First Look: Anne Hathaway As Catwoman In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


Back in May, we got our first official look at actor Tom Hardy in costume as the villainous Bane as he will look in the upcoming superhero sequel film Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. Ever since we got that first look at Bane (as well as subsequent photos of the character from the set of the film), fans (including myself) have been itching to get our first look at actress Anne Hathaway in costume as Catwoman. Today, the official website for the film has been updated with the first official photo of Hathaway in costume as Catwoman … and she looks … interesting. Click below to see for yourselves.

OK … now I think it’s time to worry. Yes, I understand that this is just our first, early look at the new incarnation of Catwoman and yes, I understand that this is very likely (I hope) a proto-version of the Catwoman costume but … this does not look like Catwoman to me (it should be noted that this official image is titled Selina Kyle). The glasses look silly as hell. I got really excited when we got our first look at the new Bane, I feel no excitement at all from this first photo of Catwoman. Again … I HAVE to believe that the Catwoman costume will be changed further … but, IMHO, this does not look like Catwoman to me. It looks like Anne Hathaway riding Batman’s Batcycle lookin’ kinda silly in a pleather jumpsuit and ridic goggles.

What do y’all think? Click HERE to see the image enlarged.

UPDATE: New paparazzi photos have surfaced of Anne’s stunt double in costume as Catwoman on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, PA. As you can see, she is riding the Batcycle in her pleather outfit on the steps of a building … behold, Catwoman in action!

HMMMM. I’m still not crazy about any of this. You?

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • LiQue

    I totally agree! i think Michelle Pfeiffer has been imprinted in our minds and we all expect something in that line.

  • WickedSandwich

    Maybe she has to die first like Michelle’s version, then her costume will improve…Maybe ?

  • Elijah

    Something that might be worth noting: the file from The Dark Knight Rises website has the file labeled with “Selina Kyle,” NOT “Catwoman.” So maybe this isn’t actually a Catwoman picture…?

    • @Elijah — I mean, it’s Catwoman … maybe an early version of Catwoman but Selina Kyle IS Catwoman … especially when she’s wearing a getup like this. As I said, I’m HOPING this is a protoversion of the final Catwoman costume that we will likely get in TDKR but still … I’m not impressed right now.

    • Elijah

      Of course Selina Kyle is Catwoman. I’m thinking, though, that they’re still being VERY specific with the naming for a reason.

    • @Elijah — I suppose. Nowhere in any official press release from this film is the name Catwoman used once.

    • Brandon

      I’m not that impressed yet either but thats only because she has no mask with ears.
      However, the costume does very much look like one catwoman wore in the comic books.

  • JOe

    you aint no catwoman if you dont look like a cat.

    • Vicky

      Lol… very true.

    • Amanda M

      comment win.

  • Bekki

    To be honest the glasses look more batty than catty … maybe she borrowed them along with the bike. I am concerned though, they really need to pull this role off, Nolan’s Batman has been so good so far!

    Also that is a crappy promo picture, catwoman could not be less sexy!!

  • Nikki

    Oh. Not good. The goggles make no sense to me… I hope they are not part of the Catwoman suit because there is nothing even remotely cat-like about them. It’s hard to see the whole outfit, but it basically looks like a boring black unitard. I don’t think it should be quite so literal as Michelle Pfeiffer’s suit was (ie, the mask with ears), but surely the end result will be better than what we are seeing here…?

    • @Nikki @Mela — Catwoman does wear goggles in the comic books: I am really hoping this is an early version of the eventual Catwoman costume that will be used in the film.

    • Nikki

      I should have clarified… these almost look like night-vision goggles or something… not costume or disguise-like goggles… they just look wrong!

    • sars

      These goggles actually remind me of those ‘night vision’ glasses Bats wore in the last movie. I’m thinking maybe she starts out as Selina Kyle and steals some of Bats’ stuff to help against Talia and this whole thing launches her Catwoman identity?

      As someone pointed out earlier, she looks more like Batgirl than Catwoman.

  • Mela

    I want to believe she can pull this off…but she’s gonna need a little help in the wardrobe department…this is just…no! Where’s the head of the suit…wtf is with the goggles? No chance they’re some sort of CG monitor things and the rest of the outfit is going to be CG? That’s probably not it. Here’s hoping.

