MTV Releases A New Promo Photo For The Italian Season 4 Of ‘Jersey Shore’


MTV is prepping for the premiere next month of the 4th season of Jersey Shore, which was filmed in Florence, Italy this past Spring, with the release of the official “Italian portrait” of the cast. In addition, according to TMZ, they are clamping down hardcore on the cast to keep them from leaving the show like Vinny Guardino and Mike The Situation Sorrentino did recently. Both guys returned to the show but MTV wants to make sure no one else gets any funny ideas.

Jersey Shore’s season 4 premiere is less than a month away – and now has your first look at an official cast photo, and it appears they’re not holding anything back. In the shot, the cast gets all glammed-up for a late-night run through the streets of Florence, Italy, where they filmed the show starting in May. (It must have been a short stay, though. They were already back in Seaside Heights, N.J., by the end of June and hard at work at season 5.) The season begins Aug. 4 on MTV (10 p.m. ET).

And now for the smack down goss:

MTV has instituted a zero tolerance policy for “Jersey Shore” runaways — after nearly losing both The Situation AND Vinny — threatening to fire any cast member who even thinks of going AWOL. Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the network is serious this time: if another cast member tries to walk off the show … that person will be fired, and the remainder of his or her contract will be terminated. No exceptions. We’re told it’s all a power play. With two cast members nearly jumping ship in the same week, MTV wants to reassert some authority … and show the cast who’s boss once and for all. But it might already be too late.

I guess this TMZ report gives credence to the US Weekly report that The Situation moved out of the JS house after Vinny did. They’re both back and, clearly, MTV wants to keep it that way. IMHO, I don’t get how they think they can control people leaving a show like this. I’m sure they don’t leave and expect to keep getting paid. They’ve already racked up a lot of cash so if they’re dumb enough to leave, well, they prolly don’t care about future money. Altho there was a bit of a hiccup, it sounds like things are back on track. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if JS season 5, currently filming in Seaside Heights, NJ, will be the last with this cast. The fact that 2 castmembers walked off the show is telling. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens but, to be honest, I’m already bored with all this off-screen drama :/

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That picture is ridic…they all have totally different expressions. I like J-Wow’s…she looks like Brittney Spears from one of her perfume commercials!!!

    • Lindsay

      too funny about JWow! it’s so true. Snooki looks like a blow-up doll! it’s a terrible pic!

  • Joanna

    At this point in time I think a 5th season isn’t even worth it. I know they have already started filming and everything but if MTV is smart they will cut their losses and fire all of them for being fame hungry idiots and get away from the whole Guido/Guidette image. It is definitely telling that two cast members walked off the show, if even for a short time. Not only are the viewers sick of this whole thing, but the cast members are as well.

  • Jesse

    God, I just realized I’m three Jersey shows deep: Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, and Mobwives. I need a life stat

    • Marcus_Em

      lol luckily Mobwives is NY lol Staten Island to be exact:-) jersey could never produce a gem such as renne graziano!

    • Jesse

      Lol my favorite lady! Look at me… Clueless in California lol

  • nicole

    i dont get the point of this picture..its all over the place. every person has a different expression.
    Jwoww looks good though..but what did they do to deenas face?

  • Pitchatrent

    so if you’re bored with it, then why are you talking about it trent?!?!?

    • @Pitchatrent — Because the fact that the show is falling apart is newsworthy in a pop culture sense.

  • Monica

    This is a show I love to hate but I always end up watching. The Ron and Sam drama reminds me of my first dysfunctional relationship.

  • prince gemini

    i love this photo it reaaly funny and out there but they need too add a gay guy