Watch: Britney Spears, ‘I Wanna Go’


At last … it’s here … at 12:00 AM PT, Britney Spears unleashed her music video for her new single I Wanna Go. Check it out in full below.

Fu*king LOVE IT! So amazing!!


  • I love love love this video! I love how she has such a great sense of humor! I also love the ending, so funny and ridiculous :D

  • adri

    It’s so fkn……. GOOD!
    love the look, love the concept & love the fk you fk you fk yous! fierce.

  • britneycurious

    Can’t watch it ’cause I live in germany..

  • Does she have pink eye?

  • adri

    Ok, wait, UM WTF! Some are saying that guy at the end is Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live.. but he looks so different! stunned! Is it true?

    • adri

      I’m sure it’s a mix up! It looks nothing like him. :l

    • adri

      Edit – I’m about to slap a ho! It isn’t even him. >.<

    • Marcus_em

      No it’s Guillermo from weeds as well as the dude from Half Baked where the opening scene was taken from ! BRILLIANT! Britney is flexing her comedy muscles and I like it!

  • Val 2.0

    Isn’t the guy she said “You’re cool” to from Half Baked? And the line too? Nice!

  • ariel

    loved the video!! but her image is so avril!!!

  • Alejandro

    OMG I love it!!! People hate on her if she doesn’t dance on her videos for dance songs (“Radar” comes to mind), then when she does, they complain and say she can’t do it right… but this is perfect!! she’s very likeable and the video is fun and entertaining so you don’t actually miss the fact that she’s not dancing. Brilliant idea!

  • Lex

    Holy Shizz! I absolutely love it. I didnt think it was gonna be this amazing :)

  • Dot

    I love it! It’s a weird video but still very funny and most importantly she looks absolutely happy and very confident and I love it! I feel like it’s the old Brit I’ve missed. And the ending is like in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Really great video :)

  • mark

    OBSESSED, best music video from the Femme Fatale era!! Love Britney’s sense of humor and comedic timing in this music video, Video of the Year??

  • cormac

    i was expecting to like it, but I love it…. literally laughed out loud…very much tongue in cheek fun times… prefect now that she’s on tour… I wanna see THIS Britney on stage in October in Dublin!!!

  • Hilarious! I love the sense of humor. “I love dreams. And seashells.” The look on her face was priceless. and did you notice the movie theatre marquee? “Crossroads 2: Cross Harder.” *snort*

  • Michael

    I agree with Cormac, I wanna see this Britney when she comes to Toronto! She looks like she is having a lot of fun and from the tour reviews I’ve read, it seems like she’s loosening up and letting her personality shine. That’s the Britney I love!

  • Selina

    I loved the “Crossroads 2 – Cross Harder” at the theatre lol

  • LG

    WHOA. am i the only one who was creeped out with her thinking that one guy who took her in teh care resembled her little situation with those greasy paparazzi.? lutfi and i forgot the other one.

    her outfit is whack. looks like something avril would wear. bad.

    • adri

      she looks hot :]

  • carrie

    i love the video. it’s super fun. almost like some one thought about the concept for more than 5 minutes (*cough* hold it against me *cough*). The only part that’s a little strange to me is her flashing little boys but i guess that’s part of taking out your freak.

  • Marcus_em

    So VIOLENTLY impressed! good job britters! seriously the opening half baked scene !! Honestly!?!? Amazing! and then the whole Guillermo thing is just awesome I guess she is a Weeds fan as well as a Half Baked fan :-) Seriously hilarious video and i did NOT miss the dancing in the slightest! the microphone swinging scene was awesome and lets talk about guillermo with the milk and the look on brit brit’s face while he poured it on himself !! GOLDEN!

  • One of her best videos ever, OMG

  • sarahhh

    she looks hot.. its fun. its cute. nothing too exciting.

  • Daniel

    She has rainbow extentions, It’s more Dance from Jem and the Holograms than Avril :P and I die at the beginning “F#ck U,F#ck U,F#ck U, You’re cool,F#ck U, I’m outta here!”

    • @Daniel — OMG, she does look like Danse from Jem! You rule so hard ;)

  • anna

    I loooooove it!

  • MM

    OMG so funny! She looks so adorable and confident and happy – I love it!

    Crossroads 2 – Cross Harder – LOL. That’s too good.

    Love me some sassy Britney!! Get it girl!!

  • Andrea

    I love this video I have watched it over 20 times today and I am at work lol. I love everything about the viedo from the press conference to the cop scene to the taxi cab scene to the driving in the convertable. I love the actor from weeds that did the milk(some people dont get it) I think it is halarious making fun of all the women who pour water on themselves he is doing the same with milk and the ending with the MJ tribute a nice touch to an amazing video.

    Cant wait to see her in Toronto it is going to be too long of a wait.

  • Mike F

    Love this vid! SO so fun! and the song – OMG – summer anthem anybody!? Hope she promotes this one!

