Police Confirm Ryan Dunn Was Drunk Driving When He Crashed His Car


Early Monday morning, Jackass star Ryan Dunn and his friend Zachary Hartwell were killed in a fiery car crash that was reportedly due to excessive speed and drunk driving. Yesterday, police revealed that Dunn’s car was traveling at a speed of 130 mph when it crashed into a tree and exploded into flames. Today, police confirm that alcohol did play a factor in the crash … Dunn’s blood alcohol was over twice the legal limit.

“Jackass” star Ryan Dunn was extremely intoxicated at the time of his fatal crash Monday morning … with a blood alcohol level of more than TWICE the legal limit … this according to cops. West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll revealed Dunn’s B.A.C. was .196 … nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08. Carroll added, “No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol.” As TMZ reported, Dunn and his passenger were killed when Dunn lost control of his Porsche, crashed in a wooded area and his car exploded in flames.

Wow. I mean … what more is there to say. Drunk driving at 130 mph … it’s a miracle no one else was injured or killed in this crash.


  • Sabrina

    Drinking and driving is horrible and irresponsible but I still think that the people that are bashing Ryan in the media are wrong. Yes what he did was stupid but have respect for his family and friends that are grieving. Ryan paid the ultimate consequence but his family and friends are the ones that have to deal with his death and the decision that he made. My prayers go out to anyone who is dealing with a death it is heartbreaking to lose a loved one no matter how they died.

    • Katie

      I don’t think everyone bashing him in the media are wrong..
      If he did the exact same thing, except he lived, and killed only his passenger, people would be calling for his head.
      He could have killed even more people doing something so incredibly stupid.
      Yes, when anyone dies it’s sad time for family and friends. But his death doesn’t change the fact that he’s an idiot.

    • Sara

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • JK

      I lost a very good friend and her mom to a drunk driver who crossed the median one morning way back in high school. Respecting his family is immaterial in the discussion on the intelligence of driving drunk. It’s not as if those two processes must be mutually exclusive. Frankly, it would be unwise to ignore the elephant in the room (drunk driving) while his family and friends grieve. Let’s honor everyone involved by making a point about the unnecessary combination of alcohol and a huge, high speed chunk of metal.

    • Michelle

      I disagree. Ryan could have killed more than just himself and his passenger driving the way he was. The time of night when the incident occured is probably what saved the lives of a lot of others. If people want to slam him in the media, especially if they too have lost loved ones to drunk drivers, I can’t hate on them for it.

  • adri

    If I were his family I would speak out on drunk driving and speeding and the dangers of it. It’s unfortunate that he decided to drink and drive and he paid the price. I’m so glad this moron didn’t hit another car and possibly kill others.. I feel sympathy for the families involved but not much for him.

    • Nathan

      I had to look up and see if I left this comment. Exactly my thought!

    • Vicky

      I agree 100%. The Jackass guys have a lot of YOUNG fans and hopefully people take this opportunity to educate them about the dangers of drunk driving. It’s tragic that he died, drunk driving or not, any death is tragic, but hopefully his death is not in vain and can be a lesson to other people.

  • Panti Christ

    My prayers go out to Ryan Dunn’s family, friends and fans. I am a fan; have been since I watched CKY videos years ago. Anyone who has something hurtful to say to, or around, those who are grieving is just an assh@le. I can honestly say that Ryan’s death has taught me a lesson without having to hear any celebrity’s peanut gallery comments. I am so grateful to learn that no other persons outside of Ryan’s car were involved. RIP

    • Sara

      Yea except for the passenger who he also killed!!!

    • Panti Christ


    • ella

      it’s so tragic. but the passenger willingly got in a car with someone who was drunk off his ass. they both made bad choices and both paid the highest price for it. berating them now is overkill.

  • nicole

    like i said yesterday, no sympathy.
    yes i wish his family well and the passangers family too. but i have no sympathy for his death. and as harsh as this sounds, i dont have a whole lot of sympathy for the passenger either, he chose to get in the car with ryan who he had to know was drunk – but odds are good he was drunk too.

