Britney Spears WOWs Anaheim With Her ‘Femme Fatale’ Tour


Last night David and I made our way down to Orange County to see Britney Spears perform on her Femme Fatale Tour at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. As you may recall, we got to see the show in full last Monday at the Staples Center in LA but seeing the show once simply wasn’t enough. Because we did the backstage tour last time, we missed seeing Nervo and Jessie and the Boy Toys perform … but last night, we got to watch these up and coming femme fatales open the show and put on FANTASTIC sets! We had a different vantage point for this concert and, to be honest, it put the entire show in an entirely new yet equally amazing light!

Nervo, Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nicki Minaj were all fantastic last night. I was very impressed with Nervo and Jessie and, from our new vantage point this time around, I enjoyed Nicki’s performance much more. Seeing the whole performance in full really makes a difference. As for Britney, I spent the whole time watching the show instead of taking photos … and I loved every second of it:

We were seated right next to papa Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick as they held Sean Preston and Jayden James in their arms for the entire show. I cannot imagine what it must be like for these young boys to watch their mother perform on such a large stage … but it was clear they were having a blast. Jayden kept throwing up 3 fingers during Britney’s performance of 3 … it was just too adorable! While I didn’t take many photos, I did record some video. Here is Britney’s performance of Gimme More:

And here is video of the finale performance of Till the World Ends:

OMG … such a great show! And the Honda Center was totally SOLD OUT, full of the most amazing Britney fans. I got to meet Pink reader Ramone before Britney took the stage and we snapped this cute photo:

It was my extreme pleasure meeting you Ramone :) Thanks for the photo!

I am very happy that I will get to see the Femme Fatale Tour show one more time in August before Britney takes off for Europe. I can’t wait!!!

Tonight, David and I will be heading to the Odyssey Theater downtown to see our good friend Joshua Zar perform the opening night of his new play Blood Wedding. We are SO excited to see Josh on stage … I can’t even tell you! After the play, I will be making my way to The Viper Room to see Missing Persons in concert. It’s gonna be a very full, very fun night! Wee!! Happy Saturday!!

  • apriljan

    I LOVED THE ENCORE!! Her show in San Jose was such a blast, I was starstruck!

  • Jen

    I was there last night and it was amazing. It was so much fun. I was a little disappointed that Nicki didn’t actually come out to perform with Brit though.

  • Chase

    Jessie is SO talented! I didn’t really care for Nervo when I saw them tbqh. I mean, they’re talented and all, but ehhhh. Glad you had fun, Trenty poo!

  • DJ

    So her two children who are under the age of 10 were there to see her perform all scantily clad and cheered her on in a song about having a threesome. Thumbs up for good parenting!

    I guess Jamie’s kid was at her stripper pole dancing class. ;-)

    • jj

      eh that is much better than leaving the kids to the nanny! anyway the kids are american, at the young age they will already knw about S E X! whats new? just enjoy the show!

  • Johnny Blaze

    lame crap like personal stories and these concert adventures from you are the reason I will stop using this site.. GG ><

    • @Johnny Blaze — LMAO!!!! Ok ;)

    • kendra

      Don’t let the browser hit you on your way out, Johnny!

    • apriljan

      @Kendra – Agreed!

    • apriljan

      LOL WTF? I thought blogs = personal opinion/stories.

      Dumdum. Good riddance!

    • Balito

      LOL… I love the personal stories… just the Prince part not so much… but keep up the stories!!! XD

    • adri

      LMFAO… good riddance!

    • laurennc

      That’s the reason I love this site! I love the fact that Trent takes the time to share his personal stories and connect with the people that read his blog. On a side note…isn’t this the show that had the older guy on stage during Lace & Leather? I thought that was so cute!

    • Jill

      The ‘lame crap like personal stories’ is the reason I love your site Trent. I doubt you let stuff like what Johnny said get to you, but if you do, you shouldn’t, you have so many more fans than haters.

    • @Jill — thanks ;) it’s ok, tho … some folks aren’t aware that blogs used to be more personal sites rather than non-descript impersonal “news” sites.

  • jaybee

    last night was sooo much fun! although i was in the “nosebleeds” truly there is no bad seat in the house. i saw everything clearly. i was looking for you trent! LOVED don’t let me be the last to know and till the world ends. ahhh, i’m still so pumped from last night!

  • .iheartryan

    ILY trent ur blog is the shizx! Ive read it everyday for like four years!

  • Joon

    Love ya Trent. Hell to the NO for all the haters!

  • mark

    Love website Trent, your personal stories are the reason I love it soo much!!

  • Haters to the left..Your opinion and vids are why I’ve decided to buy my tix!! You and are my Britney sources!

  • Haters to the left..Your opinion and vids are why I’ve decided to buy my tix!! You and are my Britney sources!

  • i can’t wait to see Britney in Paris 4 first time :D