Jennifer Aniston Makes Her Mark In Hollywood


Jennifer Aniston was honored in Hollywood in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater yesterday at a hand/foot print ceremony celebrating the release of her new movie Horrible Bosses. Jen is now among the Hollywood elite asked to leave their signature and hand/foot prints in the cement in front of Grauman’s and she chose to share the special even with a very special person … her new loverman Justin Theroux. Click below to see Jen and Justin at yesterday’s event.

He may have hidden in the car for her Horrible bosses premiere last week, but Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend Justin Theroux was front row and centre for his new leading lady [last night]. The 39-year-old was spotted just metres away from the 42-year-old actress at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, beaming and applauding his girlfriend at her Hand and Footprint ceremony in the forecourt of the Hollywood landmark. And in a clear sign that he is serious about his lady love, Justin even shaved off the bristly beard he has been sporting for the last few weeks for the official occasion. A one point the actor and screenwriter burst into fits of laughter on the sidelines, while Jennifer tried to keep a straight face in front of the crowd. The actress couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she placed her perfectly manicured hands and well-heeled feet in the cement, which she also signed and dated. She even blew a kiss to her beau in the crowd. ‘She was beaming,’ an insider told People magazine. ‘She couldn’t have looked happier.’ Jennifer moved away from her favourite safe black attire for her special day, opting for a very girly Prada floral number, a carefree choice for the actress, who is said to have fallen head over heels for her new man … Following the ceremony, [Jen’s] group headed to the nearby Hollywood Roosevelt hotel for a celebration.

First off, congrats to Jen on this honor … it’s quite an accomplishment to leave one’s hand/foot prints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It’s a much more exclusive group of Hollywood celebrities than, say, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Secondly, this seems to be Justifer’s coming out party. You may recall that they posed in a series of cute photos for Terry Richardson a couple of weeks ago, then Justin accompanied Jen at her taping of Inside the Actor’s Studio (where he sat in the front row, beaming). I’d say this appearance at the ceremony yesterday is the closest thing we’ll get to a confirmation of their relationship. He even shaved his beard off for her! That’s love, y’all. Again, congrats to Jen on this honor … and the hot new man.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She looks great, he is HAWT and I am jealous!! I heard her new movie is funny as hell!

  • Lyss

    Why hello Mr. Theroux!! :o Wow he cleans up nice! He reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix.

    Congrats Jen

  • cmc

    Yup, looks *much* hotter without the beard.

    Also, I love her for wearing a cami under that dress! Could have been “accidentally” cleavagey but she is much too classy for that. Love!

    • krissy

      I thought that too! She thought ahead!

  • Mariah

    Damn, he’s hot.

  • nicole

    yay he shaved!! woo.
    ive been rading some other places and people have been giving jen some slack for the dress she chose, but i think she looks adorable.
    congrats to jen, 2011 is looking like a great year for her.

  • HeatherLea_1340

    If this relationship lasts and they choose to have children- those kids will be GORGEOUS! Love this couple!

  • Adriana

    Wowza, he’s so hot!

  • Debho

    I have always loved Jen. I really hope this works out for her, a happy relationship is long overdue. And Justin seems to be perfect for her.

  • vintage

    she is super adorable! i hope they stay happy and long together :)

  • kendra

    I don’t know..I’m not feeling the dress..She looks fantastic though! Can’t wait to see Horrible Bosses! Jason Bateman AND Charlie Day together? Come on!

  • kelly

    thought the same thing about the cami. you have people looking out for you at that level though i guess. skirt needed to be a certain length too or there’d be problems!!


    HE IS DANGEROUSLY GOOD-LOOKING! He can even pull off that receding hairline! OMGOMGOMGOMG. Brad Pitt who?! JAJAJA

  • Lisa

    YUM! I keep seeing pics of him doing “The Rock” eyebrow. I likey!