    • I agree with you he was an idiot and cos he is famous fans think he is a legend. I disagree he was a drunken fool with no care in the world who he might kill whilst driving at top speeds. If he had survived he would have been charged with manslaughter of his mate Zak. I have no sympathy for drunk drivers a boy just 6yrs was killed by one and I know of several others who lost their lives to these drunken fools.

  • kieren

    Oh cry me a river people, this idiot drove drunk and was driving over 100 mph. I doubt he would be getting any sympathy if he had killed someone on the road. I hate to say it but good riddence…

    • susan

      I do feel sympathy for his family and friends, but you are so right. I live very close to the scene of the accident. I am so glad that no one that I know was on the road at the time of that accident. He was a person (celebrity or not) who made a ridiculous decision to drive too fast while driving too drunk. It could have been even worse. Thank you for the very honest comment

    • Vicky

      He’s still a human being and human beings make mistakes. To say good riddance is pretty cold. I have no love for drunk drivers, but even good people make stupid mistakes.

  • Jess

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Dunn, since way back when the first CKY videos were made and I’m sad to see him gone.

    That being said, I find it awful that he was drink driving. It’s irresponsible and he could have killed a lot more people with his actions. But why say such awful things about him now? He paid the price for his actions, and so did the passenger who made the decision to get in the car with him. The police have been quoted as saying this is one of the worst car accidents they have ever seen.. isn’t this message enough without attacking a man who is gone and was, by most accounts, a nice person who had friends and family who cared about him? Who are grieving for him but have to hear remarks such as good riddance?

    • Panti Christ

      Well said Jess! Thank you! xo

  • AmandaMarie

    What a lame and pathetic way to leave earth. No dignity. No integrity. I’m sorry but I have no sympathy toward him and his passenger, who was also likely drunk. I just don’t understand why someone or how someone could be so careless with their most precious gift. That gift? Their life. I lost a best friend to drunk driving. It’s not sad, it’s angering. I can not begin to imagine the pain the families and friends are suffering through. I pray they become advocates against drunk driving.

  • krissy

    I don’t think anyone is giving him “too hard” of a time. He killed his passenger! He wasn’t just taking risks with his own life, he took risks with the life of his passenger and anyone near the road that night. I am sure his family is having a hard time, but when is a better time to highlight the HORRIBLE consequences of driving drunk?

    I do have sympathy for the passenger. When someone agrees to drive you, they are saying that they have the ability to drive. Clearly it wasn’t the smartest decision, but the passenger’s actions didn’t take anyone’s life. The person behind the wheel did that.

  • Deirdre

    no matter the circumstance… i find most of these comments disrespectful to their family and friends who are mourning. how do you call someone stupid for drunk driving when his judgement was impaired. obvs when your drunk your not in any state to make good decisions. i cannot say that i would have made a better decision if i were in the state of mind he was in at the time. i cant blame this on any one person. this happens everyday to regular people. people make mistakes and it is unfortunate that they both paid the price for a bad decision. i can only hope other people learn from this. yes the act of drunk driving is stupid but there is no need to attack the dead. RIP Ryan & Zachary

    • adri

      Lol! really? so it’s all okay because he is drunk? so who should people of blamed if he hit someone? the bartender? No! It would of been smart if the bartender kept them there or called them a cab, but I’m sure the idiot knew damn well he was going to drink, and he knew damn well he was going to drive since he brought his damn car to begin with. It isn’t a mistake, not if he didn’t take precautions to ensure his safety and his friends. I doubt he was broke & that excuse just don’t fly.

    • i do agree that most of the comments are disrespectful, but its not untrue. if you know you are going to be drinking you know you should not be driving. he could have planned ahead. it was stupid.

    • kieren

      So you’re saying calling someone stupid for drunk driving is wrong because their thinking is impaired? Wow….

    • Deirdre

      im saying you cant expect someone to make the right decision when they are drunk. i never said it was ok to drink and drive. he was two times over the legal limit… he obvs was not in a clear mind state

    • It’s still a decision he made. A lame and pathetic one. I lost one of my best friends in a drunk-driving collision five years ago. The person t-boned him. He died at the scene.

      I can expect people who are drunk to make smarter decisions or have someone around them NOT drinking to help them out. It’s avoidable and I don’t know how you’re defending his drinking and driving.

