Spider-Man Is Now A Half Latino, Half African American (Possibly Gay) Man


A lot of crazy things happen to some of our favorite superheros in the world of comic books but it is starting to sound like Spider-Man is the hero getting the most interesting action these days. Back in February, we learned that Spider-Man is joining the Fantastic Four team after the death of The Human Torch. In June, we learned that Peter Parker is being killed off in another Spider-Man comic book title. Today we learn that a character named Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man, taking over for the dead Parker. Unlike the very Caucasian Peter Parker, Miles Morales is a biracial possible gay character … which is TOO awesome for words!

He started life as a white science geek living with his uncle. But now to reflect the racial changes in America, Spider Man has been given a makeover – as a half black half Latino teen. Miles Morales has replaced Peter Parker as the face behind the famous webbed mask, Marvel Comics has revealed. In the latest edition of the Ultimate Fallout series he pulls back the disguise and shows his face for the first time. Fans will have to wait until the official Spider Man relaunch next month to find out how he came to be the superhero. But another surprise could be in the pipeline after his creators said that in the future they would not rule out making him gay. Peter Parker first appeared as the superhero in 1962 – having been bitten by a radioactive spider he found he developed the strength and agility of an arachnid. He was killed off by the Green Goblin in June in a controversial move by Marvel which left fans aghast. Morales was inspired to do good after learning of the death and in Ultimate Fallout issue four he dons the mask and gets into his first fight. Marvel has revealed that he does have a connection to Parker in terms of how he got his powers but he will have different abilities beyond ‘Spider Sense’ and the ability to shoot webs out of his hands. Parker’s Aunt May and Gwen Stacy will also be in the plot to help him on his way to being a superhero. ‘The theme is the same: With great power comes great responsibility,’ Spider Man writer Brian Michael Bendis told USA Today. ‘He’s going to learn that. Then he has to figure out what that means. He’s younger than Peter Parker, he’s coming from a completely different background, a completely different world view. It’s Peter Parker’s death that inspires this kid to step up.’ Marvel’s editor in chief Axel Alonso denied that having a black Spider Man was a publicity stunt. What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity. As someone who grew up on a steady diet of ‘Luke Cage, Hero For Hire’ and ‘Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu,’ I am personally invested. This was a conscious decision. Here at Marvel, we pride ourselves on reflecting the real world in all its diversity. We think that readers will fall in love with Miles Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker.’ Italian artist Sara Pichelli, who designed Spider-Man’s new look, added: ‘Maybe sooner or later a black or gay – or both – hero will be considered something absolutely normal.’

I can’t even tell you how cool this is. As a non-white kid growing up in America, I cannot even tell you how much I wished one of the major superheros I loved was latino. I never even dreamed of a gay hero … this is so wonderful. Even tho this storyline is happening in an alternate universe, I’m sure there are kids out there who will respond to a Latino, African American (and GAY!) Spider-Man. Kudos to Marvel. Best idea ever!!


  • Diana

    I’m latina but I actually thought about this after seeing Captain America, that I actually don’t know of any black superheroes. So I googled and found a couple I had never heard of of. Pretty cool that this is a half-black, half-latino and possibly gay superhero!

  • Sara

    *puts on my US-minority ring of power* MINORITIES, UNITE!!! ;P

  • Todd

    Wow, I’m excited for they gay factor. The only out character now is the new Bat Woman (who kicks butt) But as for minority superheroes there are quite a few like Cyborg, Vixen, Black Lightning, Storm and Green Lantern (depending on where you start). But yeah mainly they are always secondary heroes or in a team. I really hope the new Spiderman is gay…I mean finally!

    • Keegan

      Actually, there are quite a few major out gay characters in comics at the moment. Not just present, but with interesting stories and featured in major events in their respective comic universes. The presence may not be well known but they certainly are there – you just have to look and the number you’ll find may surprise you.

  • Jerd

    As a long term fan of spiderman i’m pretty upset about the idea of making him gay.

    Obviously being a reader of Trent’s blog I’m not a homophobe, but i’ll explain…Peter Parker was always very identifiable for me as a young, white, straight kid. It was the kind of immersion I loved, where I could imagine it would be me someday. I understand that now gay people might have a superhero to look up to and aspire to who they can identify with more. I’m just gutted he’s wearing Spideys outfit. It wouldn’t be bad at all if it wasn’t Spiderman.

    I always hated it when the main hero has his mantle and name taken over by someone else (Batman, Flash)

    • Keegan

      I would say the majority of the most famous comic heroes are made for ‘young, white, straight kids’. I’m gay and a huge fan of Spider-Man comics and I never thought ‘I can’t be like him because I like men’. I think it’s more about identifying with the message of the story, not the hetero/homo lifestyle. I’m upset that Peter Parker is dead because I loved the character, but there’s no reason to not still love Spider-Man just because the person under the mask is different.

    • Troy

      I read Spider-Man most of my younger life. Even as a gay kid, I was able to relate to Peter Parker…heterosexual that he was. It goes both ways, you know. Sexual orientation (or race for that matter) doesn’t define a person — it’s just another facet of who they are.

  • Rolltideguy77

    Well Peter Parker had a lot of traits I think gay men could easily identify with. He was picked on, bullied, harassed, socially awkward, had to grow up without his parents being there for him (an alternative family of sorts) and had to live a dual identity his secret. Having this new character gay isn’t much of a stretch from the old really. Happy with the changes, I’m excited to see where it could go.

