Miley Cyrus Gets A New Tattoo For Equality

Tattoo #7
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  1. Tifa

    Is that an armadillo bag? A BULLET NECKLACE over a Kurt Kobain shirt?? A WHITE HUSKY PUPPY??? WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS PHOTO?????

  2. Ama

    Eh, just “eh”. I’m not a fan of finger tattoos. To each his/her own though. It kind of doesn’t look like a tattoo but just that someone did two small lines with a pen, not a very impressive tattoo but I guess it’s the meaning behind the tattoo that matters.

    random change of subject but that dog looks really small for the breed I’m thinking it is, it might just be the photo. Hopefully she got it from a reputable breeder and not some back yard breeder/puppy mill

    • katie

      I don’t know how old her puppy is but I have 2 huskies and they both were about that size when they were babies. They started itty bitty and are now huge ole sweeties :).

  3. Megan

    I’m not a big Miley fan (don’t love or hate her really) but I actually really like all of her tattoos! They’re not too on show and seem to have meanings for her. And I think this one has a really nice meaning, Miley still has an influence on her young fans so her supporting gay rights is great IMO :)

  4. Jill

    I know this is supposed to be about her tattoo; But I am always curious when I see a celeb with a new puppy. What exactly happens to the ‘old’ dog they had before….. I get wanting a dog, I have one and couldn’t get by without his love sometimes, but why can’t they keep the same dog its whole life?

  5. lilly

    i like that she put it on he middle finger so they can cancel each other out. she can flip off any one she wants!! and say peace!!

  6. i dont mind any of mileys tattoos so far, they seem thought out and no random things. not a fan of finger tattoos, but its her hand, not mine.
    and that dog is adorable

  7. TJ

    10 bucks says she bought the husky because she thought it was cute and knows zero about the breed

  8. Claire

    I am so surprised that I like all of her tattoos. Not that I am into tattoos for myself, but all of hers seem so thought out and personal to her. This new one has an amazing meaning, so more power to her! And her puppy is adorable! Oh my gosh. I hear most of her dogs have actually been more “family” dogs rather than just her’s so her sister takes care of them when she is on tour and what not. I don’t think any of her dogs are living a rough life in the Cyrus household. :) Haha.

  9. Since when does she have a husky? thats so strange… idk im not a big fan of tats period cuz i think its just kind of contaminating ur body but if she likes it gud for her.

  10. amy

    wow…check out my perspective and join the discussion at

  11. Karrie

    IDK… it’s so hard to take her seriously. She has just stated her faith and strong opinions in so many ridiculous ways, it has always seemed put on and on the surface. Maybe she is truly passionate about her beliefs, I couldn’t really be a judge of that because I don’t know her personally. But it’d be really hard to believe her… she just always seems to be trying too hard, and its always something different. I could be off, just think its a little funny when she does stuff like this.

  12. Tricia

    The tattoo is on her ring finger – which makes sense since it is for marriage equality. I am not a big fan of finger tattoos – but she did at least get it on the correct finger for the point she is trying to make.

  13. AWW, her husky puppy looks JUST like my Kiera when she was pup (blue eyes & all) LOVE that she has a husky :-)

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