      I also drove drunk once. It’s a very personal subject for me. I ran into a stationary object, my car, me, and everything was fine. It terrified me.

      And yes, you are saying it’s just fine that he was impaired behind the wheel. “You can’t expect someone to make the right decision when they are drunk.” That sentiment as well as “How do you call someone stupid for drunk driving”… IT IS STUPID!

    • Deirdre

      “I can expect people who are drunk to make smarter decisions” lol yeah cause that makes perfect sense. i dont think you understand what im saying. it is deff not ok to drink and drive but once you are intoxicated your judgement is impaired. what im saying is i understand how someone could make a bad decision while intoxicated. nobody makes the right decision all the time. im only defending the fact that it is insensitive to call him every name in the book because of his bad choice. it is never ok to talk like that to anybody. but obvs you have been fortunate enough in your life to have never made a terrible decision. pour some more salt on the wound. it is totally ok to use his story as a lesson to others but why insult him any further with name calling?

    • You have to be of sound mind beforehand to become impaired. To allow yourself to become impaired when you KNOW you will be driving later is irresponsible.

      To use the excuse that he was impaired and unable to make safe decisions is a cop out. The fact that he had his car with him and he got that drunk is a terrible decision in itself. He never should have allowed himself to become that drunk with car keys in his pocket.

      I’m so sorry for his friends and family, I really am, but STOP making excuses for him. I hope the world uses this as a learning experience.

    • denise

      I would say that might be understandable if he was younger and NOT in his 30s and if this was his first time. He has multiple infractions for speeding and a previous DUI. He took that first drink knowing full well that no matter how much he had to drink, he was going to get in that car and be “okay” to drive home. The way don’t let the poor judgment that alcohol causes get in the way is by deciding BEFORE you drink that you are NOT going to drive. I have NEVER driven after having alcohol and, if I was the driver, I did not drink a lick of alcohol. This was an absolutely preventable “accident.” I put that in quotes because it was not an accident, but a conscious decision he made prior to going out that night. He was an adult and the responsibility for this tragedy lies ONLY with him. His passenger, albeit making a stupid decision to get in the car with someone who had been drinking, is not responsible for this. The person behind the wheel is the one who takes responsibility for both his/her own life and the lives of anyone else with him/her in the car. I’ve known many young people who died because of this type of irresponsibility, but Ryan Dunn was NOT a young man. He should have known better. It is despicable that he chose to put other people in harms way that night–could have been your sister and her friends driving home from a late movie, your father walking the dog after a long night at work, or a young couple on the way to the hospital for the birth of their first child. His callousness about the seriousness of drinking and driving AND speeding is what allows us to call him a “jackass.” Murderers on death row ALSO have friends and family that mourn over their deaths.

    • JHop

      So he wasn’t in a clear mindstate? He wasn’t in a clear mindstate because he was hammered. Not being in a clear mindstate because you are hammered and then operating a car is the LITERAL DEFINITION of drunk driving. The whole idea behind NOT drunk driving is to NOT get yourself in a foggy mindstate and then driving. OR getting yourself in a foggy mindstate and then NOT driving.
      I don’t feel the need to be respectful towards a man who was clearly not respectful to the friend he killed, the others he left behind, and himself.
      Did you know that he’d been cited for reckless driving related offenses 23 times? And that he’d had a previous DUI? And those were just the times he got caught. Even Bam’s mother said she worried about him because he liked to drive so fast. Excusing his drunk driving because he was too drunk to not drunk drive is one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard. He lived recklessly, without any regard for his own safety or the safety of others. He failed to learn any sort of lesson from his previous mistakes. He killed himself and someone else. Now, THAT’S disrespectful.

  • i agree with the person saying that the family should step out and talk about not drinking and driving. Even his famous friends such as Bam and the rest of the Jackass crew. He had a huge following and seeing him die of this may wake a few teenagers and young age people up.

    • Jay

      Absolutely, especially seeing how this group tends to glorify dangerous, destructive behavior. I hope they turn this senseless tragedy into a public service.

      It just shocks me that even after nearly two dozen driving citations and a DUI, Dunn didn’t change his behavior.

