Zac Efron Keeps His Cool In New Orleans

Peace, Bro

Zac Efron, who hasn’t been hanging out shirtless at the beach NEARLY as much as I was hoping he’d do this Summer, surfaced this weekend in New Orlenas, LA lookin’ about as Summery as possible in his colorful boardshorts, tank top and … knit cap? Well, OK, in this blistering heat the knit cap looks silly but … if you focus on his toned arms, you don’t even notice the hat at all.

OK … tell me your 13-year old teenage girl heart didn’t skip just a smidge when you first laid eyes on the winking photo? Don’t lie, it did ;) Zac may not be shirtless in these photos but he is showing enough skin AT LEAST to keep us interested … and I am A-OK with that.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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  1. He is one good looking MOFO!! I can’t say that enough…YUMMY!!! Is it bad I hope his career goes belly up so he has to resort to posing for Playgirl to earn a living??

  2. Balito

    Damn,,, i use to hate him in his HSM days… but now… Ahhhhh… Im in love!!! I think his down-to-earth attitude is what makes me more atracted to him… Hes a good ol’ boy,, a very hot one that is!!! I need him to come out already… =)

  3. Claire

    Hot damn. Still can’t believe I got to see this sexiness filming at the Iowa Speedway. He is too hot for his own good… My, my!

  4. JessFM

    *pants* sooo.. gorgeous..

  5. kwow

    i wish i could look at his arms but im too entranced by his eyes. hes so yummy!

  6. That is just…. that is… just gorgeous…. SEXY!!!! Oh what he does to my naughty bits!!! ;0)

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