  • Keith

    I’m sure there will be more to it in the film…in the comics, Selina Kyle was originally just a cat burgular known as “The Cat” before meeting Batman and being inspired by him and creating the mantle of Catwoman. Perhaps the scene from where these stills originate is a similar setup: Selina as “The Cat” steals the Batpod and is pursued by Batman. Batman defeats her and as a result of being foiled, she creates the Catwoman identity and takes on a costume based more upon the one worn by the comic book version. I remember reading that the Catwoman suit would be based on the current comic version, so I’m confident this isnt the final version.

    • @Keith — From your lips to God’s ears. As unwowed as I am by these photos, I do still have faith in Christopher Nolan. You make an excellent argument about reserving judgment.

    • Bryan

      Thank you!! Actual sense from someone who follows the comics until the people just passing judgement because the costume doesn’t have ears or because she’s not as sexy as Michelle Pfeifer or Halle Berry.

      And to the person who said the goggles look like night vision goggles, yes that’s absolutely correct seeing as Catwoman is a BURGLAR first and foremost so she needs gadgets like night vision goggles.

      Also, to the people would say she can’t play this role because she’s too goody two shoes, stop seeing her as the girl in Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. Watch the more mature stuff she’s done in movies like Havoc.

  • Sara

    I want to put my trust in nolan, but I am scared this will be another katie holmes-style tragedy :P

    • Syslak

      I’m with you Sara. I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was equally as awful (thought I mostly enjoy her as an actress). While I loved both Batman movies, it was painful to watch the women in them. I hope Anne Hathaway doesn’t perpetuate that, as I really do like her as an actress too.

    • scsu01

      So true. Katie was terrible. Maggie was good as an actress, but as a woman that two men desire…no. Im worried about this. I have a feeling Marion Cotillard will be fantastic though.

  • Jacqui

    I liked Batman begins, but not the Dark Knight, so not sure what to think of this new installment. Especially with these photos. Not feeling that costume or crotch rocket and Anne Hathaway is very hit or miss for me.

  • meagan

    As cheesy as Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman was, to me, that was more a Catwoman costume than this is! Cuz, you know… she looked like a badass cat, which is the point. Anne just has terrible hair/goggles. Where’s the cat-ness?

  • Annie

    Why do people still keep casting Anne Hathaway. Ugh. I’d be happy never seeing her in another role ever again.

  • jay

    errr wtf is that ??? I mean that is not cat woman that is …like bat girl or something , i was expecting much more so this is kinda disappointing for me :/ hope that she could pull off with her acting

  • krissy

    I am not a big comic book movie fan, but I do like them when they are done well (needs character growth, not just action IMO). I have loved the Nolan movies so far because of the way they combine reality with the fantasy.

    I don’t see what the fuss is about with this costume. It is 98% like other catwoman costumes (black leather bodysuit). I think too heavy of a reference to a “cat” with ears would just look super silly with the realism of the Nolan films. If you want ears, why not just give her some whiskers and paws? It just takes the metaphor too far.

    • @krissy — See, that’s the tricky part. Batman is a BAT MAN. He looks like a BAT MAN. The Joker looked like a clown. Catwoman HAS to look catlike … and that look may come. But the trick is to take the character we already know and make it believable in a live action film. If you can’t do that, then pick a different character.

    • krissy

      I guess from my perspective, the costumes in Nolan’s films are more references or allusion to the animal namesake, but not literal interpretations. Batman’s costume is mostly a combat uniform, with the bat stuff only referenced in the tiny ears and the shape of the cape. He doesn’t really look like a Bat at all.

      I am not a big comic book buff, but I understand why people who are into it have passion behind their opinions. My preference is that they make a good movie, and I don’t think cat ears make or break that. Guess we will have to wait for the finished product! :)

  • cutitout

    Its a fail. Michelle Phifer’s catsuit ruled. People want a sexy catwoman. She’a supposed to be feline. Where are the ears? They are 2.99 at party city…. I’m all for a reboot or re-imagining but I can’t stand when directors stray too far away from the core of a comicbook character. Bitch better find some ears at some point in the flick or I’m gonna be pissed. The role should have gone to Angelina anyways…

    • c-word

      LOL @ “Where are the ears? The are 2.99 at party city…”

    • Dominic

      I agree its like stop trying to reimage something, stick with the classic making it better

    • KitKat

      I totally agree! They should’ve got Angelina for the role…sexy and badass! That is the point of CatWoman… I don’t see Anne Hathaway in this role at all, and I’m already disappointed.