    • krissy

      “It just shocks me that even after nearly two dozen driving citations and a DUI, Dunn didn’t change his behavior.”

      I had no idea about this! Wow.

  • cutitout

    He died and a lot of folks are sad so we shouold feel for them. Even though he did a dumb thing, thats no reason for us to be less humane or un-empathetic.

    • kendra

      Short and sweet and totally to the point..Well said!

    • SuzieB

      Totally agree. Ryan Dunn left a lot of loved ones behind, as did his passenger Zach Hartwell (who was an Iraq War Vet)… People who loved Ryan Dunn are allowed to grieve for their loss. Yes, what Dunn did driving drunk, and so very recklessly is horrendous. But, have compassion for those left behind. And let’s hope that Jackass fans etc definitely learn a valuable lesson from this. Don’t drink & drive, EVER. No matter how close to home you are. It’s senseless & stupid. And Ryan Dunn paid the price for it.

  • Sergeja

    You could tell he wasn’t exactly sober just by looking at that last picture of him.

  • kendra

    First of all, these deaths were so unnecessary and sad..For people bashing him, I really hope you never lose a family member as a result of them using really poor judgement..I’m seriously disgusted by some comments on here..2 lives were lost and so many people are devastated..It’s a tragedy, end of story.

    Aaand second, they got the tox screen back already? My brother passed away in December and we haven’t gotten his yet! What the shiz?

    • adri

      It wasn’t just poor judgment, it was stupidity. I think it’s disgusting that some people have no regard to others lives, or their own and I sincerely hope you never lose a family member to drunk driving. It’s a sad situation but to be honest, it really is his own fault. I pray for their families, and again hope they use this terrible situation for good. I definitely agree these deaths were unnecessary. & i’m not sure, but alcohol was a factor, as was speeding.

    • blaqfury

      As a person who was almost an orphan because of a drunk speeding driver crossing the median and hitting my parents head on, I think its disrespectful that you are making excuses for him. He had multiple DUIs (which are basically preemptive warnings) and didn’t change his behavior. So that makes him an idiot in my book. The drunk driver that hit my parents was the most traumatic experience of my life. At only 12 I had to grow up & take care of my younger siblings cause my parents were impaired for over a year! My father had to learn how to walk again cause his femur bone was SHATTERED! He has a metal rod in his leg instead of a bone! We couldn’t live at home for months cause both my parents were in long term care facilities. My dad lost his job cause he was out for over a year (mind you, my mom didn’t work) I could go on and on about the travesty this 1 selfish person caused me & my family…but at least my parents lived. So I’m grateful.

      But the guy that hit them had 3 PRIOR DUIs & several public intoxications. And also to boot, while awaiting trial for this accident he was drunk driving AGAIN and hit & killed a pedestrian. He drove up on the sidewalk this time.

      So no, calling him idiotic and whatever is NOT uncool…imo… Its deserved.

    • krissy

      And it wasn’t his first time using “poor judgement”. He already had a DUI. He had 23 driving citations. 10 of those were for speed and reckless driving, and 3 were for driving on a suspended license! His license had been taken away for a year at one point.

      It isn’t like he made one bad mistake. He repeatedly made mistakes that put the lives of others at risk.

  • ella

    It is perfectly reasonable for people to speak out about drunk driving at a time like this. Drunk driving is such a dangerous and pointless thing that has caused tragedy for many people.

    What I don’t understand, however, is why so many people have to include hostility and disrespect into their comments. Two people made a poor decision, risked the lives of others and ultimately received the worst possible punishment for that crime – they lost their lives because of it. Despite their poor judgment on that night, these were two people who were extremely valuable, who had a positive impact on others, and who had so much ahead of them in their lives.

    Commenting on the senselessness of their deaths and the awful consequences of drunk driving is absolutely ok. Calling this man names and showing disrespect and contempt for him is so uncool.

    • Deirdre

      totally agree with you

    • excess

      Well said. While I was never a fan of the Jackass guys, he and his passenger made a huge mistake and paid with their lives. THis should be a wake-up call to everybody who drinks or rides in a car with someone after drinking. Call a cab, a friend or sit in your car until the next day DON’T DRIVE DRUNK!!!

