Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Peña Bear Witness To Gang Violence


Back in April we saw a few photos of actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña filming scenes (or something) for their up coming film End of Watch. Last night, as they continued to prep for their film, Jake and Michael went on a police ride along here in LA and ended up on scene for an actual shooting. The car that they were riding in responded to an alleged gang shooting so Jake and Michael got an up-close and personal look at actual police work.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña witnessed the aftermath of gang violence Wednesday night, as they rode with cops who responded to a bloody gang shooting in South L.A. The two actors, who were prepping for their roles in a new movie, watched as paramedics treated an alleged gang member, who suffered grazing bullet wounds on the lip and arm.

Wow … well, I guess when you go on a police ride along, you never know what you’re going to see. This reminds me of that episode of Friends when Ross, Joey and Chandler went on that police ride along and they thought they were being shot at but it turned out merely to be a car backfiring. Clearly this was a more serious case but, yeah, I’d say that Jake and Michael got what they needed on this ride along, wouldn’t you?


  • Lacey

    And when Joey tried to save the sandwich instead of Ross? I was just thinking about that episode the other day!

  • jessicagiovanna

    I loved friends! Embarrassed now that I used to have a crush on Ross.. eww *shudders*

    • apriljan

      Don’t be embarrassed. We all used to crush on Ross at some point.

  • apriljan