Danny Roberts, From MTV’s ‘The Real World’, Gets Steamy In A New TV Series


Back in the 90’s when MTV’s reality TV series The Real World was worth watching, a young gay man named Danny Roberts appeared on The Real World: New Orleans (the first time around, not to be confused with the recent Return to New Orleans season) and immediately became a heartthrob for gay men across the country. Since that time, Danny has stayed totally out of the limelight. Unlike other Real Worlders (who endlessly try to extend their 15 minutes of fame by competing on those Challenge shows that MTV keeps churning out), Danny has pretty much stayed away from showbiz … until now. Towleroad has come upon a selection of photos from an as-yet-untitled new TV series that will feature Roberts in a leading role. The show comes from the producers of The L Word and will also star Noah’s Arc star Darryl Stephens. The photos below are pretty steamy (and possibly NSFW) … so enjoy!

Towleroad has obtained some exclusive stills from an as-yet-untitled new gay scripted series created by Larry Kennar, Executive Producer of The L Word, about a group of friends in downtown L.A. According to our tipster, it steers clear of cookie-cutter WeHo clones and thrusts us deep into the gritty world of hipsters and urban professionals. The show is scripted but shot cinema-verité style, is still untitled, and keeps it raw and in your face ” with dark humor and explicit humanity.” Further details are being kept quiet as a certain network is negotiating the rights to air the series. Filming began Monday … Darryl Stephens (Noah’s Arc), one of the stars in the ensemble cast, [gets] steamy and intimate with a character played by Danny Roberts (The Real World: New Orleans).

Wow. Let me tell you … I was one of those young men who had a huge crush on Danny when he was on The Real World: New Orleans and I can assure you, I am very much looking forward to Danny’s return to the spotlight. If these photos are any indication, then I think I am going to LOVE whatever show this turns out to be. Any Danny fans in the hiz? Are you looking forward to the debut of this show?


  • Kris

    Could he be hotter?!? As DJ Tanner would say, “OH MYLANTA”!!!

  • Cj

    Sweet baby Jesus he is hawt!!!

  • Dezden

    Ahhh, I am a Real World junkie (even now that it’s shitty)… Who didn’t love Danny? He was a cool guy. I’m curious to see this show!

  • Marcus

    They both are sooooo hot. I definitely had a huge crush on Danny and after watching Noah’s Ark I gained one for Darryl

  • Yay! Good to see more gay content on mainstream TV!

  • yum, what a great way for Danny to re-emerge from obscurity.

  • Tony

    This left me wondering… what happen to his current bf? :-/

    • IQ

      What happened to his current bf? His current bf is his current bf. If you’re wondering what happened to his relationship with Paul Dill, the guy he was dating during The Real World: New Orleans, they broke up amicably in 2006 after 6 years together.

  • Shan

    Looks amazing – do we know a channel yet? Noah’s Arc makes me think Logo, but the L Word makes me think Showtime. I’m pushing for Showtime…. show me some goods! :)

  • leQ

    i saw this earlier somewhere, and paid no mind to it actually. i’m not an MTV fan (don’t get it with my dish). but i’m just glad there are more gay character portrayals on the tube these days. and the premise of the show sounds like something right up my alley. i hope it gets picked up by some network that’s accessible with my dish. or it gets a home online somewhere. but i’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the series.