      Also I agree whole hardly with Ebert, Friends don’t let friends drive drunk and the people Dunn and his friend were drinking with should have snatched those keys away, just from looking at that picture alone he looks 12 sheets to the wind.

      Thoughts and prayers go out to both their families, friends and those who loved him

    • apriljan

      @ella – Preach!

  • Bounds

    Jackass says it all. Speaks volumes.

  • Bif


    Jeepers I hope he had not had the chance to reproduce.

  • Nicolle (Irving) Weir

    If you are in the public eye making your living being in the public eye then it stands to reason you should be aware your life and the things you do will be in the public eye. Perhaps HE SHOULD HAVE THOT ABOUT THAT AND HIS FAMILY before he got in that car and did something as stupid as he did. His family is mourning but the bigger message is that driving drunk is stupid and if his death sends the message loud and clear then something good can come of it. I feel for his family that they have pain, HE BROT THIS ONTO THEM, no one else.

  • JCZ

    Let’s not forget that whilst he was irresponsible and well, an idiot for drink driving, he was also a total idiot for speeding. And same goes if he was sober.

    Either way, sober or drunk, if he had that accident due to speeding, there isn’t much sympathy from me, going his way any time soon. Being drunk just makes the situation worse.

    Family & friends, I feel sorry for cause they have to live through the embarrassment now of his stupid mistakes. But yeah, he is definitely going down in history as a total JACKASS without obviously no respect for others, let alone self-respect.

  • dani

    I don’t disagree with all the people that are talking about what an idiot he was for drinking and driving 130 mph. What pretty much everyone here is saying is true. I do find it kind of disturbing that some people can easily say things such as “good riddance” when it comes to his death. It’s still the loss of a life, even if it was by his own hand. Despite his stupid decisions he seemed to be a decent, nice guy who was loved by many people that are now devastated. The whole situation is just extremely sad.

  • Megan

    Sad. Hopefully this is a message to all of his fans that it isn’t always funny to engage in dangerous behaviors; they have real consequences. He obviously thought he was invincible. RIP.

  • krista

    one of my favorite editors that I worked with at a major newspaper in chicago was t-boned by a drunk driver going 105mph when he was 24. he was just going to return a movie and woke up a week later in the hospital with his hip shattered and no left arm.
    it took over 10 years for the drunk driver to be sentenced to jail for 5 years. his wife said “oh but he is sober now!” that doesn’t change what he did. This editor still doesn’t have his arm.
    imagine waking up at 24 without your arm. not even your shoulder.
    I have no sympathy for people who get in a car and drive after they’ve been drinking. period.

    • Ray

      That poor guy! That is one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. And so-called system of [in]justice takes 10 years to convict someone guilty, while there is a horrendously high number of innocent people who’ve been railroaded by crooked prosecutors, with police help. . . . Our justice system is a wreck, but just try to get someone to go about fixing it! Hope your friend is coping well with his forever-changed life.

  • Joe

    there you go, Jackass till the end.

  • Joe

    and btw, it would be nice if the whole Jackass crew makes a PSA about drinking and driving.

    • Michelle

      I agree. Instead of spewing all over the place about how angry they are at people saying mean things about their friend, they should step up to the plate and admit he made a mistake and they hope people learn from this. Johnny Knoxville seems to be the only one of the group to be able to say that Ryan was in the wrong.

    • nikki

      Its ok he made a mistake, it was bad judgement on Ryan’s part when he thought he was ok to drive and he paid the price for that, his whole family and friends have paid the price for that. Its when people say he deserved to die, nobody deserves to die not for a stupid mistake.

  • Michelle

    While I feel sympathy for his family and the family of the passenger on their loss, I cannot feel any sympathy for Ryan Dunn.

    He knew what he was doing was both illegal and dangerous. He knew he had been arrested/cited previously, and pled guilty to the same crimes he was committing that night. Yet, he still did it. If you’ve had 20some odd citations for speeding and drinking and driving and have yet to change your behavior, well, I don’t want to say he deserved it, but he learned the ultimate lesson. I can’t feel badly about his death when he did it to himself.

