J.K. Rowling Reportedly Wrote An Alternate Ending For ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’

'Harry Potter' and the Other Ending

British journalist and author Greg Palast has posted an interesting article on his official website this week that claims to reveal the alternate ending that author J.K. Rowling wrote for the final Harry Potter novel The Deathly Hallows. According to Palast, he and Rowling are friendly enough that she revealed to him in confidence the other ending she came up with for the final book. He claims that she divulged this other ending to him after he expressed to her his disappointment with the ending that was published in the book (he felt the published ending was too influenced by the eventual movie to follow). While Palast confesses he never saw the typed, hardcopy of this other ending, he claims that he remembers almost precisely what she told him … and now shares it with the world all these years later. Curious about this supposed other ending? Click below to read it in full.

To the Forbidden Forest

Harry marched toward the field where Voldemort waited with his pack of Dementors. Harry’s scar burned brutally, saving him the pain of thinking too deeply about his decision, likely to bring him nothing but death.

What special evil, what deadly and devious spell had the Dark Lord prepared for Harry’s destruction? Voldemort had hunted after Harry for more than a decade; doubtless Voldemort would arm himself with a special curse far more powerful and final than the Avada Kedavra which had failed to kill Harry as a child.

Harry was terribly right. The Dark Lord, in his clearing in the Forbidden Forest, was preparing a charm as devastating as Harry feared, and far more horrific. As Harry marched to this fated meeting, Voldemort passed his wand among the icy Dementors, commanding each to lay their Kiss upon it.

Voldemort, in those pained, lonely nights of his exile and recovery, had conceived of a way to hurl a Dementor’s kiss from his wand, the kiss that would take away the soul of its victim forever. And now he would blast Harry with hundreds of them. Voldemort’s reward would be greater than watching Harry’s burial. He would have Harry frozen in place, Harry’s living being encased for eternity at the moment of Harry’s ultimate humiliation and defeat, a terrifying monument to Voldemort’s victory for all to see for all time. Voldemort’s joy rose with every Dementor’s kiss to his wand.

Harry could feel their grave-like cold as he approached and the pull of their despair. It was hopeless, and he was helpless in the face of it. And he knew it.

But then, Harry felt the presence of a young man and woman, though he could not see them. These two ghosts lovingly held his body up and raised his spirit. It was, he was certain, the last remaining life-force of his parents, making one last sacrifice by joining him on his final journey. He allowed himself a moment of peaceful happiness, feeling them so close.

Then he stopped. Harry shivered with a deep chill of recognition. They were not his parents. They were Voldemort’s: the young Tom Riddle and his bride who, for this occasion, had taken back her beautiful maid’s countenance. They said, using no words, “Our dearest son, we will not allow you to be harmed.”

Were their words for him? Or for Voldemort? Somehow, it didn’t seem to matter – they seemed so kind when he needed nothing more at this moment than a parent’s love.

Harry, and the two warm spirits becoming more visible, approached the edge of the swirling crowd of Voldemort’s followers, who parted, preparing to give the victim an easy corridor to his doom.

Voldemort’s wand had returned to his white, skeletal hand. The Dark Lord pointed it confidently to where Harry would surely emerge from the crowd, not yet to destroy Potter but to hold him while he prepared to give Harry an oration on the eternal punishment about to strike him.

Voldemort laughed when Harry stumbled through. But when the Dark Lord saw the specters of his parents, he howled as if cut in half. With his furious heart in flames, Voldemort immediately unleashed the deadly Kisses, bellowing, “Oppugno Mortimbessios!” And all the vile terrors of the Dementors, in an unstoppable flash from his wand, rushed toward Harry and the spirits at his side.

It was only a hundredth of a second for Voldemort’s curse to reach Harry. But somehow the world seemed to slow down, the Earth ceased to rotate; all on the planet held still, though Harry was aware he was free to move. Harry had planned every shield charm for his defense, but all now were clearly useless. Harry found himself unable to do more than calmly bend to one knee and bow his head, preparing to accept the force of the blow and his death and end.

As he kneeled, in that quiet moment outside time, the two shadows flew from him toward Voldemort. And Voldemort changed. The Dementors’ chill wind, and Time, moved backward; and there was Voldemort, growing to his younger, more potent, frightening self.

The curse struck Harry’s scar, obliterating it, then, in a loud roar, he felt the crushing pain of his skull opening, and then the shrieking curse rushing from his head – back toward the wand that sent it.

As the curse turned back toward him, Voldemort continued to grow younger still, until he was a little child again with his mother and father at his side. When they realized the full force of Voldemort’s own spell was about to strike him, his parents put their reassuring arms around their son to protect him from this ultimate blow.