  • solidrighthook

    She is going to nail this and all of you will be back peddling. Christopher Nolan is a genius and will pull Catwoman out of Hathaway. She actually IS a talented professional.

  • Lorraine

    I think Anne is very talented however I don’t think she quite fits in this role/movie. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Anna

    @Trent – the second and third photos may have been of a stunt double, not Anne herself.

  • Jonathan

    Anne Hathaway is cute, but Michelle Pfeiffer was one of the most beautiful women of the last 100 years. She erased all the cat women who came before her. I’ve loved the last two movies and the Bane story line should be awesome. But this just looks ridiculous. I can hear the TV theme song when I look at her.

  • Sara

    As much as I enjoy seeing stuff about movies in production because it makes it that much more interesting to see the final product, sometimes I think people get worked up over nothing. Like people have said, these are early leaks, and as we know, Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing. I’m super excited for this movie and I’m sure Anne will be great, and her costume will probably be better in the end!

  • RuthJ

    I love Anne Hathaway. I think she’s a great actress. But I just don’t feel like she could pull off being Catwoman.

    Also, those goggles sure look a lot like Cyclops’….

  • Dora

    I’ve learned to reserve judgement on things like this, especially with directors like Nolan. Maybe her cat ears flew off while she was riding her bike or in a fight…?

  • Amanda M

    needs more cat.

    • Karl

      Claws & TEETH. Or if not teeth, a cat-o-nine-tails will do just fine

  • Bec

    Looks more like Bat Girl

  • Elise

    Eartha Kitt played a great Catwoman, so did Michele Pfeiffer. Anne Hathaway? I don’t know if she’s right for the part. Heck, Beyonce would have been a better choice. And the outfit looks cheap. Maybe they’ll special effect something on her…

    • frank

      although I am not happy about Anne playing Catwoman, there is NO WAY that Beyonce would have been a better choice, girl can not act. She would have had House of Deron design the outfit.

    • frank

      *House of Dereon

    • sars

      Ohhh… love to have seen Bey as Catwoman. THAT would’ve been amazing!

    • frank

      I bet she would have looked super sexy as Catwoman ,but would not have played the part well.

    • @sars — OMG, yes! Now that would’ve been very cool.

  • Casper

    This whole look reminds me more of Batman Forever then Dark Knight. That can’t be good.

  • Ty

    BOOO why can’t they just keep catwomen like Michelle Phiffer!!

  • Lauri

    I am ok with this, FOR now, I feel like the emphasis on her ‘human’ persona means that she might be more of a side villain, or take more of the film to progress. I may be just blindly following Nolan here though—fingers crossed.

  • tyrant

    the second two photos are not anne. they are a stunt woman.

  • Rudy

    I hate this costume!! Wtf is this? Michelle Pfeiffer and Julie Newmar had the best costumes. Hands down!

  • Bobby

    Remember, this Batman series is based pretty much in the real world and supposed to be on that level. I love the leather and the fact that Anne will be fierce, no matter what she’s wearing. Catwoman was a burglar/jewel thief, so I’m sure her character will be based more in reality. However, none can compare to Michelle Pfeiffer, for me anyway.

    • @Bobby — Based in reality … to a point. Batman runs around in a big rubber Batsuit and the Joker ran around as a madman clown. Let’s be real here … these characters are campy by nature. If you can’t do them justice in a “real” movie, then pick a different character. Catwoman is not hard to get right. FIRST you need a sexy woman … I think that is where the first major problem comes in here.

  • Bryan

    The goggles make sense seeing as she’s also a burglar and uses the goggles to detect lasers and for night vision.

  • Yongky

    I need to see the cat mask

  • Stacy

    When I think of Catwoman, I think of a woman that can seduce anyone. Anne is not that woman. She is a good actress but she just doesn’t fit the role. Jessica Biel or Charlize Theron would have been much better. They have the figure to make that costume stand out. They need a woman that is sexy.

  • JOe

    Eliza Dushku can be a sexy kick ass Catwoman…

  • jim n dakis

    Please more hot babes!