    I’m from the Lehigh Valley, which is about an hour or so from West Chester and the story of his death and local reaction has been all over our news this week. While I get Bam Margera is upset over the loss of his close friend, he also needs to stop being angry at others who make comments about the wreckless decisions Ryan made. It bothers me that he flipped out on Ebert, who, granted, could have been a little more sympathetic to the situation, but was merely pointing out the irony with his play on words. It will be interesting to see how the Jackass family handles this over the coming months.

    • pufinstuf

      I do think that when your friend (Siskel) has died of complications of cancer surgery and you (Ebert)are a cancer survivor yourself, what you probably would have wanted most if you could change things is that both of you would have been able to just live out normal lives. And if that is your wish, seeing Ryan Dunn treat the existence of his life and that of his friend in such a reckless manner would likely make you feel pretty angry.

  • gayana

    grown ass man… still driving under the influence. that’s what is surprising me the most. if he was a 21 year old who just got his taste of an “adult life” it would be a little more understandable I guess, but a gorwn up man… maybe if he had children he would have been a little more responsible.

    • Kayla

      FUCK YOU!!! This man lost his LIFE!!! His family and friends are HEART BORKEN and UPSET and all you can say is THAT!!!!!! Pay your respect to the dead MOTHER FUCKER! Cause in the end, it WILL come back and bite you on the ASS!!!!

  • KAY


    • some girl

      being drunk is entirely the point. driving drunk at 130mph is absolutely horrible, utterly terrible. he could have killed or seriously injured another driver. by doing what he did, he was putting others at risk. any time someone gets behind the wheel drunk they are putting others at risk. sad that a human being died, but dont let that distract society from the terrible problem that is drinking and driving. this absolutely and appropriately is all about drinking and driving and its consequences.

    • Melissa

      Not to mention he killed another innocent life, the passenger, due to his own poor choices.

      It’s a sad situation- I loved Dunn…but he was an adult and should have known better then to get wicked ass drunk and then drive at ridiculous speeds in the dark.

  • Kattmow

    Alchol makes you do the stupidest of things and Ryan has paid the ultimate price. None the less he didn’t deserve to dye in the horrific way that he did. And I’m sure he’s looking down on what he done and is kicking himself for it and if he could have the time again he would of done things differently. He touched the hearts of millions of people of people loved him wether not the knew him in person.
    I don’t believe it’s fair for anyone to dirty his name, we all know fine well it was a stupid thing to do but it’s been done so just let people grieve and show some respect.
    We all have done stupid things what could of ultimitly resulted in our death, I know I have, so I think people should reflect back on the stupid things we have all done before bashing him. The matter of fact is he was well loved and liked by millions and no one should disrespect or talk badly of those who have passed regardless of how they have died.

    • blaqfury

      So… by your logic we should give a pass to the executed murderers, rapists and child molesters cause “they paid the ultimate price”… I bet some of them wish they “did things differently” also. I’m sure those who were put to death had loved ones as well. So we shouldn’t hold their record against them cause they’re dead now, right? I’m sure murdering people was “a stupid thing to do” but it’s done now… and the murderer was put to death, might as well show him respect.

      The executed inmates are dead as a direct result of their actions, Ryan is dead as a direct result of his actions.

  • Kattmow

    Yeah but has Ryan raped someone? No he hasn’t. My point his death was made by a stupid mistake so why beat him up over it? We all know it could have easily been prevented but why drag it out and talk shit about someone you don’t know? Why can you and other shit heads just leave it alone. If it happened to someone you lover or cared about youd be upset and grieving just like his family are, unless your just as insensitive as disrespectful as you are.

    • blaqfury

      No, he didn’t rape anyone, but he took a life along with his and by grace it was only 1 other… And yeah it bothers me a bit cause i am a victim of a drunk driving tragedy, turned my entire life upside down with years of recovery… but woe is me, right? we should instead, respect & grieve the drunk driver cause he “made a stupid mistake.”

      And I feel for the family cause they are victims too. The truth is the truth though. I’m not going to sit here and sugarcoat Ryan’s actions. But I’m sure you sent a message to the family of Zachary Hartwell “Ryan made a stupid mistake, we know it could have been easily prevented, but just leave it alone.” right? I’ll leave it alone when people realize its bigger than just a “stupid” mistake.

