Madonna & Brahim Zaibat Rekindle Their Romance In Paris, France


Early last month we learned the sad news that Madonna had broken off her romance with her 20-something year old toy boy Brahim Zaibat (reportedly over religious differences) but today we learn that that break-up is off! Maddy surfaced in Paris, France this weekend in the close company of Brahim and the couple looked VERY much together everywhere they went. Paris may be known as the City of Light but for Madge and Brahim, it has become the City of Rekindled Lurve.

First she was spotted accompanying him to a Parisian nightclub where he was DJ-ing this weekend and yesterday Madonna was out with Brahim Zaibat once again. The 52-year-old singer has reportedly rekindled her romance with the 24-year-old French hip-hop dancer, after they split in May. The couple, who previously dated for nine months, were pictured leaving the Ritz Hotel together in Paris to catch the Eurostar to London. Madonna couldn’t stop smiling as she strolled alongside her toy boy, 28-years her junior, in a black leather jacket as she held onto her matching hat. And as the Like a Virgin singer was dressed head-to-toe in black, Zaibat looked ever so chic in baby blue as his sunglasses hung on around his neck. The pair were first spotted partying in the trendy VIP Room in the French capital on Saturday night, where they were seen kissing in the back of the club. They then left together arm-in-arm and returned to their hotel. Their reunion comes after calling it quits on the romance last month after his family said they did not want him going to Kabbalah meetings with her, but stick to his Muslim beliefs instead. After the split, a source close to Zaibat said: ‘Things started to go sour and they were hardly seeing each other.’

HMMM … to be honest, I never really bought the whole “they broke up for religious differences” explanation of the couple’s split. I had assumed that they just stopped hanging out and the press came up with a reason for the “break up”. It now seems pretty clear that Madonna and Brahim very likely never broke up in the first place. Curiously, tho, in the entire time that they have been together, they went to great legnths to avoid being photographed together. In one fell swoop, this weekend, they gave the photogs more than enough chances to photograph the couple together. It is still unclear if these two are seriously serious … or if they are just foolin’ around … but one thing’s for sure, they seem to want us to know they’re together. HMMMM.

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily; Source]

  • Me

    I LOVE Madonna, but it creeps me out to no end that I have been a fan of Madonna almost as long as this guy has been alive. It makes me feel really old and I’m only 29!

  • Chase

    This is…uh…very odd. I mean, like, seriously. I know Madonna is having fun, etc., but still! It creeps me out.

  • What the fuck is creepy about it? Who cares about age difference… they’re both adults and it’s obviously consensual and that’s that.
    As long as he provides some “inspiration” for her next album, that’s all I care about.

    • sandy


  • SparkleCow

    PEDOPHILE! I’m sorry but if you are dating men the same age as your own daughter you should be arrested. Sick, pathetic, old crypt keeper. You’re not fooling anyone honey, we all know you are old enough to be our grandmother.

    • Justin

      IDIOT! Jog on. Her daughter is 14 not 24 (that’s a 10 year age difference in case math, along with common sense isn’t your strong suit) , but you already know that since it’s been pointed out to you the numerous times you have called her a pedophile, yet you continue to show your ignorance. They are both consenting ADULTS. The only thing sick and pathetic here is you, honey, you aren’t fooling anyone.

    • SparkleCow

      LMAO, its sad that people worship a 60 year old washed up has-been who has to date 20 y/o little boys to feel young again. The senile old bag reminds me of the movie “Death Becomes Her”. If I were her daughter I would not allow my own mother to date little boys who are barely older than me. Sicko…

  • truthyisalways

    1. I pray that someday gay marriage will be legal at the federal/national level
    2. I pray that someday a woman can date a younger man just as older dudes date younger women without a) having to do all sorts of stuff to look younger b) being accused of predatory behavior where an age difference the other way is not judged in the same manner.


    • Tracy

      AMEN! I say get it Madonna. Have fun….

  • Pixxie

    Female Hugh Hefner. Just waiting for the harem of young male hotties when she is in her eighties :D

  • sals

    meh…it’s MADONNA people! what did you expect! she does what she wants!!! LOL. if the younger dood rocks her boat then whatever, who cares. must be nice. LOL

  • Donny

    A man her own age would bore the shit out of her. I think it’s extremely disheartening that a relationship between two consenting adults produces such judgment and vitriol. Live and let live…