Maddie Briann Is A BIG Britney Spears Fan


Maddie Briann Spears-Aldridge, the 3 year old daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge, is like THE biggest Britney Spears fan around. Not only was she in attendance at Brit’s Milwaukee, WI stop of the Femme Fatale Tour but she was also in the hiz earlier this week at the Dallas, TX stop. This weekend, she was at Britney’s concert — again — at the New Orleans, LA show last night. Hello, stalker much?

Despite her travails of recent years, Britney Spears is a good southern girl from a good southern family. The 29-year-old has proven that by having her entourage for the mammoth 33-date Femme Fatale tour consist mostly of blood relatives. Tonight was a special night for the Louisiana girl, as she played the New Orleans leg of the critically praised tour. It was quite a homecoming for the mother-of-two, and the Spears clan were out in force to support the jewel in their crown. Her parents Jamie and Lynne, brother Bryan, and sister Jamie Lynn all cheered on their girl, but it was her niece, Maddie Briann Aldridge, who seemed to be having the most fun. The adorable three-year-old, who came into the world amidst a sea of controversy about her mother’s tender 17 years, wore darling earmuffs to protect her ears from any noise damage. But it didn’t spoil her fun, as the toddler was hoisted aloft by her proud mother to dance and holler for her famous aunt. [This tour is] the first time she’d seen her relative rock the stage, and the little one sang heartily throughout. Maddie has been enjoying the tour with Britney’s boys Sean Preston, five and Jayden James, four, earlier this week they were all pictured with their grandmother in a Dallas swimming pool.

Um … hello! Restraining order. Geeze … if this little girl is already stalking Britney at 3 years old can you imagine what she’ll be like when she grows up. HMMMM.


  • Dezden

    Maybe she reads PINTB for updates on Brit??

    • @Dezden — No doubt. Stalker.

  • .iheartryan

    Lol she’s adorable! If Britney was my aunt I’d probably be worse lol


    In all honesty, it would be SO weird to see your family performing… If I was a popstar and my family attended my shows I would think it would be so odd, especially how Britney dances + her image, but that’s just me. Also, I wonder if Britney helps her sister out with $$$… I’m just curious, really.

    • @CHASE — Um, JL has got a lot of money of her own. She got BANK for her work on Zoey 101

    • sals

      haha, britney doesn’t dance chase,,,,dont worry =)

  • adri

    Are those older people part of her family? JW

    • @adri — possibly. you can see her dad Jamie Spears with them.

  • ashley

    i agree chase!!! it would be sooo weird cuz shes dancing so provocatively giving lap dances to people and stuff. its just weird. look at her dad in the top photo, he looks disgusted, LOL! and honestly, how could a dad or brother watch their daughter or sister like that instead of being protective (guess its the money she gets, they think she should keep doing it instead of giving her more advice?)? i just think theyd be like “WOAH” thats too much and just decide not to go if their daughter or sister decided thats how she was gonna be and not change. and maddie singing the songs? im sure she may not know all the words, but i would not want my daughter singing songs that has to do with being sexy and getting men. thats wat i dont get when i see concert pics with little kids at the concert or on the stage with her. i just think her shows are inappropriate for children younger than at least a teen, if not maybe 18? idk… i guess i just have more morals… i just think this message that these kinds of performers are sending out to the youngins in our world, is that its ok to be bad and theres nothing wrong with it so why be good? if thats the message we’re gonna keep sending out, our world doesnt seem too pretty!!! plus theres enough pregnancies and volience going on in our world. thats wat were setting our kids up for if these are the kind of influences we’re gonna keep looking up to… its just something that i find myself shaking my head at ALL the time!!!

    • jj

      britney is a pop star! just deal with it! we are now in new generation! dont forget marilyn monroe days!

    • Maddie

      I was at the New Orleans show on Friday! It was the first time I saw Britney Spears… not gonna lie, I was kind of suprised at how provacative the show was. There were kids sitting in front of me and I was thinking it wasn’t a very kid-friendly show. Oh well, kids are exposed to so much these days. Those particular kids looked bored anyway; not even sure they were really paying attention. A lot of that stuff probably goes over their heads.

  • sandy

    This isnt the first time maddie has been to a show…there are pictures of her and preston at a show on the circus tour in september 2009…