Watch: Maroon 5 Release A Behind The Scenes Video From The ‘Moves Like Jagger’ Shoot


A couple of weeks ago we got to see a few photos from the set of the Maroon 5 music video Moves Like Jagger. In those photos, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine was lookin’ shirtless and hawt. Today we get to see a behind the scenes video from the shoot and, wouldn’t you know it, Adam looks even HAWTTER when he’s in motion! Click below to watch video of Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera making Jagger magic together.

A new sneak peek of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” music video has made its way out, giving an extended look at the video shoot. Opening with introduction by Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael, it proceeds with a bunch of behind-the-scene footage. Shirtless Levine rocks out in front of a giant Maroon 5 backdrop. His collaborator Christina Aguilera is doing what she does best, belting out the lyrics. Another guest Mick Jagger, the man who inspires the song, takes the center stage with Union Jack on the background and busts a move. Talking about what he meant with “Moves Like Jagger”, Adam previously said, “[His moves are] a very carefully calculated, but slightly spastic, incredible rhythmic experience, in which all of your limbs and every bone in your body is moving at completely different times, and it’s impossible to re-create. Nobody has moves like Jagger, that’s kind of the point.” The video is directed by Jonas Akerlund. During the video shoot earlier this month, Levine tweeted, “Video shoot is AWESOME so far. Androgyny all over the place! Its outrageous and amazing!” In line with his excitement, Christina wrote on her own page, “Expect a fun video.” No premiere date for the clip is announced.

The song has really grown on me … I’m a fan. This video looks really fun. I really thought they got Mick Jagger for the opening portion of this video … but it’s Adam in costume, right? I really like what I see … can’t wait to see the final product. What do y’all think? Impressed?

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  • nicole

    im really surprised they dont have the video out already, i figured it would have been out no later then 2 weeks after The Voice ended.
    but i cant wait to see it, looks fun.

  • Joanna

    While getting the actual Mick Jagger to be in the video would be awesome, I think it is even more awesome that it’s more likely Adam in costume :) I can’t wait until the video premiers.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    This is more annoying than Britney’s 6 zillion sneak peaks of Hold it against me, Jonas is so freaking slow just release the video already jeez.


    I agree with everyone else! It’s absolutely ridiculous that this video is taking so long to release. I mean, it seems pretty simplistic and nothing technical, so I don’t understand the delay. Also, the song is kind of all over the place on the charts – it debuted high but it’s been slipping and slowly climbing back up since. Release the video already!

  • jj

    something really wrong with christinas face… plastic surgery really can ruin your face… shhh

  • jessica

    Don’t know why but it reminds me of when they opened for Matchbox Twenty, they were just starting out and just to do something different, they ran out during Matchbox’s set wearing only shower curtains.

  • Nicola

    I love this song, I’ve had it on my iPhone for weeks now! :D

  • frankline

    The female models (androgyny) are hawt, really want to know the casts. Anyone knows?