Newly Single Kristin Cavallari Takes Her Dog For A Walk


Yesterday we learned the sad news that reality star Kristin Cavallari and NFLer Jay Cutler called off their engagement after she was reportedly dumped just days after the couple announced their 2012 wedding date. In the wake of the couple’s break-up, Kristin decided to step out for some fresh air and took her pet pooch for a walk. KC didn’t need any friends, any hangers-on … it looks like she was happy to enjoy the alonetime … I guess.

A down in the dumps Kristin Cavallari ventured out the house today after being ‘dumped’ by her NFL player fiancé Jay Cutler. The reality star, who is said to be devastated by the split, slipped into a pair of Daisy Dukes and a white top as she took her dog for a walk in Los Angeles. Friends are coming out in defence of the former star of The Hills, telling the press that Cutler was ‘beyond controlling’ during the relationship. At least now, however, she is off his apparent tight leash. Perhaps in an effort to save face, sources close to Cavallari, 24, have told People magazine that the Chicago Bears quarterback put pressure on Kristin to put him ahead of her long-time friends. ‘He made her choose between him and being friends with a lot of her girlfriends,’ a friend told the magazine. ‘I’m not surprised it didn’t last.’ The source added: ‘Jay was beyond controlling and didn’t really like Kristin to go out. ‘When she did go out, he called all the time and demanded to know exactly where she was going and who she was with.’ Cavallari broke her silence yesterday, tweeting simply: ‘Thanks for the support. Love u [sic] guys.’

Again, as I said yesterday, it sounds like this break-up is for the best. If things could so easily fall apart so well in advance of the wedding, I think she is better off without Jay in her life. Break-ups like this really suck … even more so because it’s so public … but my girl Kristin will be just fine in the long run. She may be smarting now but … mark my words, she will find happiness again …

…. MAYBE with Stephen Colletti?

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  • jen

    I know it’s hard to break up, especially with a wedding in the works, but I am pretty sure that Kristin is better off without Jay. He seems like a total d-bag.

  • jen

    I know it’s hard to break up, especially with a wedding in the works, but I am pretty sure that Kristin is better off without Jay. He seems like a total d-bag, and I always thought she could do better.

    • jen

      Sorry, my computer freaked out before I could finish writing my post and posted twice :/

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Stephen Colletti…GENIUS!!!

    • helen

      lol!! does anybody remember this??
      ste-pheeeeennnnn (kristin’s voice)

    • @helen — I remember … fondly. Loved Laguna Beach :D

    • helen

      me too… it was so much better than the hills!

    • Lcassidy4117

      LMFAO! I saw Stephen Colletti at Side Bar in San Diego; in person he is a lot shorter and acted like he was the shizz. Totally killed my illusion of him :/

    • @Lcassidy4117 — I ran into Stephen at Ikea. He was nice enough.

  • Annie

    Hey guys! Does anyone know where that white top is from? I’m dying to get my hands on it!!!!

  • Mico

    HAHA Stephen Colletti, i wish… i feel so bad for her altho i guess it was for the best, shes so cute she deserves someone much better who will make he happy.

  • i feel her pain. i just got ditched over the phone yesterday out of nowhere!