The Batmobile Surfaces On The Pittsburgh Set Of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’


Altho filming production is currently underway in London on the set of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, there has been movement and activity on the Pittsburgh, PA set of the film as well. This week, the Batmobile surfaced on set … which, IMHO, is a welcome sight indeed. As you can see from the photo below, the Batmobile that will be used in The Dark Knight Rises is the same one that has been used in the previous two Batman films … which menas this trilogy of films will mark the first time the same Batmobile has been used in a single Batman film franchise.

The Batmobile returns to the big screen when it rides onto the Pittsburgh set of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. The use of Nolan’s Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises marks the first time in Batman movie history that we’ve seen a consistent Batmobile through the entire run of the franchise. Historically, the images released for the Batmobile have been one of the most anticipated sights from upcoming projects, including the Batman Live theater show. Normally, we’ll see an updated model to reflect higher tech of the day, so this is a nice change of pace. In the leaked images, not only do we see the return of The Dark Knight‘s Tumbler, which was introduced in Batman Begins, but we also see the return of The Bat Pod. The Bat Pod which was introduced in The Dark Knight as a fail safe for the destruction of The Tumbler, but whether or not they will be used separately or if the The Tumbler will be destroyed is still a mystery. I, for one, hope that we will see them used separately because I, like most fans, love the tanked out version of the Batmobile. I’m really happy by this news, but it doesn’t excite or surprise me. I expected this. Nolan has taken a realistic look at Gotham City and Batman as a character. So a flashier, edgier, updated version of the Batmobile doesn’t make sense. Batman would probably use the existing model, not add fins, or weird ribbing and lights. It just makes sense.

I am a big fan of this Batmobile design. I’m glad they’ve decided to keep it. It’s the first Batmobile that, because of its military look, feels like it could be an actual vehicle. I’m really looking forward to Batman filming production getting underway here in the US. The photos from the London set are too few and far between. I understand portions of The Dark Knight Rises will be filmed in Detroit, MI so that will be awesome. Can’t wait to see more!

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  • RuthJ

    Trent, I think someone had a replica made a few years ago. I don’t know if it came with ALL the original features (self destruct mode, anyone?) or if it just drove around… but maybe you could look into getting one hmmm? ;)

  • Megan

    As a lifelong Batman fan and someone who lives in Pittsburgh, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am about this.

  • Mike

    That Batmobile f–king sucks. I suppose it’s overtly masculine but it has no appeal to it either. Kind of cool they’re filming in Pitt I live an hour away, but there’s no reason to see it, it’s just like the one from the other movies.