A First Batch Of UK Promo Posters For ‘Fright Night’ Have Been Released


Earlier this month we got to see the newest movie trailer for the remake film Fright Night (which features a blink and you missed it scene of David Tenant shirtless) and today we get to see a new batch of character posters released for the film in the UK. The four main Fright Night characters get their own posters … but, very unfortuantely, each is splashed with a horribly cheesy tagline. Click below to check ‘em out.

Our friends across the pond scored themselves four new character one-sheets for the upcoming remake of the Tom Holland film Fright Night. Eye candy or eyesore? Fright Night 3D has been rated R for “bloody horror violence and language including some sexual references.” Look for Fright Night in US theatres on August 19th, 2011 and in the UK on September 2nd.

Oh man … cheese-o-rama. But, on second thought, I don’t mind the cheesiness. I just rewatched the original Fright Night over the weekend and was reminded how cheesy the original film is. If this remake can stay true to the original in that way, then it could be a fun reinterpretation of Fright Night. I’m hoping David Tenant will be this film’s saving grace. I can’t wait to see it!


  • Cate

    Cheesy taglines? I didn’t even realise that there WERE taglines on these posters. I was too busy looking at the supreme hotness that is David Tennant. YUM!!!!

  • Chase

    UM… If I wanted cheese I would get nachos…

  • Wynter

    I’m gonna need the title to be somewhere else on David’s poster. It’s blocking the stake in his pants.

  • blah

    It’s TENNANT.

  • Kathi

    TENANT=YUMMY! I don’t care how cheesy this movie is, with David Tenant in it, I will be seeing it!

  • rossy

    THAT’S David Tenant in the first poster?! OMG – Did NOT recognize him at all! I’m not sure why… different hair-style or something else. WOW!