a HUGE fan of! So not smooth! I’m very excited for you though!

  • Mitchell

    Trent, if you would have conversed with her it would have went like this:

    And Godney said, “Trent, go with grace and for your loyalty to me you shall have deliverance when the pop world ends, for I am Godney, the keeper of good pop souls.”

    I’m so happy for you. :)

    • @Mitchell — LOL :) <3

  • Aylee

    Aw, I’m so happy for you! I know you’re disappointed that you blanked but that’s to be expected. I have no doubt that you’ll get another chance to meet her someday… and hopefully you’ll be a bit less starstruck!

  • Christie J

    Congrats!! you really are a number 1 loyal fan through it all!! Very exciting!!!

  • i’m squealing in excitement for you!!! i’m so happy that brit’s team (including jason trawick!) recognized the support you gave britney over the years. hope you get to meet her again soon :)

  • BCDanielle

    YEA!!!! SO happy for you Trent! What an experience :D

  • Lisa Nichols

    trent, i’ve read your blogs for years partly due to your love for britney because i love her just as much as you do so i am so happy for you!!

  • Dezden

    Trent!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!! I love Britney as well… I’d love to meet her… but I have been reading PINTB for years… I’m just sosososo happy you had the opportunity!!! Yay!

  • AmandaMarie

    I love your Britney pic mainly becuause her stage makeup is so overbearing to where she’s actually at, I know she’s at the show but when stage makeup isn’t on stage it’s ridiculous. Hahahahah. You look amazing, she does too! Albeit a little stiff! But that just shock I’m sure. Gawrsh I am so happy for you!

  • c-word

    oh yay!!! i’m sooo happy for you! glad you had a great time! xoxoxo

  • Jaybee

    trent!! i’m glad you finally got to meet her. now change the madonna pic to brit ;)

  • jessicagiovanna

    Congratulations, Trent! OMG, it was like the Golden Girls episode when Dorothy meets the president! Happy for you!

    • @jessicagiovanna — LMAO! Yes, it was like that EXACTLY! Hahahahahahahaha :)

  • sals

    cool, so happy for you!!!!

  • ChristineLA

    After seeing your photo with Britney on FB last night, I can finally articulate why it bothers me. Thank you, Jason Trawick! Over the years, you have unfailingly supported her. Even when she was obviously having a mental breakdown, you did not revel in it once as entertainment, more you were very upset that someone you adore was spiraling down. There has never been an iota of maliciousness in your Brit-Brit reporting over the years, which is a lot more than I can say for any other blogger I can think of. I expected her to be excited to meet you and for there to be a warm, effusive photo.

    Since Jason Trawick approached you and confirmed that Britney’s camp is well aware of that, all is forgiven for the awkward pose, and I am back loving her. He did NOT have to even admit to knowing who you were, and certainly didn’t need to be complimentary. That rocks!

    • @ChristineLA — :) xoxoxoxo

  • JCZ

    Congrats Trent! – looks like the haters are still, sigh, hating…

    As long as YOU enjoyed it and clearly you did. That’s all that matters.
    I do have ONE problem though…

    It hasn’t been added to your ‘Now I Can Die’ heading on the right side of the site. I know this pic needs to above Madonna (just sayin) !!!!

    • @JCZ — :) the photo will be added today :D

    • JCZ

      Looks great!!!

      Considering theres Britney already there, its not like anyone else is really worthy. But do you have anyone else that you would want on that list?
      I am thinking of Kylie, but i could have sworn you two have met before?

  • Gab

    That photo with Britney needs to go to the right column, under ‘Now You Can Die’ along with the pic with Maddy.

    • @Gab — It will be added today :D

  • Nivek

    Trent your site has been rocking my socks for years especially coz you’re a fellow Britney fan(atic) like me! Im going to see her in Toronto on Saturday and just like you, I didnt know the meet and greet was coming when I bought my tickets, so Im super jealous of your pic!! But for now Im just uber excited to get to see her in concert again after waiting 10 years since I saw her last at the Dream with In a Dream in Buffalo! Glad you enjoyed it!!

    • @Nivek — The show is AMAZING! You’re gonna LOVE it :D I promise!! Have fun!!

    • Nivek

      Trent just wanted to follow back up with ya! You def didnt tell a lie I LOVED the show!!! Although I didnt get to meet Britney I was on the end of the aisle and saw Jason, who stopped when I recognized him to take a picture with me!!! He was so nice and the night was incredible, I especially loved the remixes to Boys, Gimme More and If You Seek Amy and cant wait to relive the night when the DVD comes out!

  • SuzieB

    Awww congrats on meeting Britney! One more of your dreams come true! Happy for you!!! :)

  • Jax

    WOOHOO! Congrats! I understand how you feel. I’ve met a few celebs at meet & greets (mainly famous authors & celebs at comic cons) & I’m so excited to be there, all I can say is “hi great to meet you” and forget everything else I plan to say.

    Very happy you met Brit! :)

  • How cool, i’m jelaous Trent!

    I love your Britney T-shirt BTW :)

  • PF

    Very happy for you Trent :) Brit rocks, I hope to meet her sometimes :) I’ve been a fan of hers since the very beginning

    Hugs from France

  • Sawadee

    Did Brit recognize you as the pink is the new blog webmaster and blogger?

  • needtostudy

    hey trent. happy to see you met your fave pop icon.
    but i must ask, what was your encounter with madonna like? lol i just love madonna so much, i noticed the pic on the side with Madge herself. can you post hte link to the post of meeeting her? thanks!!

  • missliz murder

    Congrats on meeting her. I’m not a hater but she looks so awkward. I’ve seen pic from these meet and greets and she just looks like she can’t stand to touch anyone.

  • marthe

    omg. you are so lucky. the now i can die pictures make me smile :)

  • tenisha

    is that mya’s manager in the green shirt?

  • JC

    Congrats Trent. I keep coming back to pitnb because of our shared interests and your admiration for my boo Brit.

    I dream about meeting her, you’re truly Lucky. If I don’t freeze when meeting her I would LOVE to take a pic of her and I doing the ‘antlers’ from Slave4U. That is my dream.

  • apriljan

    Like I said before.. Britwick forever! He’s so good for her!!

  • Melissa

    OK, Trent, this is the night!!! I am on my way to see Britney in 7 hours! I can’t wait! I have my outfit in our news dressing room! I am so excited! Gaaahhhh!!!

    • @Melissa — YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!!!!! Be sure to let us know how fun your night was ;D xoxox

    • Melissa

      Alright, Trent, I have pics and a fun story! What is the best way to send pics?

    • @Melissa — pinkisthenewblog

  • Melissa

    Thank you! I sent you an email with the story!

  • Genae

    I don’t know if you will see this because it was so long ago!!! butttt OH MY GOD! so jealous. Thank you for being the one blogger that always stood by her! I am so happy for you.