First Look: Lily Collins As Snow White


Back in March we learned that Twilight star Kristen Stewart was cast in a live-action adaptation of the classic Snow White fairytale (along side Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth). Well, there’s another Snow White film headed for the big screen which stars another young actress in the lead role. Lily Collins will play Snow White alongside Julia Roberts (as the evil queen) and Armie Hammer (as the prince) with visionary director Tarsem Singh at the helm. Click below for our FIRST LOOK at Lily as Snow White.

Here is a first look at Lily Collins in the untitled Snow White film that Relativity Media has mounted for March 16, 2012 release, with Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer also starring for director Tarsem Singh. That puts Relativity Media in the lead against the rival Snow White and The Hunstman, which stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth.

I love this photo. I’m telling you right now, Tarsem Singh’s Snow White film will be a visionary masterpiece … you can count on that. I’m sure the Kristen Stewart film will do very well, what with her built in Twilight audience, but Singh’s films are SO beautifully made … I cannot wait to see it. This first image of Lily Collins as Snow White is a good indicator of what the film may look like … and I am intrigued. What do y’all think? Are you excited for the duel of the Snow White films? Which one are YOU most excited to see?



    Why the FACK is there so many fairytale movies lately? Anyways, I hope this kicks Kristen Stewart’s movies ass because, well, yeah. I’m sure Kristen’s will be a lot like “Beastly” and her Botox-like face will show a lot of emotion, etc. I can just see it coming now: “Oh… Shoot… Um… I ate that apple… And, it’s, like… Bad… My stomach hurts… Shoot…” MUMBLE. MUMBLE. MUMBLE.

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    • aebright84

      LMAO!!! I’m crying from laughing so hard:-D You nailed her!

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  • perdiz

    I just find it odd that Kristen Stewart was chosen to play Bella (who is not supposed to be the most beautiful girl) and is now playing Snow White (who is the fairest in the land). I do really like this picture though. I cant wait to see how the movie comes out.

  • anamme

    Yay Trent, I had no idea you were a Tarsem fan! I love his work too, at the very least we can expect some crazy sets and camerawork. Can’t wait to see the first pictures of Julia Roberts as the evil queen! I’m glad this version is going to be released first…I doubt audiences will be up for two Snow White’s spaced only a few months apart.

  • JCZ

    I’m most excited to see Julia Roberts in costume. Such beauty.

  • Cara

    This pic is great. Love the colors. These movies are going to be totally different. Stewart’s pic was released yesterday-full suit of armor and sword & shield. She also looked beautiful. As long as neither of them giggles or takes care of the dwarves, I’m good. Always hated disney’s SW, she needs a feminist make over.

  • LJ

    I’m looking forward to snow white and the huntsman more,mainly cos this picture looks sickly sweet, the huntsman from the cast photo’s looks a lot more gritty!

  • hapacalgirl

    Its funny how Tarem Signh and Rupert both had panels yesterday in Hall H considering they both are doing versions of snow white that will be released around the same time next year. Even though Tarem’s panel was for The Immortals, both guys had to explain what made their snow white version different than the other. I agree with Trent that if anything, this will be a visual masterpiece. After seeing 300 before and extra footage of the Immortals yesterday I have no doubt this will be a feast for the eyes. Plus Julia Roberts usually picks good scripts so I have a bit more faith in this movie.

  • Kristin

    Someone should really make an HBO series about the Fables graphic novels.

  • Good points all around. Truly aprpiecaetd.