  • Song alright, video eh

    Didnt Christina Aguilera bring rock the Red streaks 10 yrs ago….c’mon Brit, lets start setting a new trend not recycling old ones!

  • nicole

    i like it, is not as disconnected from the song as the short clip the other day made it look. and i guess the parts that dont connect kind of make sense cause of the dream thing.
    she looks fantastic, minus those damn steaks, i dont know who thought those were a good idea.
    one thing i noticed is they need to talk to her make up people. i know her eyes ‘sag’ a little at the sides, put it looks worse then it is when they do heavy make up – like on the taxi. if they didnt put half that black liner on the bottom, it would have looked flawless.
    – –
    but overall this is probably her best video in a long time. its good, and looked like she actually wanted to be in this video. they need this director, and the one of TTWE to do all her videos haha.

  • kendra

    Seriously..One of my favorite Britney videos ever! It’s just so fun and light and I love that she’s bringing some comedy to her shizz!

  • Alys

    Comedy is so Britney’s strong suit. She’s sexy and confident, playful, and teasing. She just rocks the cute, happy and bouncy video that gets back to her lively side. I’m really happy that she enjoyed herself so much on the set – you can tell from the big grin she’ll wear. I know this one got a lot less coverage than the spectacle of Hold It Against Me and a bit less than When the World Ends. Truthfully? I like it way more for just being *fun*.

    Agreed that she needs less eyeliner and eyeshadow that makes her eyes sag. I think she can shut everyone up about her body. She’s in great shape here! I’m not sure I like the Avril Lavigne feel, but who cares if she’s this giddy and in control.

    What’s with the milk/Weeds guy? Am I missing a reference?

  • scsu01

    LOVE IT!!! Too much fun and I really like the connection of the song and the video..she looks AWESOME


  • vVv

    OMG ive been waiting for it fro so long! finally sth new n fresh! britney looks sexy n enjoys this video! with no doubt one of her best videos! n absolutely the funniest!
    LOVE IT!

  • Jenny

    This is the best video Britney has put out in years. It doesn’t take itself seriously and she actually looks like she is having a good time in it! (No serious pouty face or the “please believe me!” face anywhere!) Way to knock it out of the park, Brits! Please work with this director again soon!

  • kerirulz


  • kieren

    LMAO, best Britney video of the Femme Fatale era. The beginning was so hilarious with the fuck you, you’re cool, I’m out. haha! I seriously think Britney should get into acting and do a starring comedy role in a movie. She would be amazing! It actually seemed like she wanted to do this video unlike looking dead in the eyes during her last two videos. She’s back!

  • Danielle

    Totally awesome video from her! It’s different from many of her past releases which is great. Mixing it up. I love the clothes and the overall make-up hair; they’re completely care-free and fun. Perfect for summer. And I think it matches the music, she comes across as a rebel/punk in the video and since she’s singing about letting her freak out, it’s just great. It’s going to be on repeat all day! Also, it reminds me a all of her ‘Do Something’ video, I think maybe it’s the attitude.

  • Joan

    Best video out of FF by FAR!

  • linh

    aahhhhhhhhhhhh. LOVE you britney. this video was so awesome. i am dancing in my chair.

    crossroads 2 was my fav part. oh and the eff you eff you.

  • Claire

    Seriously, I cannot get enough of this video! I LOVE it. Love the comedy aspect. She is hilarious. This video just has win all over it.


    I’M IN LOVE! This video is superb! It’s nice to see a popstar make fun of herself and just release a simple music video; sometimes simplicity is the best. Woot! I love it and she looks amazing. Who mad? Oh, that’s right, the haters! Suck it hard tbqh.

  • adri

    I swear.. my sister is telling me to stfu
    cause i’m screaming this song…..

    • sheena

      i wanna go go go all the way pinkie

  • Alys

    Dying! Seriously: “Known to chew on ice and do 1000 situps a day” — HA!

  • Crystal Hartmann-Jones

    She sure knows how to shill a product in her videos.

  • krib

    love it! such a big brit fan but shes always disappointing me! not this time! i love this cheeky side of britney. love the mouseketeers shirt :) still wish she would dance though….

  • LG

    f u fu fu im out is on HALF BAKED! haha best line everrrrrr

    • nicole

      good catch! i knew the line sounded familiar, i just couldnt place it haha

  • Satty

    wow what an improvement so much fun. light hearted and britney looks like she’s having fun! =) Great video…dare i say…classic?? =) Good job Brit!

  • sals

    haha…love the video. it’s so fun …. i’m 30 years old and going to see britney spears on July 1st. WOOT. haha.

  • tina

    not available in japan :( where else can i watch this?!

  • jake

    Isn’t on of the paps Brit’s current boyfriend?

    • @jake — No, Jason is not in the video.

  • Niki

    Doesn’t that guy driving the car remind u of sam lufti? Like shes trusting that guy at the end but hes bad.

  • Love this video…paparazzi robots get their comeuppins! She got 7r0lled real good though.