Crystal Harris Besmirches Hugh Hefner’s Sexual Prowess


And then things turned nasty … and catty. Back in June we learned the somewhat surprising (but not really) news that Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner and his Playmate fiancée Crystal Harris called off their wedding just days before they were supposed to say I Do because Crystal decided she did NOT want to be married to Hefner. Since that time, the couple have been fairly civil toward one another in the media … but all of that changed yesterday after Crystal appeared on The Howard Stern Show. Crystal made some pretty disparaging remarks about Hugh’s sexual prowess … casting the sexual lothario in a pretty negative and sad light. Click below to read what she had to say … and what Hefner had to say in response.

Hugh Hefner is idolised by his followers around the world because of his decades of experience with model girlfriends. But it looks like the the Playboy mogul will have to fight to save his reputation following explosive claims made by his former fiance Crystal Harris. The glamour model could not resist hitting her ex-fiancé below the belt when she appeared on shock jock Howard Stern’s show today. The 24-year-old did not mind fighting dirty despite the fact she walked out on Hefner days before their planned wedding in June. Harris said sex with the 85-year-old Playboy founder lasted ‘like two seconds’. She added: ‘Then I was just over it. I was like, “Ahhh” I was over it. I just like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry.’ She dealt a further blow to the ladies man’s reputation when she revealed they had only been intimate once. She said: ‘He doesn’t really take off his clothes. I’ve never seen Hef naked.’

Yikes!! Hef caught wind of Crystal’s remarks and decided to respond on his official Twitter profile:

When I said, “I missed a bullet” when Crystal left, I didn’t mean I didn’t love her. I meant I realized she really didn’t love me. / I feel sorry for Crystal. She seems lost. / Crystal convinced me that she adored me. That was the first lie. / I’m happy to be in a better place with new girlfriends Anna Sophia Berglund & Shera Bechard. / I won tonight’s domino game with Anna, Shera, Cristal Camden, Jaime Edmondson, Jennifer Pershing & Ashley Hobbs.

Um … LOL. Firstly, I think it’s pretty low of Crystal Harris to put Hef’s manhood on blast like that … not that I don’t believe her because, let’s face it, the guy is 80+ years old. I think we all pretty much know she is very likely telling the absolute truth. Still, it was way harsh of her to spill these kinds of deets to Howard Stern. Secondly, I don’t think it helps Hef very much for him to admit that he spend a raucous night playing dominoes with his Playmate playmates. I mean … the man may be a legendary sexual icon but … he’s 85.

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  • Laurie

    I bet he’s the only man that gets to play dominoes with a room full of Playmates, so I think that’s pretty good for a man of any age.

    • Jasmine

      I agree! :-)

  • eyyoo

    Hey Boo, He is 85…

    • @eyyoo — Er, that’s what I meant to type :/ Thanks!!

  • PeterJakes

    If Cyrstal Harris is looking for any sort of mainstream career then this is not going to help. Hef has a lot of friends and karma is a bitch. Contrast her approach with August Playboy covergirl Bree Olson who has also been giving lots of interviews recently. She was totally protective of Charlie Sheen and never put him on blast. Which is smart since she is trying for a mainstream career and good karma.

  • Panti Christ


  • Amanda

    I’m always at a loss to see that people care so much about Hugh Hefner’s feelings, considering that for decades he’s shown women as nothing but overly photoshopped pieces of meat to be used and discarded. Ever pick up a Playboy? They’re revolting. The comments she made about his lame sexual performance pale in comparison to the raunchy stories exchanged about women in that piece of crap magazine.

    I got a kick out of seeing people outraged that Crystal Harris may have cheated on Hefner because, uh, hello, he hasn’t been monogamous seen his first marriage ended.

    • JayeBea


  • Sara



    They’re both stupid.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She was sleeping with an 85 year old man so she is the sick one…I don’t care who he was!! Good for him that he still got 2 seconds of pleasure with a 24 year old who in my opinion is horrid looking and well beyond her years!! ***PREDICTION: She will be on Celebrity Rehab next year***

    • krissy

      You should put money on that prediction, you are probably right!

  • scsu01

    She’s trash, obviously. Good for Hef he dodged a bullet..and it doesnt say anything about her other than shes a gold digging tramp

    • Darcy

      I was sold on the whole “gold-digging” thing until I heard her interview on Howard… she revealed that if she actually went through with the wedding, she would have gotten a “wedding gift” of $800K and then $500K annually every year she was married to him. Seems to me that she gave up a whole lot of loot. So if she is a gold-digger, she’s the dumbest one out there.

    • @Darcy — I agree. The “golddigger” comments do not make sense to me. If she were a golddigger, she would’ve married him and then left him.

    • krissy

      You can get things out of people besides money. Her relationship with Hef is the only reason that she is given time on Howards Stern, space on this blog, etc. Gold digging implies that you are using someone, and she clearly was using Hef (just as he was using her to promote Playboy, etc.).

      It possible that with that contract of $800k, there could be stipulations that go along with that (only allowing her to do jobs that were approved by Hef, etc.) You don’t know for certain that staying with Hef was her best business option. If she thought she could do other things like a pop career, she might have felt hindered financially by the contract and the control it gave him over her career options.

    • @krissy — I’m not trying to defend anyone but the idea that Hugh Hefner is being exploited is, IMHO, ridic.

