Britney Spears Announces A South American Leg Of The ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour


Last Saturday Britney Spears teased that she would be making a concert tour announcement today and the announcement has been made. Britney delivered her missive LIVE on Livestream on her official Facebook profile to announce that after she completes her European tour dates, she will be making her way down to South America for a series of dates there. Click below to see the video embed of Britney’s announcement.

Britney announced that she will play two Brazil dates, one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Sao Paulo. Her manager, Adam Leber, followed up on Twitter to announce that there will be at least 10 more South American dates to come. So …. get ready South Americans. Our dear Britney is headed your way! Woot!!

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  • Noelia

    Yes! Finally to Argentina! We have been waiting for too many years! :D

    • Britney Girl Dale

      Britney going to rocked this world she is queen of Pop fan’s i’m Britney all over also but I’m the Male Britney Spears . watch My videos like watching her type Britney Spears Dale on youtube go on my channel britneyqueenofpop

      She Goddess and Queen!!!

  • Daniel

    she looks soo stiff and awkward :S but I’m glad she is comming :D hope she’s comming to Chile :D

  • nicole

    sooo off topic…but after looking at some of those pics…ive come to the conclusion, they need someone else to design her costumes. the girls body looks great, but the cuts of most of the outfits ive seen do her no justice, and the boots she insists on wearing cut her legs off in an odd spot.

  • amanda

    oh god. she is so lame. she reads straight from the prompter and does not try to hide it. she knows all her fans dont care what she does. she could be singing without a mic and you guys would go crazy. she’s lame.

    • @amanda — Who cares if the announcement is read from cue cards? Relax.

    • amanda

      no- shes a fraud. she thinks she can get away with being a robot. she does nothing authentic. everything is scripted with her. theres nothing personal about her. she doesnt talk in concerts. her interviews r one liners. shes dull and fake :) NEXT.

    • @amanda — LOL. Ok, then stay home. I know there are legions of South American fans really excited by this news ;D

    • jj

      its not a crime honey


    The only thing I’m disappointed with from alleged rumors is that there is HUGE stadiums over there and that if Britney did the stadiums they would sell out within minutes… However, I heard that she’s only doing arenas there so her team can charge more for ticket prices due to the strict seat capacity which mean more $$$$… I hope that’s not true! There’s a lot of demand for Britney over there and I hear people are going crazy about it.

    • @CHASE — Where do you hear nonsense like this?

    • CHASE

      Trent, it isn’t nonsense; it’s actually a logical assumption if you think about it. Big name artists do stadiums in South America, right? Stadiums would sell-out WITHIN minutes since Britney has only been there for the Rock In Rio festival, which is only ONE time in her 13+ year career. Anyways, isn’t it a bit strange that Britney isn’t doing stadiums but multiple shows in arenas, especially since there’s a HUGE demand for her over there? There is talk/rumors that her team are doing arenas with ticket prices starting off at $200. Arenas = less seating, that way they can charge the fans more while the demand stays rampant. That’s all. These are rumors, of course, but the basic foundation is questionable.

    • Dan

      That isn’t true, the dates confirmed for Mexico are stadiums and she’s not adding that many dates, so she’s likely to perform in stadiums in all of her concerts in south america

    • christian

      it’s not because she’s not doing stadiums for money, but because the stadiums are closed to prepare for the world cup (or something to do with football). and some of the arenas she’s playing can seat between 50.000 and 90.000

  • Chelsi

    @amanda sorry amandan but britney sing live in this tour maybe not all the songs but at least 80% she is using back up tracks and its really different hear it in the place of the concert than hear her on youtube, i went to the houston concert and she sing live at least 80% or maybe a little more, im happy that she is gonna go to monterrey because its really an insecure city and she is doing it for her latin fans…

    • amanda

      dude. she didnt sing live.

      im sorry to break it to you. they jsut strip off the fine tuningof the recorded song so it SOUNDS like she sings live.
      why the hell would britney start singing live now? she NEVER has :) except in her early years, b4 they made her sing hi-pitch like a blow ip doll. face it. britney spears sucks major balls. but whatever. my opinion. u have urs. =)

    • adri

      lol face it? who the fuck are you? get over yourself….
      anyways grats to Brazil <3

    • amanda

      how bout no, scott.