And then it struck. And now the three entwined souls, Tom Riddle, his wife and young child, would remain forever entombed in that one moment, never able to leave.

And never wanting to.

Hogwarts AD 2130

The headmaster, his stringy white beard uncombed and his wrinkled, bald head topped by a drooping wizard’s cap, looked with wistful gratitude at the empty picture frame he’d convinced the Ministry to put up, despite their reluctance. He knew he’d soon be residing in that little square etched with the name, “Harry Potter,” separated from Albus Dumbledore’s only by the portraits of Headmistresses McGonagall and Chang.

The old wizard could hear below the school abuzz with preparations for his 150th birthday. He shifted Ginny, a bird of paradise, to a perch nearer his desk. His wife, rather than grow old, had turned herself into this beautiful bird, but still insisted on giving un-birdlike advice. “Harry, dearest, you can’t miss your own birthday party. And it’s so lovely outside.”

Indeed, the summer day had brought out scores of picnickers who had come to set their baskets and blankets out near the warm light cast by the living statue of the happy family with the little child. No one but the old headmaster knew who was encased in that glowing sphere. When the Dementors were released from the spell of Voldemort, they, and indeed every wizard excepting Harry and the shade of Albus, were cleansed of all memory of the Dark Lord. Now, after more than a century, curiosity about the family in the statue had long ago ceased. Harry had simply ordered a plaque placed there. It said only, “Riddles.”

“I will go,” he told his feathered wife, “but I have to keep an eye on the boy for a bit.” Harry’s great, great grandson, not yet able to walk, silently played on the rug with his chocolate frog. Then suddenly, in inexplicable anger, little Tom crushed the candy animal. Harry watched this, and knew the whole world would soon darken again for generations to come.


Keep in mind, this other ending presented by Greg Palast was written by him from memory of what he claims Rowling told him. Naturally it won’t read exactly as Rowling may have written it (if, indeed, she did compose this other ending) but I suppose it sounds plausible enough. I sincerely doubt we will ever know for sure if this other ending is a genuine creation of Rowling‘s imagination (and I suspect Rowling may not be as friendly with Palast from here on out) but it is a curious read. What do y’all think? Does this other ending story ring true to you? What do you think of this other Harry Potter ending?


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  1. Sounds like 13 year old fanfiction tbh so either dude made this up or Jo was trolling his ass.

  2. Mitchell

    Interesting article, but the AD 2130 part sounds a bit 13-year-oldish like “Be a little inappropriate” said.

    I honestly think the only heroic ending suitable for Harry was to die killing Voldemort to save the world. The “ultimate sacrifice” of his parents rekindled by Harry for the world. That’s the *other ending* I half expected to read when I opened this write-up.

  3. Erin

    I think this sounds like a very plausible alternate ending. I think it’s something JK Rowling definitely could have come up with, and I also think this could be one in a series of several endings she wrote. This one would have played out interestingly onscreen, and I love that it leaves the door wide open for future Potter books – more so than the actual ending. Imagine – an evil wizard from Harry’s bloodline. There’s so many crazy twists that could weave into that idea, my mind is spinning! Ah, if only…

  4. Missy

    HAHAHAHAHA! Sounds like someone is itching for a little limelight.

  5. Ashley

    LMAO!!! This sounds so absurd! I agree that it sounds like fanfiction. Even if I didn’t know the ending to the actual Harry Potter, I would know that this is fake. It sounds like this guy is trying to get a few minutes of fame. It’s all over the place. And if it is real, at least J.K Rowling came to her senses, cause that was dreadful!

  6. I really don’t like this ending at all. I like how it is

  7. Marcus_Em

    I mean it was fun! I will say that.. But it sounds to me as if maybe someone is trying to leave a door open for the possibility of some new books involving harry’s evil great grandson! LOVING that my home gurl Minerva was head master! she dat betch!

  8. Jay

    That’s just embarrassing.

  9. rae

    leave the harry potter up to rowling…. seriiiiously dude! lol

  10. person

    Oh my goodness, that was hilarious! Can’t stop laughing :DD

  11. Meghan

    That was stupid. Really don’t think that was Rowling’s “alternate” ending.

  12. Manderz

    Agree with all the comments above, there is no way Rowling wrote this, within the 1st 2 sentances you can tell, it’s just not her writing style…and it doesnt make any sense at all!! I have a migraine now.

  13. Vicky

    This does not sound very plausible at all… But who knows. I love the way HP ends, although there are things that were missing from the movie that I am kind of sad about.

