Watch: Anderson Cooper Releases A Trailer For His New Talk Show ‘Anderson’


Anderson Cooper, in his quest to become the new Oprah Winfrey, is readying the debut of his new daytime talk show — titled simply Anderson — and has released a short video trailer for the show. In the clip, Anderson shows us that he is just a regular guy … who happens to have a talk show. It’s kind of endearing, to be honest. Check out the video clip below … and prepare to be charmed.

Well played, Silver Fox … well played. I am not a big fan of daytime talk but I will deffo be tuning in on September 12 for the debut of Anderson. I’m really curious to see what Coop’s talk show will be like. I don’t really believe that he will become the new Oprah Winfrey but I applaud him for trying. Anderson Cooper is an insanely likable guy (with great arms, btw) so his show should do well … we shall see. I’m looking forward to checking it out, are you?


  • Sara

    I have no idea why I would want to watch his show, but I am quite amused that he has one!! haha

  • sarahhh

    he’s beyond hot. i’ll for sure check it out. hope i like it! i don’t wanna be forced to watch it just to stare at him. :P

  • .iheartryan

    I would watch it just to look at him lol he’s a verry sexxy man!

  • jessica

    get a helmet!

  • Adi

    oh this is going to be sad… all the housewives will be swooning over him… then he’ll have a coming out episode lol.

  • AmandaMarie

    Pssshhhhh forget just the housewives swooning, I will be too! I could care less if he’s gay, I can still swoon.

  • blaqfury

    i won’t be watching, but i’m sure he’ll have a huge following that does. Good luck to him, he’s one of the last likable journalists left.

  • Katie

    Nice smedium shirt Anderson!

    • @Katie — LOL :D

  • karen

    Really wish he were wearing a helmet! A 25 year-old young woman just died here in SF the other week, riding her bike without a helmet and getting hit by a car.

    But I do like Anderson and I’ll check out his show if it’s on a channel I get! (No cable in my house!)