    • krissy

      Really? You really think she was with him because she was in love with him and attracted to him? He has name recognition and a magazine (that she got a cover on),etc. IMO it is pretty obvious they were both using each other. I am not a Hef fan by any means, but I think it is far fetched to suggest that any of his girlfriends were in it for anything other than themselves.

  • Sara

    Soooo she basically admitted that she’s a whore, cause clearly she only slept with him for the fame & money? It’s funny how these days, being a whore is somehow something to be proud of. You’re selling your body, bitch, it just makes you easy, not special. haha

  • krissy

    She is such a fool she doesn’t realize that she is admitting that she almost married someone she isnt turned on by. That says way more about her than Hef.

    That being said, I find Hef and his “girlfriends” to be pretty sad and pathetic.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, AMANDA! I never understand why people have any ounce of pity for him. He uses and discards women constantly and has been exploiting them for decades! It’s about time the tables turn…and really, this is nothing that we didn’t all probably know anyway. I think she absolutely has a right to say what she wants and I am glad she did.

    • heather.

      hes not making anyone pose like that. and its not exploiting. its not degrading. it can be viewed as empowerment, actually. (post-feminism) look at Dita von teese. she is a good excample of post-feminism.
      just cuz it invovles naked girls, doesnt mean they are degrading themselves.
      its all about the womans conquest. her intentions. if she is annihilating part of herself- trying to numb something about herself, then ya, somethings wrong. but if shes exploring, than thats LIFE. and growing. shes not hurting anyone ;) hes not either! who cares man! its all a learning experience.

  • Freakinfatone

    I just had to comment on the people saying he exploits women. That’s complete rubbish. Is he a perv? Definitely. Does he view women as objects? Absolutely. He’s not, however, exploiting anybody. Women line up to be in playboy and apparently, play dominoes. They want to be looked at, and they want the money and fame that go with it. You might not like it. Heck, I personally hate it, but as long as those women willingly go into it knowing exactly what’s happening, it’s not exploitation.

    • NINurse


  • Ella Bean

    If this is her way of keeping her name in the news so that she can have her “career”, it’s really sad…

  • Kieren

    I think Hef is delusional to believe that these woman actually love him and I also find it laughable when he refers to them as “girlfriends.” What a sad man.

  • Kattmow

    I think he’s just a dirty old decrepit man. And those “woman” need a big shot of dignity and self respect. For decades he’s womanised and degraded so many dumb woman who don’t know any better. At some point you have to wonder if he us just abusing the mentally ill.
    What ever happened to woman actually wanting to make something great of themselves instead of just becoming a laughing stock for public amusement. It’s all quite sad and quite frankly sick.
    If there was an 80+ year old man in your neighbourhood getting in on with young woman he’d be deemed an old sick perevert, how come ge gets away with it so lightly?
    These “girlfriends” of his need instant psychiatric help, and to be told you can make money without lowering yourself to his perverted standards. Sicko.

    • Darcy

      Everyone involved is an adult, so I don’t think anyone is perverted…. And Crystal’s comments on Howard kinda prove that Hef’s not really into the sex aspect of these relationships, so I’m not sure where the pervert part comes in. I think he just really likes to surround himself with beautiful, young companions and he offers them something that they want (fame, money, luxury, whatever)

      Live and let live. Everyone here is an adult and no one here is a helpless victim.

    • krissy

      I disagree that the women didn’t know better. I think most of these women knew exactly what they were doing. I think as other have mentioned, the real tragedy is that these women CHOSE to exploit themselves. Hef is the ringleader, but these women fought to be a part of the circus.

    • heather.

      how is it exploitive? sooooo 1960. POST.FEMINISM. look it up!

  • Thisoldbroad

    I have never felt 1 way or the other about him. Meh.

    That being said, I have a VERY LOW opinion of this little fame whore. Did his sexual prowess suddenly tank after she agreed to marry him? Nope, don’t think so. She’s just another artificially inflated fake blonde in a sea of interchangeable look alikes. Who?

  • Reem

    If he believes that his “girlfriends” love him for him, then he’s delusional. I hope he finds a nice 80 year old woman to settle with and live happily ever after. Heck, she can even be 60! We know he likes his women younger

    • Lauri

      That would be FANTASTIC. Seeing him stepping out w/ an 80 year old.

  • Claire

    I find it hilarious that she has acted like she has not done any of this for money or fame when she straight up admits that she is not attracted to him and apparently had sex with him one time. This makes her look worse, in my opinion. I don’t care about Hef one way or the other, but she is blatantly admitting that she was not attracted to him which just goes to show that she was with him for alternate reasons; i.e. her “music” career. I’m feeling secondhand embarrassment for her.

  • gayana

    hef – i dont care about, crustal – i dont care about either.
    but look at kendra… she was a drug addict, hef brought her fame and fortune and because she stayed ina good relationship with Hef he even allowed her to have her wedding at a playboy mansion for free…..
    so i say bottom line, Crystal is duuuuumb for doing this especially if shes thinking of having a hollywood career…. he could have been a good use of connections, power, money, but she blew it for herself.


  • Manderz

    hey i give the girl credit, I couldnt even THINK about having that wrinkly liver spotted peesch ANYWHERE near me, even if it WAS for on 2 seconds. BLECH!!!!

  • core

    She’s 24 and looks like that? wow, that is sadder than anything she said about heff.

    • T

      I agree — she looks like a forced 40s (like when someone is 40 something but starts overmakeuping, tanning and hair-dying to look younger… but achieves the opposite result).