First Look: Mos Def On ‘Dexter’


Last month we learned that singer/actor Mos Def (neé Dante Terrell Smith) has been cast to appear in the upcoming 6th season of Dexter on Showtime and today we get our first look at Def on the show. Entertainment Weekly magazine, which yesterday gave us our first look at the first crime scene on the new season of the show, brings us our first look at Mos Def in character as Brother Sam alongside star Michael C. Hall in a new Dexter promo photo. Click below to check it out.

When the Showtime series returns this fall for a sixth season, there will be plenty of fresh blood, including Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos Def (right, with Michael C. Hall). The rapper-actor plays Brother Sam, a reformed criminal who runs an auto-body shop. He crosses paths with our resident serial killer when one of his employees comes under investigation. Says executive producer Scott Buck, ”Dexter is ? unconvinced that Brother Sam is a man who found God and changed his violent ways.”

Uh oh … Dexter’s got that look in his eye … Brother Sam better watch out! As you may recall, in addition to Mos Def joining the cast of the show we also learned that Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks will also appear on the upcoming 6th season of Dexter. I’m guessing we will be seeing a LOT of promo as the Summer unfolds … and I cannot wait!


  • kendra

    Bah!! I’m so excited!! I love that we’re going to get the old Dexter back..I’ve missed him.. :)

  • nicole

    im so excited for Mos Def to be on dexter!