Zac Efron Keeps His Cool In New Orleans


Zac Efron, who hasn’t been hanging out shirtless at the beach NEARLY as much as I was hoping he’d do this Summer, surfaced this weekend in New Orlenas, LA lookin’ about as Summery as possible in his colorful boardshorts, tank top and … knit cap? Well, OK, in this blistering heat the knit cap looks silly but … if you focus on his toned arms, you don’t even notice the hat at all.

OK … tell me your 13-year old teenage girl heart didn’t skip just a smidge when you first laid eyes on the winking photo? Don’t lie, it did ;) Zac may not be shirtless in these photos but he is showing enough skin AT LEAST to keep us interested … and I am A-OK with that.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He is one good looking MOFO!! I can’t say that enough…YUMMY!!! Is it bad I hope his career goes belly up so he has to resort to posing for Playgirl to earn a living??

    • Mela

      If it’s bad I don’t want you to be good.

  • Balito

    Damn,,, i use to hate him in his HSM days… but now… Ahhhhh… Im in love!!! I think his down-to-earth attitude is what makes me more atracted to him… Hes a good ol’ boy,, a very hot one that is!!! I need him to come out already… =)

  • Claire

    Hot damn. Still can’t believe I got to see this sexiness filming at the Iowa Speedway. He is too hot for his own good… My, my!

  • JessFM

    *pants* sooo.. gorgeous..

  • kwow

    i wish i could look at his arms but im too entranced by his eyes. hes so yummy!

  • naomi black

    That is just…. that is… just gorgeous…. SEXY!!!! Oh what he does to my naughty bits!!! ;0)