Alexander Skarsgård & Kate Bosworth Are Dunzo!


Bad News / Good News, folks. After about 1 1/2 years together, True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård and actress Kate Bosworth have called it quits. This news is Bad News for folks who liked these two together. It’s Good News for those of you who would like to have a go at dating Mr. Skarsgård so … now’s your chance. Naturally, the very private couple have not confirmed news of their reported split but US Weekly seems pretty sure that Bosgård are dunzo for good.

Guess it wasn’t true love! After nearly two years together, True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard and 21 actress Kate Bosworth have called it quits, Us Weekly has confirmed exclusively. “It was very mutual,” a source tells the new issue of Us (on newsstands Wednesday). “And it happened a while ago.” While Bosworth, 28, was photographed giving her ex, Orlando Bloom (now married to Miranda Kerr) a friendly hug on July 7, her Straw Dogs costar Skarsgard has been embracing his freedom. During a July 21 Film District bash at Comic-Con in San Diego, the actor, 34, flirted with a brunette — and left the party with her. “He’s single,” confirms a source, “and he is loving the attention!”

Ah well … I guess not everyone can make it work … even tho Bosgård started off promisingly enough. Don’t forget, Alexander took Kate home to Sweden to meet his family back in the Spring of last year. That’s a pretty good sign that things were going well. It sounds like this romance just fizzled out. Something tells me that both parties will be just fine in the long run. Alexander, I’m sure, will find someone to make him happy soon enough ;) Any takers?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    What a shame…they make a cute couple!!!


    I’m sorry, but Kate Bosworth is disgusting. She used to be extremely beautiful in “Blue Crush” but she got disgustingly skinny which made her look old and unattractive. Anyways, they both star in a new horror movie that’s coming out soon so they’ll have to walk the Red Carpet together sooner or later… If that movie is even that big, that is.

  • I’ll take ASkars, don’t worry!

  • Mela

    I was just thinking the other day as I watched the new ep of TB “Sigh…dump that girl and come suck on my neck for a while”…stupid celebrity crushes!

  • krissy

    I am feeling really guilty about the smile that crossed my face when I read that headline. ;)

    • ERIKA

      I felt guilty too (just a tad) because the same smile crossed my face…lol

  • Jay

    I always thought they were a bit of an odd couple. I anticipate much rejoicing in the streets from his legion of fans. ;)

  • Thisoldbroad

    Can’t talk now!
    Gotta go shave my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Thisoldbroad — LMAOOOOOOOOOOO :D

  • ausettofegypt

    at last, it is my turn…

  • BCDanielle

    I’ll take good care of him ;)

  • Sam

    He’s single :) time to book a trip :p

  • Nicola

    Damn, where is the True Blood set exactly? I want me some Skarsgård!

  • Shannon

    YESSS!!! Happy happy happy day!! Now it’s my turn to step in.