  14. That was a joke!! If that would have been the ending I would have been pissed!! Ginny turned herself into a bird?? LMAO!!! Stupid but it did make me want to read more Harry Potter stories.

  15. krissy

    IMO, Her stories were waaaaay too thought out and complex to have this kind of ending. Knowing the full story, you can see that she planted clues and bits of future story into earlier books in the series. I doubt she would tack something on the end that had NOTHING to do with anything mentioned in previous books, especially Mr. V and the Dementors.

  16. c

    worse. fanfic. ever.

  17. That’s some pretty awful fanfic. I’m very surprised that the “British journalist & author” had the balls to even try this.

    I love me some JK Rowling, but sometimes her writing style can be a little rough – but nothing like this. This is just TERRIBLE. Hope dude enjoys his 15 minutes because I daresay they will end up with him getting his Muggle ass sued.

  18. I think this is totally fake. I’ve read in the past that JK Rowling knew exactly how the book was going to end since she started writing it. If he didn’t make it up I’m thinking she did to see how far she could trust her confidence in this dude.

  19. Nicola

    Haha, sounds like a load of utter bollocks.
    - The dementor thing is just…rubbish.
    - Voldemort’s parents were never together, and I highly doubt his father would’ve condoned his behaviour had he even wanted him to begin with.
    - Random ‘time’ issue with memory loss…silly.
    - Ginny turning into a bird? Heck, that would’ve saved the movie from more of Bonnie Wright’s shoddy ‘acting’ at least…. But wow, that’s seriously lame.

    The only cool part would’ve been had the time thing made sense and Voldemort was young again to repeat his offences in the future. Either way, doesn’t sound like anything JK would legitimately come up with.

    I have always thought however, that she has been horribly influenced by the movies since she mistakenly put that Hermione punched Malfoy in the book, rather than slapped. The punch was in the movie, in the book she had slapped him. Then, in many ways it would’ve made more sense for Harry to die completely, but I think she would’ve been hunted down by the crazy fans had she killed off Harry Potter.
    I personally wish the ending had been better in both book and film, but whats done in done.

    • Sean S

      Also, Merope Gaunt never had a “beautiful maid’s countenance” at any point. She used a love potion on Tom Riddle, Sr., but she never changed her appearance.

  20. Z

    What a load of crap >=/!!! That was so poorly written, I can’t believe he’s trying to claim that bullshit is the work of J.K. Rowling. Now I’m not saying I particularly enjoyed the last 3 books, but it was no where near as poorly written as this piece of crap. Shame on this loser for trying to associate her work with this garbage, he pulled out of his ass!!!!

  21. Houndentenor

    I’m not buying it. Rowling has said that from the very beginning she planned on using the symmetry of Hagrid carrying Harry out of the forest just as he had carried him from his parents’ house in Godric’s hollow. There are other symmetries in the series as well. Perhaps she had thought about the spell part and improvised something for a friend.

    It does all seem unlikely though. People near Rowling have been very tight lipped about what they knew about the series. In fact she told Alan Rickman the entire store to get him to take on the role of Snape (at least the Snape part) and he never let anything slip.

  22. Morgan

    Yeah, I don;t believe it either, And it’s poorly written.

  23. Josh

    Why would Voldemort’s parents be together? Why would he want anything to do with her in the afterlife? Sorry-JK is too smart for that. Also, there is no way Voldemort would have given his wand to anyone-it was the Elder wand, mind you.

  24. Sean

    The idea of another dark lord chilled me to the core, but the introduction of a new spell this late in the game is not very rowling either.
    Do not want.

  25. Q


    Fanfic cum personal PR hoax

  26. Mag

    Jo would never write something so ridiculous. She’s stated in many interviews that she’s had the ending of Harry Potter in mind since she wrote the first book. It’s clearly evident from all the clues she drops in the first six books and how all the clues come together in the last book that it was meant to end that way all along. Palast’s “plot” barely makes sense.

  27. Dayna

    Wow the only thing worse than that was Breaking Dawn.

    I don’t believe it for a second, the ending she wrote was perfect for the series and that was just fanfic garbage.

  28. calz

    Umm no, there are so many things wrong with that ending I can’t even…

  29. Spitzi

    No way. Not even close.

  30. Complete bullshit.

  31. Kat

    Looks more like Stephenie Meyer’s writing to me. Complete and utter bull.

  32. Loonytick

    Um, no. It lacks the sensitivity Rowling has for her characters, it leaves most characters’ story arcs swinging in the breeze, and it’s much more made for movies (and sequels…) than the actual ending.

