Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal Guest Stars On The Season Premiere Of ‘Man Vs. Wild’


Last week we got our first look at a set of promo photos from the upcoming season premiere of Man Vs. Wild which guest stars actor Jake Gyllenhaal alongside star Bear Grylls. Today we get to check out the just-released video trailer for that episode. In the clip, Bear tells Jake that “it takes balls” to handle the Icelandic wilderness … and you’ll never guess what Jake reveals about his balls ;) Click below to watch the clip.

I can’t even tell you how EXCITED I am for this episode of Man Vs. Wild. Not only is Iceland one of my FAVORITE places on Earth but, hello, Jake Gyllenhaal … duhvs! This season premiere ep of MvW premieres on the Discovery Channel on Monday July 11. I’ll be watching for shizzle!


  • gabe

    i still think this is so damn random lol..but ill def be watching!

  • Jenny

    There is nothing about this I don’t love. Bear, Jake, Iceland… sigh. And I am THRILLED Jake brought along his fantastic sense of humor, because that just puts the icing on the mancake, let me tell you!

    • C-rex

      WOW! ManCake! Totally love it!! Better than ManWhich or something else I heard last week. =)

    • rossy

      Sorry I’m late to this thread – Love the show EXCEPT when Bear eats… what he eats. Makes me glad I’m NOT into what he does cause if I was, I’d make DAMN sure to bring, if nothing else, trail mix. :-]

  • Amanda M

    i was gonna email you about this and then i thought “…. yeah i really dont need to, im sure he knows”

  • Hasna

    they kinda look a like dont you guys think?