‘Material Girl’ Releases A New Batch Of Kelly Osbourne Promo Photos


Back in February, Madonna and daughter Lourdes Maria unveiled the new 2011 campaign for their juniors clothing line Material Girl which featured celebrity spokesmodel Kelly Osbourne. Today, MG unveils the Summer campaign with Kelly O as the featured spokemodel. Click below to see the new promo images for the line, available excuslively at Macy’s, along with some behind the scenes photos and video which feature Kelly palling around NYC with Madonna and Lola.

I have to say, I much prefer Kelly as the Material Girl spokesmodel over Taylor Momsen (who was the first MG spokesmodel when the line launched last year). I think Kelly wears the clothes much better. I also love how Madonna is smart enough to appear in at least a few behind the scenes promo images just to remind everyone that this is her clothing line with daughter Lola:

In this behind the scenes video, you can tell that Kelly and Lourdes had a blast shooting this campaign all over NYC:

All you material girls better get on down to Macy’s to snap up these new threads. C’mon, you know you want to … it’s what all the cool kids are wearing ;) What do y’all think of this campaign? Do you love it?


  • Panti Christ

    These clothes look way better on Kelly; she gives the label some credibility. p.s. Kelly looks awesome!She could be modeling Guess jeans :)

  • Mela

    Um…what? This is Kelly?? In my opinion, girl has never EVER looked better!!! And she should do great for this line.

  • Panti Christ

    p.s. the shade of lipstick Kelly is wearing is Pink Is the New Blog lol

  • cmc

    Her hair looks great like that! The shot with the glasses & pink lipstick is divine.

  • jacqui

    she is too old to rep a juniors line. silly.

    • @jacqui — But juniors have to look up to someone to emulate. I think she is the perfect age.

  • Manderz

    @Jacqui, she’s only 2 years older then me and I still shop in the juniors department…usually cuter selection *shrugs*

  • jade

    in the pic with the glasses she looks like a blonde version of selena gomez

    • Yerdua

      I thought the exact same thing! Very cute! =)

  • jessicagiovanna

    Kelly Osborne annoys me on fashion police… but she looks cute here

  • jackie

    I’m 32 and still shop in the Junior section. Haha! I’m 5’2″ and can still fit in junior sizes. :)

    • Tracy

      WOW rude much? I’m glad we don’t live life wondering what sparklecow thinks of us. LOL.

    • Bubbles

      I disagree @SparkleCow. American Women’s clothing lines are cut so large, even xs in a lot of brands is too big for smaller girls. If you are under 5’4″ and petite, Juniors clothes fit a TON better! I’m 28 and I hardly ever venture into the ill-cut women’s clothing section. My hips don’t fill anything out.

  • Nicole

    Someone please fix Lourdes’ eyebrows. They are killing me!

  • Vicky

    Kelly looks freakin incredible. I can’t believe it’s the same girl we saw on the Osbornes years ago… She is beautiful!!! Not that she wasn’t back then, even when she was a bit bigger, but she looks radiantly happy, too!

  • Patches

    SparkleCow sounds Like a bitter jealous cow. I bet this isn’t the only blog it trolls on

    • MissT

      I was thinking the same thing, what a shallow bitter individual she sounds like, funny thing is, in a couple of years there will be girls saying the same thing about her