    • jj

      she did sing live some of it… duh you better watch it LIVE not on youtube!

    • amanda

      she sang ONE song absolutely LIVE. and it was garbage. britney spears is a joke.

    • JRP

      @ chelsea, I gotta agree with Amanda.
      I am someone that knows music industry and Amanda is compeletely right. ALmost as soon as Britney became famous he production decided to make her lip sync due to the high competition on the market with the singers that have amazing chops (aguilera, simpson, carey). then the feedback from the audience was that Britney lip syncs everything and this is not acceptable so with today’s technology the production has been exploring two option – re-recorded auto-tuned version of the same songs, so it doesnt sound exactly like on the CD, so people assume it is live, or the “stripped down” version of the orgiginal track on the CD, where you can hear the breathing and other imperfections again, so people liek you assume that it is live.
      I guess their startegy works) but to me it is called “cheating”, but because Spears’ audeince is not high-maintenance and most uneducated in music, it is a right strategic move by the management and the record label.

    • Jesse

      Really? Because I SEEN her LIVE in concert and she was OBVIOUSLY singing live. The problem you people have is accepting that fact.

    • amanda

      just because you seen her concert, doesn’t mean you have the right answer. it jsut means you love britney spears..which is fine, but accept the truth. yeesh.

      if britney spears was actually singing live on this tour, we would be able to read about it ALL over the internet. her management would have definitely brought that to our attention and used it to advertise her “comeback”. and the fact is that they aren’t. britney spears singing live would have made CNN headlines. it would have been the ONE thing her whole show would have revolved around because of her reputation for lip synching. instead, it revolves around hte stage props and costumes.

  • Alyssa

    A gorgeous European-Portuguese dancer?! I’m in love!!=o <3
    Definitely Googling this Marco kid immediately

  • gayana

    she’s not the same after her meltdown… no spark in the eyes whatsoever… looking pretty awkward to me, but her putting the gum back in her mouth after the taping was funny))

    • @gayana — Britney and her gum are amazing :) LOL

  • AmandaMarie

    Britney’s always charged a ridiculously obscene amount of money for a show. I can almost with a hundred percent certainty this is not about giving her fans what they want (although it’s a nice side benefit) it is about the giant bottom line she’ll be getting. It’s the basic supply versus demand principle. She’s in short supply but in high demand, therefore Britney is going to be able to charge incredible amounts of money. For what she charged here for the very worst ticket for her Circus tour, I could have seen Lady GaGa twice or Beyoncè twice or gone to full day music festival with SEVERAL internationally acclaimed artists. Britney shows have shown no history of being a “good bargain.”

    That said, I don’t think it’s done maliciously, but it is done. I’m not comparing the shows of GaGa or Beyoncè to hers production wise, but financially her shows are a bust when I can get a seat, a shirt, and a cd for the price of one of her shows.

    My opinion would probably change if she was more fan friendly, that increases my likelihood to support an artist greatly.

    That said the four shows I have seen of hers have been extremely exciting, well produced, and generally spectacular.

  • casey

    What I don’t get is why the people who don’t like Britney bother to get on here and fight about how “fake” or “bad” she is. If you don’t like her then don’t waste your breath or time typing derogatory comments on a website. I mean really….who is the real loser here? Britney the millionaire with legions of fans and admirers or the idiot who doesnt like her but wastes their life bashing her on some website?

    Britney never claimed to be the best singer in the world, she just does what she does and you can take it or leave it.

  • A little heavy there on the eye makeup B. Has she ever toured in South America?

