A Final Farewell To Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse was memorialized by family and friends during a private funeral service today at Edgwarebury Cemetery in North London before her body was taken away for cremation. Just like her all too short life, the time between Amy’s sudden death last Saturday and today’s funeral service seems really quick but according to family tradition her body must be laid to its eternal rest very soon after death. Music producer Mark Ronson and best friend Kelly Osbourne were among the folks in attendance at Amy’s funeral. Clearly it was very important for the both of them to say their final goodbyes in person.

Friends and family of Amy Winehouse said emotional goodbyes to the star today as they came together for her funeral. Among those paying their respects to the tragic star was her entire family, friends Kelly Osbourne, Mark Ronson and her music ‘family’ including her backing singers and manager. A convoy of black vehicles with tinted windows silently made its way inside the Edgwarebury Cemetery in north London this lunchtime for the private service. Amy, who died at her London home on Saturday aged 27, will be cremated after the service attended by her loved ones. Family spokesman Chris Goodman said only family members and close friends would be present and added: ‘Cremation is part of the family’s tradition.’
Kelly, one of Amy’s best friends, had flown into the UK from Los Angeles as soon as she heard the news about her death. Her face was solemn as she was driven into the cemetery and she appeared to have paid tribute to her friends by styling her hair in a beehive do, similar to Amy’s trademark style. Kelly hid her eyes behind large dark sunglasses and clutched a white rose in her hands. She was followed into the service by another of Amy’s close friends, DJ and producer Mark Ronson, who looked deep in thought as he arrived on foot alone. There was a heavy security presence outside the cemetery as guests made their way inside. Winehouse’s bandmates, Zalon and Heshima Thompson, who were seen in tears outside her home yesterday, were also among the select group. Her singer songwriter friend Remi Nicole, who was very close to the star, was in tears as she got our of her car and Amy’s manager Raye Cosbert cut a solemn figure as he joined the funeral party. One person not attending today was Amy’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who, according to sources, was refused compassionate leave from Armley Prison in Leeds. It was also reported that he had already been warned away from the funeral by Amy’s father Mitch who ‘hates his guts’. The service, which, according to Jewish law, had to take place as soon as possible after the star’s death, was conducted by Rabbi Frank Hellmer. The service started with prayers, they read a meditation, Mitch gave a eulogy and there were final prayers. Shiva – the Jewish ceremony of bereavement – will be observed for two days starting at 5pm today at Schinder Hall in Southgate progressive Hall. Amy’s spokesman Chris Goodman said: ‘Mitch was funny, he told some great stories from her childhood. It was a celebration. He stressed many times that she had been more content than he had been in years. Mitch paid tribute to a lot of people from Amy’s life.’ Talking about her boyfriend, film director Reg Traviss, he added: ‘Mitch said that they were very much looking forward to their future together.’ Alfie Ezikiel, 55, from London said that around 150 guests had attended Amy Winehouse’s funeral. He added: ‘Mitch’s last words to Amy in his eulogy were “Goodnight My Angel. Sleep tight. Mummy and Daddy love you ever so much” … The last song that was played at the ceremony was Carole King’s hit So Far Away which was Amy’s favourite song.

And just like that … Amy Winehouse is gone. Man … she really did live her life like a candle in the wind. Despite her many tragic shortcomings, it is still very sad to think that her life had to end like this. The poor woman died at home, in bed … alone. The cause of death will likely be made public very soon but no matter the reason … no one should die alone. I truly hope Amy Winehouse has found the peace in death that she never seemed to find in life. Goodbye, Amy … rest well.

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  • PeaNut Butta

    I agree Trent, you’re very respectable. I think the memory of her addiction is overshadowing her person. After all no one is born an addict, she was a person who, like every single one of us on this earth made some bad choices. If there were no mistakes in this life, we’d have no way of learning. As most of us have, I’ve lost friends to addiction and although it’s sad it’s never surprising.

  • Mela

    Big up to you Trent for always being so classy. We’ll never know what was left in there for music, but she’s an honest talent gone far too soon.

  • blaqfury

    So sad. I hope she has found the peace that was difficult for her to obtain during her time on Earth. I’m a fan and will always continue to be and this will always probably be my favorite performance from her: http://youtu.be/dVO9A-fKRi4. Its just so beautiful and effortless. RIP Amy.

    • Debho

      Such an amazing voice. And that’s all I have to say about that. :(

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Props Trent!! This is so sad!! I felt really bad but now, after the funeral, I feel really sad. Poor girl, she is probably rocking away somewhere.

  • Sarah M

    I had always hoped she would get better and we’d get to hear more of her amazing music but I guess that wasn’t to be. Hope her soul has found peace now. Good bye Amy, thanks for the music.

  • krissy

    I just don’t have words. So sad.

  • Cant believe it. I am so terribly terribly sad. Amy blessed us with her musical gifts and talents, I wish she could have battled the demons that kept her from truly living the life she deserved. Rest with the angels Amy <3

  • helen

    what a great jamming session she must be having with kurt, jim, janis and hendrix… there’s great music coming from heaven today y’all!

    • Lady Liberty

      What a jam session that would be! Supposedly she was working on a third album that might be released posthumously.

  • Erica

    i was upset about her passing, but with her funeral and everything, i actually shed a few tears. i was always hoping she would pull herself together and get back to making music. i love both her albums so much.

  • choddie59

    Jews aren’t supposed to be cremated

    • Meghan

      @Choddie59–This is their family tradition. Her Grandmother was also cremated and Amy’s ashes will be spread with hers. I get the feeling they where not strict in their religious beliefs. Technically, Amy could not be buried in a Jewish cemetary because she has tattoos. Silly, if you ask me.

    • choddie59

      i forgot about her (obvious) tattoos.

  • Panti Christ

    I wanted to share this link to anyone curious in it’s content. Lots of sad musician deaths at age 27, we all know that. But look just how many, and who http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club

  • Panti Christ

    I wanted to share this link to anyone curious in its content. Lots of sad musician deaths at age 27, we all know that. But look just how many, and who http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club

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