  • Alex

    I’m kind of REALLY pissed off about this. Why on earth change something that wasn’t bad at all to begin with?? The cultural icon that is Spider-man has been around for 49 years this month and I see no reason why there should be any change to take place!

    What happens to Mary Jane?? I’m guessing everything that the two ever were just disappears in wake of this wave of political correctness?

    Ugh I need a breather..

  • wanda

    Dude, it’s just an Ultimate universe. Peter in main verse is still running around being in EVERY frakking title.

  • Evan

    I dont have a Racial bone in me i have a mixed sister and many dear friends of either latino or african american. I am gay and am all for equality however with that said……….. Why cant the latino and or african american community create their own super hero i mean if its not broke dont fix it i feel this is the beginning of a massive redo of major white figure heads weather it be in comics or other mediums I just dont want all this to be about a racial thing. I am just afraid this is just the tip of the iceberg

    • Velaine

      I’d like to think that the people who made this decision weren’t sitting in a room and thinking “let’s spice things up and make him latino/black”. I’m inclined to assume that someone had to fill Spidey’s shoes and the character’s race is just a reflection of the current times. You mentioned yourself that you have a biracial sister and friends of different backgrounds. I think most people can relate to that(in a way that caucasian people probably couldn’t when the Spiderman character was first created). Now that we’re in a time when people of different races can be neighbors, friends, and even family, why couldn’t the new replacement Spiderman be a different race?

  • Keegan

    Just putting it out there but when Brian Bendis (who writes Ultimate Spider-Man and created the Ultimate Universe in 2000) changed the character of Nick Fury into an African American, a lot of people had similar “wtf” reactions and now most people probably only think of Samuel L. Jackson when they hear his name. There’s nothing wrong with change and sometimes, change is for the better.

  • Hannah

    I think its different because its not Peter Parker they are changing its Spiderman. In this world Peter Parker is still himself but unfotunatley he died. How likely would it be that a carbon copy of himself would take up the mantle, and how boring would it be for the same charater with just another name. It makes the comic fresh and interesting.

  • Boo

    Aren’t many of the X-Men gay already?

    • Boo

      Also, this is the Ultimate Universe, not the main Marvel one.

    • @Boo — Doesn’t matter, I’ll take a gay bi-racial Spider-Man from any universe.

    • @Boo — Yes, there are a few b-list gay superheros. This would be the first major gay hero.

    • Boo

      In a B-List Universe…

  • I hope I can buy this in the marvel iPad app.

  • MJ

    NO, this is not ‘cool’.
    This is MURDER.

  • MJ

    ‘I can’t even tell you how cool this is. As a non-white kid growing up in America, I cannot even tell you how much I wished one of the major superheros I loved was latino’

    I am a Portugee/Iroquois-Jew, the REAL minority and I NEVER ONCE wanted a “Portugee” Superhero, and if I did, I would not have MURDERED one off just to glorify my racism.

    Latino is just another word for RACIST now.
    And if you dont think so, try being an ‘evil’ off-white Portugee Seneca/Iroquois, NATIVE American in MEXIFORNIA.

    • @MJ — What in the world are you talking about?

  • Brainy Pirate

    You need to issue a correction: The Daily Mail misread the original comment.

    The creator did NOT imply that Morales might be gay. She simply said, “Maybe sooner or later a black or gay – or both – hero will be considered something absolutely normal”.

    She’s right, but she wasn’t hinting to Spider-Man here…..



  • Janeson Wiltkin

    This is racist(.) Spiderman was created as Peter Parker, White male. Not Latino/Afro-american. I’m Latino and this pisses me off. If they want to truly blend in the diversity and what not, why not make a British/Mexican American, or Afro/Vietnamese. If they wish to reach out to the (Real) diverse people, I would recommend they try HARDER. :( I AM not happy.

    • @Janeson Wiltkin — To call this “racist” is, IMHO, the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. No, this is not “racist”.

  • Sheigh

    For me it’s a good idea, ’cause too many superheroes are too old fashioned for me, kind of stuck in 60’s mentality with 2011 clothes and hairstyle! Wish the next best thing it’s to get true supergirls too with her own stories not prisonners of guy’s Marvel comics!

  • Eric

    No no no, no way I hate this, as a gay spider man fan I hate this, why not create someone new, this spider man sucks, like literally I guess

  • Trevor

    Why change fucking Spiderman? why not make a new character named political correctness dude? He’s black/mexican and gay, he’d never have an edgy thought in his head and he can go around beating up all the evil white people straight people! Typical America, put a different color on it instead of putting in the effort and taking the chance with something new. fuck off marvel.

  • poetXT

    Ok so some of you arent looking at this the right way this marvel multiverse we are talking about there is one when spider man keeps the symbiote,theres one when he kills the man who killed uncle ben, theres one when he is a zombie so why can’t there be a one where dies and gets replaced by a half latino and black person

  • Lester

    JC, Latino is not a race. Damn uneducated politically-correct mainstream American society. Hasn’t anyone heard of Pelé? Does anyone know what color most Dominicans are? Henry Louis Gates wrote a book about this.

    You ever notice that anytime they say someone is Latino, or Hispanic, they just cut it off there and never actually mention what race that person is?