  • That’s bullshit, BRITNEY is gonna be performing in REALLY BIG places….. I’m from Mexico, and at least the 3 ones that she is gonna do it in here are REALLY BIG ones!



    OK, good! I’m glad she’s doing stadiums, then. I just thought it wasn’t cool if it was true. Anyways, Britney did sing live on tour because there were times where you could hear her voice crack, etc.

  • Naomi Black

    Okay I’m a Britney to a degree… I’m a fan of what her production company gives us to watch… & they’re VERY good at making us believe that Brit is the same phenomenal performer she was a decade ago!! I totally agree @JP, @gayana & Amanda about Miss Spears!!! She doesn’t commit to being the entertainer she use to be! She does a half ass job compared to her in the past, but all these obsessed fans love to defend her to the end… even though they know it themselves!! How could they not!?! Her performance is lackluster compared to her in the past & it is fair to compare her to other artist who have maintained their speed throughout life changes, but all I hear are excuses or ignorant people getting mad & calling any critique like some type of hateful attack… & those people need to follow their own advice & get a life!! They are so blinded that they can’t even see what is obvious like her lip syncing, to her half step choreograph… to her life less interviews where she has no personality anymore!!! So for now I will not be purchasing concert tickets, but I’ll enjoy the music & videos for what they are, but will hope for a day for Britney to TRULY return back to the performer that I fell in love with!! :0)

    • @Naomi Black — LOL.

    • amanda

      certain psych meds make you look like you have no affect. its quite interesting. britney spears would make an interesting science project:)

  • John

    I was a huge Britney fan until I just came to the realisation that she has no passion, no connection anymore :( no she doesn’t need to be so over the top like Gaga but she could at least act like she gives a fuck! I hope one day she releases the music she wants to and finally puts some spark back into it.

  • Martin

    hi i heard that u are going to the britney show in NY. i would like to meet u there

    • @Martin — Unfortch, I won’t be at the NY show. I’m seeing her in Hartford, CT tho :D

  • Kieren

    Ugh I was hoping for an announcement that is actually exciting. I don’t live in South America, hence I don’t care. Boo!

  • Mick

    Serioously i love the non-Britney fans messages more and more than the hardcorde Britney fans messages these days. As Casey said before, if you don’t like her than why take the time to somehow try to convince the Britney fans that she’s so bad? As long as u’re not a fan, and there isn’t any Hitler kinda guy who puts a gun to your head to make you buy ‘pricey’ tickets for a Britney concert then what’s the problem? Britney makes people happy, that may be with her so called ‘half done cheography’, her lipsyncing, her ‘hairography’, hell i don’t care, even is she just came out and farted for all of us i would loved it and called it the night of my life. Stupid? Maybe, but as long as i’m having fun what’s the deal?

  • Jarrah

    Argh….. Amanda, you are such a wanker! Stop with the hating…. Lip sync or not she is a cultural pop phenomenon and you are some troll on a blog! She wins…..

  • John

    She has no substance at all. At least before she BELIEVED in her music – now she’s a zombie. Really want her to release Original Doll – raw real Britney with the soulful voice.

  • Toya

    Amanda probably has life-size posters of Britney Spears all over bedroom and torture den. D:

  • Chelsi

    amanda if you dont even like britney i dont know wtf are you even doing here and read the news about her, sorry honey but she does sing live in her concert a few songs not all as a said b4, maybe you have a tiny mind and you only belive what you want but sorry she sing live she is having great reviews, and sold out concerts, if you dont like her its very simple just dont listen to her or read her music and let….

    • heather.

      she sang everytime live and it was garbage. LOL. dont call me honey, ever.

      ONE SONG. O.N.E. SONG. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. she should just do what cher used to do and sing without a mic. at least cher OWNS it.

    • amanda

      she sang everytime live and it was garbage. LOL. dont call me honey, ever.

      ONE SONG. O.N.E. SONG. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. she should just do what cher used to do and sing without a mic. at least cher OWNS it.

      tiny mind? your the britney fan. lol!