Terry Richardson Photographs Liza Minnelli For ‘Love’ Magazine


The legendary Liza Minnilli is featured in the new issue of Love magazine but despite the fact that the new issue of Love is being offered with 8 different magazine covers, Liza is NOT featured on a single one of them. Strange, I know. But, on the plus side, Liza IS featured inside the mag in a pretty effing FIERCE photospread shot by Terry Richardson. Click below to see a few photos that prove that Liza has still got it.

For some unknown reason (which we would disagree with, regardless of what it is) Liza Minnelli was not one of LOVE’s eight cover models for the forthcoming issue. However, she did get a spread inside the magazine, shot by Terry Richardson. British Vogue reports that she was photographed in Terry’s signature “Liza as me!” pose, glasses and all, as well as a Statue of Liberty outfit (of course?). And for those of us who love Liza just as she is, there are some more “normal” shots of her in fabulous hats, furry stuff, and lots and lots of false eyelashes.

Hot Hot Hot. Liza looks HOT. I really love this batch of photos. They are pretty modern without having to be raunchy or unflattering. There is a sass in these photos that is plainly obvious without it seeming like she’s trying too hard. This is a diva right here, y’all. It makes absolutely NO sense to keep Liza off the cover of this magazine … NOR would it make sense to have her share the cover with 7 other people. But, the fact that these photos are so fabulous almost makes up for that glaringly moronic oversight. I think y’all need to bow the eff down, right now. Werq it, Liza.

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  • DivaPie

    HOT DAYUM!!!! I’m sorry did you say she was 65 and NOT 35???!?

    Oh my, 31 y/o and my 1st girl crush **blushes**

  • Lindsay

    sorry, but in SATC2 she looked terrible. Not much better here, except for MAJOR photo editing. isn’t anyone else sick of seeing fake people??

  • krissy

    I used to like Liza, but after seeing her on Arrested Development, I love her! She was incredibly funny in her role! She has an amazing face. Regardless of her age, she has her mama’s eyes.


    Her lips are SO horribly distracting I simply cannot.

  • Anastasia

    It always saddens me that, as a 22-year old, I can never hope to have legs as amazing as Liza’s STILL are. Sigh!