‘Dexter’ Season 6 Will Jump Forward A Year In Time


When the upcoming 6th season of Dexter returns this Fall, the action will not pick up from where season 5 left off … the action will begin with a fresh, “clean start” one year after the end of the season 5 drama. According to Dexter producer Sara Colleton has revealed that the plan is to put some distance between the death of his wife Rita (in season 4) and the loss of love interest Lumen (season 5) to move Dexter’s story forward … which sounds like a great idea to me. Click below to read all about it.

Dexter’s executive producer Sara Colleton has confirmed that the show will have jumped forward a year when it returns for its sixth season. Colleton explained that the team behind the drama wanted to see Dexter (Michael C Hall) in a “positive place in his life”. “We thought a clean start to this season would be to jump ahead a year, so he’s not getting over Lumen and he’s not still in the throes of dealing with the Rita thing,” Colleton told TV Guide. “We wanted to jump ahead a year and find that Dexter has gotten his groove back. He’s gotten over Rita and Lumen.” Colleton hinted that “it’s like the Dexter we know and love is back, and he still wants to play”, but added that he will still have some problems to cope with. “There are things in life that Dexter’s dealing with and one of them is that Harrison is now 2 years old and he has to go to school,” she said. “There are things that he has to start thinking about with his son, and he’s become keenly aware of what it is that he doesn’t want to pass on to Harrison, namely his Dark Passenger. But Dexter has no idea what it is that he does want to pass on.” Colleton’s fellow executive producer Scott Buck has previously suggested that Dexter will be a “more evolved serial killer” in the new season, while Showtime president David Nevins has hinted that Dexter and Deb’s relationship will be explored during the episodes.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. The “one year later” thing worked very well for True Blood this season. The time jump gives writers a lot of leeway with the story. They can allude to things that happened in the last year and/or jump off entirely new storylines that might not have worked had they picked right up from the end of season 5. I am LOVING everything that I’m hearing about the upcoming 6th season of Dexter. I can’t wait to see how things play out. As I understand it, Dexter’s relationship with Deb (and the increasing risk that she will find out Dexter’s secret) will play a very important part in season 6. I. Can’t. Wait!


  • kendra

    I love this idea! Just like the article said, it’ll be nice to see Dexter in his groove instead of still trying to figure things out..Deb was sort of accepting of his lifestyle in the books..I wonder if they’ll incorporate that into the series! I just can’t wait to see Dexter killing baddies again..Maybe they can have a Casey Anthony look-a-like to appease the angry public.. ;)

  • Joon

    @kendra, that would be so awesome.

  • Joon

    I love the character of Deb and always have. She’s the bad-ass I always wish I could be. I love that they will go deeper into her and Dexter’s relationship. Cuz seriously, how much longer can we go before she finds out his dark secret? Thank you for all the info on this show, Trent! Keep it up! :)

  • My first thought is “Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!”. All I can think of is how HORRIBLE Desperate Housewives got when they did a time jump at the start of a new season. Mind you, they went ahead FIVE years, but still… it ruined the show for me.
    If they fuck with Dexter in the wrong way, I’ma take my freak out on them (and by ‘freak’ I mean MY dark passenger).

    What might make this work though is that there is such a long stretch between seasons of Dexter, and that amount of time may allow some plausability in viewers minds that ‘enough time has passed for Dexter to be moving on with his life’, because for viewers it is a bit of a long time now since Rita died so, …perhaps it’ll work out. Fingers crossed.
    P.S. Who the fuck goes to school at the age of 2?

    • Raye Raye

      Preschool. My son started attending daycare/preschool at two because I had to work. I’m assuming Dexter probably would prefer his son to be out of a nanny one-on-one situation and have him go into a more socialized setting. Maybe he is thinking socialization at a young age is key. Remember, his trauma happened around the age his son is now. I think Dexter may be trying to “normalize” his son.

    • Oh, thanks :) I had no idea pre-school could start that early. I guess I was lucky that my Mom was able to stay with me when I was that age. Babies are so amazing, it must have been tough for you to go out to work and be a mom at the same time.

  • Ali

    Good news. I’m glad I won’t have to see him harp on the Lumen thing all season. Let the Dark Passenger roam free!!

  • Ryan

    I wonder if you can have a few celebrities be guilty, like Bam margera, or Jutin Bieber, not like I hate them or anything, but you know… just to add an even bigger twist to the story. Plus, it’ll give the haters some type of gratification. Love all you haters!!!