Watch: Adam Levine & Christina Aguilera Perform ‘Moves Like Jagger’ On ‘The Voice’


Yesterday we got our first listen of the new Maroon 5 single Moves Like Jagger which features Christina Aguilera on guest vocals. Today we get to check out a performance of the song by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Xtina on last night’s episode of The Voice, the singing competition show they both judge/coach. Click below to hear the LIVE version of Moves Like Jagger by Adam and Xtina.

Adam looks really fly in his suit … Xtina, I have to say, looks less than fly in her tragic outfit. BUT, this performance is all about the VOICE so on that account, I have to give the duo high marks. The song is really catchy … I’m a fan. I don’t watch The Voice but I understand there are rumors that Adam and Xtina don’t get along or something like that? I don’t know if this video proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the pair are friendly but it does prove that they are capable of making beautiful music together … would you agree?


  • ella

    they argue a lot. they either dislike each other or want each other. or both.

    i admit that it wasn’t the best outfit and she’s always had a bad make-up artist. but TRAGIC? c’mon. THIS is tragic:

    • Liz

      lol. I remember that hair and outfit well.

  • adri

    I can’t stand Adam Lavine! He is very ignorant tbh.. he said that he never heard what do you want from me by Adam Lambert, then proceeded to say the guy who sang it is most likely better.. UH w/e douche.

  • Wynter

    The outfit looks like something a mother in the 1980’s would wear, trying to be hip.

  • Dana

    I like the song but why ask Christina to perform and give her such a small part??Love the Show!!Love how the judges have more power than the other shows and Love they get to perform..but as a fan of Christina this is not what I wanted for her..She should be in the studio recording a Huge Pop Album.Also I loved Bionic and disappointed RCA gave up on it.

    • scsu01

      I with u. I LOVE Bionic, and I was really upset to see not enough being done to support it and defend it. I myself was also waiting for Christina’s part and was surprised it was so small. I thought she’d get the other half of the song. Love it though

    • gayana

      christina is a muuuch bigger artist than Adam Lavine. Originally the song was suppose to be performed by Maroon 5 only but with the show Adam thought he couold bring Xtina on board, whihc would give the song a lot bigger fan base and exposure… thats why she has sucha small part, she’s the cherry on the cake)


    I’m sorry, but I’m tired of Christina looking like a hot ass mess. There really is no excuse for her disgusting outfits. I mean, the only reason why it’s so bad is because she ACTUALLY thinks she looks good… That white top is absolutely hideous and it looks unflattering on her body. : / Millions of people watch her a week and her career is in jeopardy and yet she chooses to look like she rolled out of bed with clown makeup.

    • adri

      truth & also wtf with her hair? it’s okay and all but last time she had some cute side braid but then you go to the other side and it’s some midget looking baby braids..

    • krissy

      Christina’s career is hardly in “jeopardy”. She is the top paid judge on one of the biggest hits of the year! Read the Hollywood Reporter article on how she was THE star they wanted for this show. She might not look perfect, but clearly people love her anyway. Not everyone’s career is based on what they look like.

    • CHASE

      @krissy – Er, her career is actually up in the air. “Bionic” was a HUGE commercial failure and we’ll see what happens with her next album to see what her relevance holds. I dig Christina but she needs to get her act together. Also, it doesn’t matter if she’s the highest paid judge on the show since she’s a lot more famous than them, anyway. Is being a top paid judge going to sell singles and albums? MMK

    • jj

      dont forget her bionic flopped! and she diddnt have number 1 single since 2000!

  • nicole

    the outfit has to go, but as sad as it is, im use to the mess look. it kills me that she could go from looking great one week to this. but atleast shes doing something with that hair,its not great but its something. im assuming as soon as she has new music to promote, her style will get back on point. right now it seems shes just doing her.
    anyways i have grown to love this song! its catchy as hell.
    i never bought the whole “they hate each other” thing. yes they bicker but i think its just out of friendly competition. plus it looks more tense with the help of editing. i dunno how many times they have to deny it until people move on.

    • jj

      did you see adam at the end? he step back immediately from christina hahahah but then christina knws the camera is on she needs to act nice and she hugged adam

    • nicole

      to me it just looked like he wasnt expecting the hug. that doesnt mean theres any real hostile tention like the media is making it seem like.

  • Lynne

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks her outfit is not that bad… lol

    • blaqfury

      I don’t think the outfit looks bad… i just think she looks like she’s going to the mall…lol!

    • scsu01

      i liked it too

  • Q

    “who clearly…like each other”

    tongue poked a hole in his cheek

  • Tracy

    Ugh. Christina looks like shit and her voice annoys me. But Adam is gorgeous.

  • SuzieB

    I just wanna buy Christina a bra & a top that fit!! Jeeeeesus – whoever said she looks like she’s going to the mall, nailed it. Going to the mall in the 80’s. God – she needs a makeover like ASAP.

  • Mariah

    Christina looks like a blonde Snooki.

    • ella

      ahahahahah, i love xtina but sadly, this is so true.

    • nat

      Yes she does!

  • Cupcake

    Sheesh people! Cut it out – its about the MUSIC (rolling eyes) and while this look isn’t my favorite I still think she looks & sounds grrreat! And I’m really diggin the song :)

  • laura

    Why does she scream? She has a great voice when she sings but when she yells? Eek! It’s telling you something when you have to move the microphone 3 feet from your mouth to hit (miss) a note! She looks like a slobbone! She needs a new stylist stat!! And some new material..

  • nat

    When did she turn into the blond version of Snookie?

  • Anna