  33. andy

    Big ‘ol crock of horse sh!t. She admitted like a hundred times that she wrote the last chapter of the books a long time ago.

  34. Alex

    That ending is awfully written and is even more vomit worthy than the real ending…….
    This is a major scam!!

  35. Matt

    Ginny as a bird of paradise? JK would never a heroine to be afraid of age or death. That was a central message in the books.

  36. Lauren

    No way. I don’t buy it for a minute.

  37. Nicole


  38. Josh

    Umm no way in hell would JK write Ginny turning into a bird and Cho Chang becoming headmaster. This is fan fiction at its worse.

  39. Heather

    I call BS.

  40. Anabella

    No way. This is the worst fan fiction writing i’ve ever read. Its ridiculous..!! JK did aperfect thing with the ending, and this doesnt soundt like her at all!.
    sorry, I dont think ANYONE would buy this

  41. Heather Dunham

    Nonsense. Even accounting for the fact that it’s a hearsay retelling and JKR – if she were indeed to write this – would have filled it in much better, it’s still just nonsense.

    I actually like the idea of the dementor’s kisses into a spell, that’s not bad. What *is* bad is Tom Riddle’s parents coming in like that. Tom Riddle Sr HATED Merope and would never have wanted to protect his illegitimate (in his view) son. He was a bad, bad man. The idea of turning them into a “happy family” statue is just plain bad. Theirs was not a ‘redemption’ story line and never could be. It is a ‘tragedy’ storyline.

    Losing the memory of Voldemort? So I guess all written records were lost as well, and nobody noticed the missing years? How did Harry Potter become headmaster without anyone knowing what was special about him? Without the story of Voldemort, he’s just a regular-joe wizard, and probably not even all that gifted — Hermione was a more gifted sorceress. Cho Chang as headmistress is just silly, especially if she was headmistress before Harry, unless the implication was supposed to be that it was one of her parents (which would make more sense). But it’s also completely untrue that the only portraits separating Harry’s from Dumbledore’s would be McGonagle’s and Chang’s… what about Snape??? Or was the memory of Severus Snape completely wiped as well?

    So nobody remembers that one time that Gringott’s was actually infiltrated and half-destroyed? Or how Hogwarts castle was reduced to rubble in many places? Or why so many wizards died that day — their families forgot? They haven’t forgotten that Dumbledore existed, how do historians say he died? There are just SO many problems with the idea, I could go on and on and on…

    And yeah, it’s already been well-said that JKR would never make her strong female heroine not want to ‘grow old’. Besides the fact that Ginny wasn’t an animagus. And even if she became one, she’d be able to go back and forth at will, so it’s still a silly idea.

    There are worse fanfics out there, and there are better, but at BEST I could see this being ideas that JKR toyed around with before rejecting them (for many of the same reasons we are) — but it was NEVER a fully-fledged ‘alternate ending’. No way, no how.

  42. Heather

    I smell a Rita Skeeter wannabe!

  43. Anno

    Well, I would have liked a different ending – it was nowhere near dark enough. But this just seems implausible.

  44. Maegan

    Ummm rowling wrote the ending before she even started writing books 2-7 so thats dumb…. She kne how it would end so she could properly write the books to lead up to it.

  45. Bee

    JK Rowling said the last word was “scar” and then she changed it

  46. S

    I don’t think this is something Jo would’ve written although there are some ideas in this “poorly-attempted” ending that actually makes sense and would’ve made the movie better cause I was kind of disappointed with Jo’s ending.
    I personally didn’t like Jo’s “the fairytale/the good triumphs in the end” sort of ending. I honestly hoped that some part of Voldemort doesn’t die… That an undiscovered hocrux still remains or that the Dark Lord’s soul finds a way back… So, I really liked this ending where the world seems to be going into dark times again,because it’s bound to happen, someone at some point will have tendancies towards being the only greatest creature alive, we see such people in our daily lives, presidents and so forth…
    The dementors’ kiss! I don’t know how Jo didn’t think of this herself or at least give Lord Voldemort some credit. Being the greatest wizard, he sure would’ve thought of a better curse to defeat “the boy who lived”. So that’s a good point in the alternate ending.
    Chang being headmistress?? Memory charms? The “bird/wife”? The loving parents of the Dark Lord? Rubbish! I mean, Seriouslyy?? Those are plain awful!

  47. Emma

    If this was real and by a true “reporter” than I want to know why he used an improper form of “there.” This is fake..
    Hahaha, but a wife-bird. Really?

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