Do-It-Yourself Bag Lady


Back on New Year’s Eve, my dear friends Emma Bates and Joshua Zar got themselves engaged to be married and I happily shared their joyous news right here on Pink is the new Blog. Shortly afterward, Pink reader Emily from Elemental Threads reached out to me because she wanted to give Emma a free purse as an engagement gift. Elemental Threads is a purse company where customers can design their own handbags. I got to hang out with Emma last night and thought the purse that she had made is really very cool. Check it out below.

Emily, who is amazingly cool by the way, followed up with an offer for any of y’all readers who might want to make your own purse at Elemental Threads. She is offering a 40% off coupon code. If you’re interested, all you have to do is:

1) Design your fabulous new bag
2) Checkout with Google Checkout
3) Enter code PITNB in the coupon box

Emma loves her purse so you might like one as well. I think it’s really rad of Emily to extend this offer to fellow Pink readers :)

My concert plans last night got waylaid so David and I hung out with Emma and Josh (as I mentioned) and tonight, we have a double dinner date with Darion and Nicole. It’s been too long since we’ve hung out with friends so … I’m really looking forward to it :) Happy Tuesday!!

  • Amanda

    Oh my gosh they are beautiful purses! And so many options on the patterns. And you can’t beat 40% off! Thanks for sharing. I totally am getting one!

  • Sara

    SO CUTE! If I wasn’t on strict no-buying at the moment, I would totally get one. That site is now BOOKMARKED! :)

  • HeatherLea_1340

    I just found my new handbag obsession! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • muchacha

    Wow – amazing!!

  • Lindsay

    these bags looks amazing! attempting to design 1 for myself now! :-) Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • @everyone — You guys have to thank Emily at Elemental, she’s the one making this offer to everyone :D

  • Jasy

    This site is awesome! Unfortunately its a little bit too expensive for me, but with 40 %…maybe I will change my mind and check if they can delivery to Germany as well!

    Please say Thanx to Emily! :-)

    • @Jasy: Yes, we ship all over the world, Including our friends in Deutschland! Happy designing! :o)

  • Hey everyone it’s Emily from eThreads. Trent, thank you for spreading the good word, we are so excited to be here, I feel like a celebrity! :o)
    Thank you everyone for your kind words, we are a small business & passionate about what we do. Feel free to send me a message with any questions, I would love to hear from you!

    We’ve already received some fabulous designs from PITNB readers … I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Xoxo

  • Layla

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  • Kells

    What a cool way to spread the word about an independant designer!!!! I will deffo be checking out Emily’s bags! (my daughter’s name is Emilie, so I’m partial to the Emilie/Emily’s of the world!!)

  • nicole

    this site looks really fun and a great idea!

    just a quick question, what are the taxes and shopping cost (to canada) like?

    • @Nicole: Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you’re having fun! I was told someone once spent over 3 hours designing bags. :o)
      Good questions … you pay no taxes for orders outside the US. For shipping to Canada, it is cheaper on Google Checkout ($8 for smaller orders, another $1 or $2 for larger orders.) On PayPal, they charge the international rate ($16-$20.)

    • nicole

      thanks for answering! cant wait to order a couple bags :)

  • iheartmycro

    holy cow! i wish this would have been around when i got married…these are PERFECT bridesmaids gifts! but who am i kidding…these are perfect anytime gifts! thank you emily!

  • Shena

    The website is way tooooooooooo awesome!!!
    I not only design my own favorite bag but also have a wonderful collection on elemental threads website!!!LOL
    I will definitely buy one and invite my friends to visit the website!!

  • Margie

    I just ordered a purse. I can’t wait to get it. :)

    • @Margie: You made a fabulous design! You’re going to love that bamboo fabric, it is soft and eco-friendly. And the Zippy Purse is my everyday go-to bag … convenient, comfortable, and holds everything you need. Great choice!

    • Margie

      Thanks, Emily.
      I can’t wait to get it! :)

  • Kimi

    WOW! the fabrics look so nice and pretty.
    i really admire the concept of rePurpose.
    Time to find my old t-shirts.

  • Lacey

    How long is this promo on for?

    • @Lacey: Great question! Normally we would offer this fantastic deal for just 1 week, but because I <3 PITNB so much, we're extending it for a month, it will expire at the end of August (Wed, 8/31.)

    • Lacey

      That’s awesome! Gives me a chance to wait for the next payday, haha.