Emma Watson Becomes A Work Of Art


Next month Emma Watson can be seen in the final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, but today we get to see the beautiful young actress as a work of art … litterally. Artist Mark Demsteader has found inspiration in muse Emma Watson and has painted her likeness in a few differnet portraits. Check out some of them below.

She is more commonly subjected to the glare of the camera and red carpet flashbulb. But Emma Watson’s image has been captured on canvas by figurative artist Mark Demsteader. She is the star of his current exhibition ‘Emma’ at Panter and Hall, a London gallery that specialises in British contemporary art. The actress and model originally spotted Mark’s artworks on a trip home to Oxford and decided to buy a drawing as a present to herself for her 21st birthday this April. After exchanging emails Emma agreed to collaborate on a series of works, which are now being exhibited and sold for prices ranging from £3,000 to £8,000. Mark used photographs from a North London photo shoot he arranged with the young actress earlier this year to create the portraits. ‘I was slightly hesitant at first, not because I didn’t want to work with Mark, but simply because I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with an entire exhibition of pictures of me! ‘I am thrilled with how they have come out; they are beautiful. Mark is so talented – I wish I had a fraction of his skill!’ Emma told Vogue. A mix of mediums have been used including pastel, collage, ink and oil paint to create over 30 pieces. As a thank you the artist, whose career has flourished over recent years presented Emma with a painting of her choice. Mark, who is based in Manchester said: ‘It has been a wonderful privilege to work with Emma on these images. ‘I wanted to capture a moment in time, and by making each piece a quick snapshot.
‘In some way I hope these works celebrate Emma in what she has achieved already, and in all the many possibilities to come.’ The works of art are available to buy and the exhibition closes tomorrow. With most of the paintings already sold, Mark has also released a print of one of his portraits of Emma for £125. Ten per cent of the profits going to CAMFED International, a charity which supports young women in Africa.

These paintings are beautiful. I love them all. I’m very impressed that Emma has given this artist her seal of approval AND that a charity print is being offered for sale. I honestly wouldn’t mind hanging one of these masterpieces in my home. They’re so cool, aren’t they?


  • Rachel

    They are absolutely gorgeous, just like her!

  • Charlotte

    Lovely lovely lovely. She is the epitome of young grace and elegance. Brava!

  • adam


    The classiest young actress. Period.

  • They are really cool, but I don’t know if I would be willing to spend that much money on it

  • krissy

    They are so beautiful! I love them, and I think they stand up on their own as works of art…even if you aren’t a fan of Emma. Very striking.

  • helen

    she’s like the new audrey hepburn, just timeless, classic beauty…