Hugh Jackman & Daughter Ava Eliot Enjoy A Parisian Playdate


Hugh Jackman and his family have made their way to Paris, France and today we get to see a few SUPERCUTE photos of Hugh spending a lovely Parisian day with his daughter Ava Eliot and their pet pooch Dalí. While the rest of the fam was off doing … well, something else … Hugh, Ava and Dalí meandered the streets of Paris together … lookin’ all kinds of adorable. Check out the photos below.

OH MY … I love this family so much. Ava is a doll … and that dog? I can’t even deal. Then you throw in how DILF Hugh into the mix and BOOM! Exploding ovaries all over the place. Paris is beautiful any time of the year but the Summers are amazing. I love Summer in Paris … and clearly, the Jackmans agree. SOOOOO cute :D

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • allison

    I love this dog, but it seems no one can agree on his name (I’ve seen everything including Peaches, Mochi and Dali), but I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Jackman told us his name is Dali . “My son, [Oscar], is an artist, and his favorite artist is Salvador Dalí,” Furness said. “Because of the way [the dog’s] mouth curls, he looks like Salvador Dalí with a mustache.”,,20510141,00.html

  • allison

    for sure, and from the man himself:

    @RealHughJackmanHugh Jackman
    Dali’s 1st plane ride!! On our way to toronto…happy canada day!!!!!!/RealHughJackman/status/86902788235333633

    • @allison — Whoa? I always thought it was Mochi! I’ll fix that, thanks!! xo

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I swear if he was my dad I would totally peek in on him in the shower…I know that sounds sick but whatever:)

    • nicole

      haha i was ava,i would have him locked in the house at all times so people like me (and you mr g :p) cant have perverted thoughts about him

  • Val 2.0

    He seems like a wonderful father. That’s the thing I love most about him. Even better than his abs.

    • Manderz

      agreed!! He is always with his daughter its adorable!!

  • Charlotte

    I agree too! for me the real charm, the real strength of a man is measured by how he can take care of his family and Hugh really proves to be the safe haven of every woman

  • Samantha

    They are just so cute!I love the fact that the cuteness was upped by the cute little frenchie!

  • Oats

    And Hugh looks like a very responsible pet owner too. In the third pic, Dali’s posed to do #2 and you can tell Hugh’s already preparing the plastic bag for disposal. :P

    • Michelle

      @Oats: Good eye! I went back and checked :)