The Men Of ‘Glee’ Pay Homage To The Village People


Mark Salling posted a brilliant photo on his official Twitter profile of his “Glee bros” posing as members of The Village People that is just too brilliant not to share. I’m hearing that the photo may be a fan-created Photoshop manip, but it looks so good that … well, one cannot be so sure. All of the members of The Village People are represented by each of the Glee stars. Click below to check out the photo.

The glee bros and I wanted to keep up our chops up over the hiatus so we formed a tribute band

So … OK … yes, this has to be a Photoshopped photo. I sincerely doubt that Darren Criss is that hairy and beefy and, let’s be real, would Chord Overstreet still be hanging out with the Glee bros after he got axed from the show? Doubtful. Still, this manip is pretty impressive. All of the faces fit very well onto the bodies but … yeah, Darren Criss is the giveaway. It’s a fab photo and I can see why Mark Salling would want to share it on his Twitter profile. Which Glee Village Person is your fave? I’ll take Biker Darren, and you?


  • Kelly

    I believe that Mark found this on Tumblr. I don’t have the link to the original poster, but I know it was floating around prior to Mark posting it on his Twitter.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    You can totally tell it is photoshopped but YUMMY to a couple of them!!!

  • Lisa Lisa

    The cowboy!

  • nicole


  • Dominique

    Mark found it on tumblr. Kevin said in an interview in Australia that some cast members actually do go on that site sometimes and see what fans post about them.

  • Grant

    I don’t see Chord in this picture… though it would have been nice! :-)

    • @Grant — Isn’t he next to Salling? Those lips?

    • Grant

      Looks like Artie (Kevin McHale) to me. Doesn’t look like those lips are “trouty” enough. :-)

  • jo

    Isnt that artie? can’t remember his name!

  • Missy

    Totally thought Darren was Screech for a minute.

  • Mark!