Christina Aguilera Is Readying The Release Of A Fragrance Called ‘Secret Potion’


Christina Aguilera, who found great success this past Spring as a judge on the singing competion show The Voice on NBC, is readying the release of her latest celebrity fragrance. Called Secret Potion, the first promo image for the smell managed to make its way to a Spanish-language fan site … which you can see for yourselves below.

I’m actually not sure how many fragrances Xtina has released. Her official perfume site shows 3 different fragrances but I know she also released a perfume called Inspire … so this is her 5th perfume? Whatever the case may be, I’m guessing she’ll be selling a lot more perfume after her very successful stint as judge/mentor on The Voice. Do any of y’all like her perfumes? Do you think you’ll be shelling out to buy this new smell?


  • nicole

    this is her 6th, she annouced it back in march

    i like her perfumes.
    Christina, Jlo & Mariah really hit the mark when it comes to thier perfume lines, and i dont seem then quitting anytime soon.

    • gayana

      I have to agree i tried probably every celebrity’s perfume and I only liked Mariah’s and Christina’s “by night” (amazing) and “royal desire” (pretty good as well).

      and of course after the success of “the voice” it is quite a logical move to announce the launch of her new fragrance.
      I’ll try it and if I like it, I’ll buy it)

    • scsu01

      I like Britneys and Christinas the most

  • gigi

    I Recommend Christina Aguilera’s perfumes they all smell great.I have all her perfumes and can’t wait to get the new one soon.She makes alot of money like Jlo and Beyonce from her line of perfumes.Christina is so underrated as a celeb.Keep rockin Christina and omg your voice wish I had it one of kind so much soul gurl you can sang which music lacks these days .

  • jj

    oh my….; what happened to her face? stop the plastic surgery girl!

    • gayana

      i think it looks odd because the it is a picture of a picture… the angle makes it look odd.

    • Kristie

      Why is her finger so long and skinny. She looks like ET!

    • Jess

      It’s just really terrible photoshopping, the ads for all of her perfumes look like that. I’m pretty sure the only plastic surgery she’s had was for her breasts

  • why does every celebrity always turn to making a new perfume. is it that easy to do?

    • jacqui

      I have no idea. The whole industry is so weird to me. I have never once had the desire to buy a celbrity perfume. Oh ok one excpetion and I was a child- Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth.

  • Bethany

    I just really like that the tagline is, “Another Smell” hahaha

  • Cupcake

    Love Christina but I will not & have not be buying her perfumes BC. they are distributed by the biggest animal testing company of ALL time: Proctor & Gamble :-(

  • Dana

    I don’t like perfume they all give me headaches..Read yesterday that her new CD would be out next spring..The Girl just doesn’t get it..Her career is dead now because of years between CDs and after the Major Fail of Bionic you would think she would have already put one out.

    • Jess

      Her career will only be dead when she wants it to be dead. She’s always said she doesn’t care if 1 or 1 million people buy her cds because to her her music is all about expressing how she feels. She’s made enough millions now that, even if for some unknown reason she was dropped from her label, she could more than likely just produce it herself.

      So don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon :)

    • krissy

      Her career is dead? ROTFL!
      Did you miss the part where she is the biggest star on one of the biggest hits of the past season of TV? She was on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter, and the article discussed that she was THE star they wanted for The Voice. She is the highest paid by far, and the show is credited with bringing NBC back from the brink of extinction.