New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Marches In The 2011 Gay Pride Parade


On Friday, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the legalization of same-sex marriage for the State of New York and on Sunday, he marched in the 2011 NYC Pride Parade … as a hero! Governor Cuomo managed to get the New York legislature to pass the bill legalizing same-sex marriage as promised and happily celebrated the achievement with the throngs of New Yorkers who came out for the Pride parade yesterday. Click below to see some photos of jubilation at this year’s Pride Parade in NYC.

Governor Andrew Cuomo was the the most popular man at Saturday’s 42nd annual gay pride parade, among a sea of men. Cuomo, the Democrat who made same-sex marriage part of his campaign and vehemently led the fight for its approval in the Republican-led Senate, marched alongside Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who, adorably, waved a rainbow flag) and New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn, who is gay. The New York Times said Cuomo, “the parade’s rock star,” was eliciting grateful, joyful screams from the crowd throughout his march: The roar became almost deafening as the parade turned onto Christopher Street in the West Village. People leaned over police barriers to get a glimpse of the governor. “Finally we got someone who does what he believes in,” said Chuck Sawyer, 49, a fund-raiser for the American Lung Association, who added that he and his partner would probably get married in late summer. “He’s been doing what he said he’d do. A lot of past governors and even the president haven’t come through. He did.” For his part, the governor said humbly, “New York is the progressive capital of the nation. It’s that once again, and it’s a pleasure to be part of it today.”

It’s rare that a politician is heralded like a hero in this way but Governor Cuomo truly is a hero for our times. He vowed to make same-sex marriage legal in the State of New York and with the help of his fellow Democrats and a few brave Republicans, he was able to make good on that promise. If anyone deserved the center of attention at this year’s Pride Parade, it was Governor Cuomo. Cuomo will likely go down in History as one of the brave trailblazing politicians who helped shepherd the United States of America into a new era of equality for all. There is still a long way to go for the US to offer marriage equality to all of its citizens … but thanks to the hard work of men like Andrew Cuomo, we are well on our way to that happy day when the US does finally does the right thing. For now, I think that is much cause for celebration … and pride parades :D

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  • Meghan

    A fine example of why we should keep voting Democrat!!!!!!!!!! So glad Cuomo saw this through!!!

  • Sofia

    Democrats aren’t the only people who had a hand in this. It took a republican senate to get this passed. Its irresponsible to further push the polarization in this nation. Its not about having a democrat or a republican, its about having good people who care about every individual. and for the record im a democrat. democrats and republicans came together on this issue, and if we had more of that this country could be a better place.

    • @Sofia — yes, you are correct. BUT, until the Republican Party changes their platform to include GLBT issues, they will still be the anti-gay party.

    • Meghan

      Sofia—It is very much about Democrat and Republican. The Republican platform does not support gay rights. It took a Democrat to get this through. A Republican Governor would never even attempt for fear of losing “the Base”.

    • krissy

      A FEW Republicans crossed the line on this vote, but being against gay marriage is still a part of the platform of the national GOP as a whole. I agree that a legislator can be “good” no matter what party they affiliate with, but you can’t ignore the fact that the majority of the Republicans in New York voted against this legislation. I really disagree with the statement ” It took a republican senate to get this passed.” No, it took the democratic legislators with a few republicans to get it passed.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YAY to Cuomo. He rocks. It is nice to finally see a politican actually do what they say they are going to do. I think a big thank you also goes to those few republicans who stuck to what they believed regardless of the party they belong to and voted in favor of this passing!!

  • DivaPie

    News of this makes me EXTRA embarrassed that our Toronto mayor wouldn’t even show up to the raising of the rainbow flag at City Hall this morning… days after he was adamant about being at his cottage instead of the parade on July 3rd

    Boo to Rob Ford :'(