Steven Spielberg Announces That ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Is On The Way

Director Steven Spielberg announced at 2011 San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend that plans are in the works to make a 4th Jurassic Park film. Despite the fact that Jurassic Park III wasn’t very good, fans are still very much interested in a return to the island so news of this 4th film has been met with mostly praise. According to Spielberg, they’ve got the story part worked out and a writer is penning the script. He anticipates JP4 will hit theaters in 2 to 3 years. HMMM.

Twenty years after his Velociraptors and T.rex ruled Jurassic Park, director Steven Spielberg says the maneaters are returning to a movie theater near you — teeth sharpened, and not for the popcorn. Spielberg on Thursday told audiences at the giant Comic-Con International convention in San Diego that he was at work on a new “Jurassic Park” movie, delighting a packed house at the pop culture showcase. “We have a story. We have a writer working on the script, and I think we will see a ‘Jurassic 4′ in our foreseeable future, probably in the next two or three years.” “Jurassic Park” thrilled audiences in 1993 with its modern-day dinosaurs developed from DNA in fossils that wreaked havoc upon a theme park where, instead of enjoying the wonders of science, the guests got eaten. The movie took in $915 million worldwide in its day and spawned two sequels.

I, personally, LOVED both Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park II but thought the third movie was just … bad. It was a nice try but … no. I’m intrigued by this new film. I trust Spielberg and enough time has passed that the dinosaurs can look even more awesome. That being said … Jurassic Park blew my mind so entirely, I doubt any sequel will ever be able to surpass it. At this point, I’ll be cautiously optimistic that another great Jurassic film can be made … but I’m not ready to hold my breath just yet. What do y’all think? Any Jurassic fans out there? Are you excited by this news?


  1. i loved the first 2 (cant really remember 3) and has much as i would love to see what they would do now after so long…i just think a part 4 isnt needed. im not excited for this at all.

  2. Sara

    I LOVED 1 and 2! I’m curious. Hoping that it will be good, but you never know.

  3. Kim

    They better feather most of those dinos! that will be interesting to see ~

  4. Jenny

    SOooooo excited!! My FAV series of movies!! Liked JP1, LOVED JP2, JP3 sucked, but I ll sit through it if its on Tv. I hope they bring back Jeff Goldblum, and Julianne Moore…

  5. That picture is hilarious. Good job, Trent.


  6. Marcus_Em

    I saw J1 at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC When I was about 9 years old and I was so terrified but I loved it ! I am trying to remember J3 and for the life of me I can’t… did they go to NY or some other city? the Dinosaurs that is? Or am I mixing some awful Godzilla movie with Jurassic Park?? I am pumped for the new one !Can you imagine with new technology how awesome its going to be!?

  7. Brent

    I thought JP2 was awful – but liked the special effects of JP3 despite it not being a great film. Will totally see JP4 just because dinosaurs are so cool. LOL – I’m a nerd.

  8. I am actually excited for this. I, like many others, cannot remember JP3 at all. But I will definitely add that to my agenda of my next chill weekend, make it a marathon. I have to find it though…lol, i own JP1 & JP2…. maybe its time i finally succumb to Netflix…lol

  9. Katy

    I am actually excited for this as well! The 2nd movie was a steaming pile of crap, IMHO. The third was better than the second, though nowhere near as fantastic as the original. Please Spielberg – no dinos running around major metro areas!

  10. strawberry

    No one can write a better Jurassic Park than Michael Crichton, so good luck to the unlucky guys who are penning the script. Having said that, I’m still looking forward to the movie though!


  11. Devon

    I’m a big fan! I can draw a dinosaur with my eyes close so yeah I’m very excited for the next installment! Thanks for the info. *Kuss*

  12. Nick Name

    This says the Jurassic Park sequel is set in Victorian England:

  13. Hannah

    I loved JP3 but JP2 was quite bad, am looking forward to JP4, LOL

  14. Amy

    I agree with Hannah

  15. Amy

    I agree with Hannah, JP3 was AMAZING

  16. Kirsten

    I loved the first and third Jurrasic park second one sucked. I love Justin Bieber, woo

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