Lindsay Lohan Falls, Paris Hilton Lends A Helping Hand


Lindsay Lohan, in an apparent attempt to reacclimate herself to the Hollywood lifestyle that got her in trouble in the first place, has started hanging out with the likes of Paris Hilton … for some unknown reason. This weekend the former Hollywood “It” Girls (and Paris’s wannabe clingy sister Nicky Hilton) made their way to Malibu, CA to do some partying and Lindsay unfortunately took a nasty tumble … in front of a big group of photogs. L. Lo claims she was “blinded” and “pushed” by the paps and that’s why she fell (of course) … but Paris was there to offer a helping hand to help her up again. See folks, that’s was former friends are for.

Time apparently does heal all wounds. Six years ago Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan had a famous falling out. Now you can’t seem to keep the reunited party pals apart and Paris was even there to catch Lindsay as she fell to the floor during a night out in Malibu. The former frenemies turned BFFs were out with the socialite’s sister Nicky when the mishap happened leading to Lindsay grabbing on to Paris’ hand to catch her balance. A laughing Paris gave a disheveled and unsteady Lindsay a hand, after the Mean Girls star lost her footing and ended up on the floor. They met up a Paris’s beach house, then headed to Gladstones restaurant and club, partying until the wee hours of the morning. Paris and Lindsay’s recent reunions over the last few days seem quite unusual considering they’ve had their differences over the years … While Lindsay looked worse for wear, perhaps she was just enjoyed her new found freedom after a month of house arrest and a string of court appearances.

Either these ladies are trying to relive the glory days when they ruled Hollywood as the “It” Girls or they’re just desperately trying to compile what little fame they have left in order to get noticed. I suppose it’s a good, positive thing that Lindsay and Paris have buried the hatchet and have quit their feuding. We’ll have to wait and see if Lindsay will be kind enough in the future should Paris take a stumble and require a helping hand. HMMMM.

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  • Dezden

    Ohh my… smh. These two…

  • Smells like desperation to me.*

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Chelsi

    im so tired of lindsay, everything that she does its the same she will fall again in the same problems of the past, lets see how long does she stay “clear”… the people give her a lot of oportunity and she is the same hot mess as before :s

  • mark

    Just like 2007 all over again, all we need is Brit Brit in this photo!!

    • @mark — NO we do not. Britney has matured beyond this idiocy.

    • Ryan

      so you think

    • Be a little inappropriate

      Yes she has she’s been out with the both of them, since 2008 and didn’t fall back into this foolishness thank god.

  • nicole

    i find it funny, that as soon as paris is asked how she feels about her 15 mins being over, she clings herself to lindsay.
    as for lindsay, i can really say anything about the girl falling. people fall all the time, it doesnt have to mean anything…the only difference is the cameras are there to catch every fall she takes. (be it sober or not)

    • hayduke

      LOL! Why is it we don’t see any other celebs falling on their way out of clubs, but this piece of s**t that claims to be sober seems to do it on a weekly basis?

      Why can’t she kick from alcohol withdrawal already instead of someone with REAL talent like Amy Winehouse?

      Maybe if the Paps would stop paying attention to the trainwreck of a piece of s**t excuse for a human, she would go away.

      I seriously hope she does. What a waste of oxygen.

    • LV

      Wow, angry much. Cause a person has problems, they become a “piece of s**t. Geez, get a life.

    • nicole

      therapy is great for those anger issues.

  • KP

    What were they feuding about before?

    • Felicia

      I believe one of them went out with the other’s ex-bfs. Can’t remember which did what though with who lol.

    • Ella Bean

      And I believe the word “fire crotch” was used… lol.

  • Mico

    wow desperation is definatly the word for this… honestly those “women” need to grow up. I’m just 17 and im probably 20 years more mature than these clowns.

    • Gwendolynn

      Psht , i’m 14 and probably way more mature than them .

  • #14:58

    next wave of paris/lilo 2006 pap vag flashes in 3…2…1…

  • LakeLucilleLoon

    Is that a giant bald spot on top of Nicky Hilton’s head?

  • Nate

    Been telling people for years that Lindsay is just plane clumsy. People always haten on her calling her fall down drunk when the reality is she’s clumsy. :)

  • princessjohnson

    that is nicky’s weave curling in a spiral at the top of her head.

  • jessicagiovanna

    Why is she always blaming others for her crap? When will this person ever take respinsibility for her actions? I’m certain she was drunk.. she is no way sober, on any level.. people mocked Amy Winehouse, but at least she admitted she had a problem.. this piece of fried jerky never has.. ugh, she’s sick and pathetic.

  • Alex

    Haha if cameras followed my best friend (and she were famous) they’d say she ha a heroin addiction after about ten minutes – she falls ALL the time!
    She is infamously spazz!!
    Poor Linds, that’s super embarrassing to fall in public!

  • Manderz

    Paris doesn’t seem to be helping her, more like laughing at her and cringing away from her touch…lindsey is like GRIPPING on her arm, girlfriend looks like she wants NOTHING to do with it at all.