    • Melissa

      Just a stupid mistake? A mistake happens once, maybe twice…he has been arrested and caught drinking and driving DOZENS of times. Thats not a mistake. Thats a pattern of poor behavious and poor choices. His death was 100% preventable.

      Its an extremely sad situation- I feel horrible for his friends and family. Its even more sad that he didn’t change his ways before this happened.

    • pufinstuf

      And you have to know that the number of times he was caught and ticketed was probably a fraction of the number of times he drank and drove. I hate to see anyone killed by bad judgement and I feel badly for his family, but he had more than enough wake up calls. Besides that, think of the total disregard he had for anyone else who may have been driving on the road during the multiple drunk driving bouts he had. He didn’t care if there were parents, children, whomever, in cars on the road at the same time he was.

  • Kattmow

    I’m sorry, but how can you make a bigger deal out of Zachary than Ryan. Did Ryan put a gun to Zacharys head and told him to get into the car? Zachary got into the car knowing fine well that Ryan had alcohol in his system so to feel bad for him and not to feel bad for Ryan’s family is double standard.
    Yeah fair play you have been affected by drunk
    driver many people have but the only person he
    killed was himself, Zachary played apart in his
    own death by getting into the knowing he was intoxicated so there both as bad as each other.
    It’s a tragic stupid mistake but the matter of fact is that he meant alot to people and can’t disgard the fact that clearly must of been a great
    person for so many people to get upset over
    him. If this bothers you so much why waste your time aggravating people with your harsh comments about him, go do something positive with your time instead of been bitter and trashing everyone who has something good to say about him.

  • KAY

    Kattmow thanks for taking time to try and help these narrow minded people. At least you have heart. When someone dies it is horrible and to have someone die in such a stupid accident is frustrating. RIP Dunn x

  • Kattmow

    @ Kay, you’re welcome chick x

  • Joe

    you’ll be singing a different tune if one of your family members or a friend died, just because of a stupid drunk driver. Tragic accidents like this = Totally avoidable.

  • KAY

    ryan and zach were family members!

  • ross

    I think the world lost one of the funniest people alive, for proof of that, listen to the memorial episode of radio Bam. This was a horrible story made worse, however, by your stupid comment at the end, saying “it’s a miracle no one else was injured or killed in this crash.” How is it? There was nobody else around??? Don’t put fucking stupid statements when reporting the end of somebody’s life.

  • Smurf

    My mum died in a cat accident through reckless driving. Regardless of fault lives were lost unnecessarily.

  • Smurf


  • Het

    I thank that Mr Dunn was a ‘drive’ fast die young(ish) type – he knew he was irreseponsible that seemed to define his life so all the hand wringing and arguing over the futility of his death is way beyond him now – learn the lesson and move on… with these wise words from a very talented English singer whom also enjoyed a tipple! (Jake Thakray)

    I, the under-mentioned, by this document
    Do declare my true intentions, my last will, my testament.
    When I turn up my toes, when I rattle my clack, when I agonise,
    I want no great wet weepings, no tearing of hair, no wringing of hands,
    No sighs, no lack-a-days, no woe-is-me’s and none of your sad adieus.
    Go, go, go and get the priest and then go get the booze, boys.

    Death, where is thy victory? Grave, where is thy sting?
    When I snuff it bury me quickly, then let carousels begin –
    But not a do with a few ham sandwiches, a sausage roll or two and “A small port wine, please”.
    Roll the carpet right back, get cracking with your old Gay Gordons
    And your knees up, shake it up, live it up, sup it up, hell of a kind of a time.
    And if the coppers come around, well, tell them the party’s mine, boys.

    Let best beef be eaten, fill every empty glass,
    Let no breast be beaten, let no tooth be gnashed.
    Don’t bother with a fancy tombstone or a big-deal angel or a little copper flower pot:
    Grow a dog-rose in my eyes or a pussy-willow
    But no forget-me-nots, no epitaphs, no keepsakes; you can let my memory slip.
    You can say a prayer or two for me soul then, but – make it quick, boys.

    Lady, if your bosom is heaving don’t waste your bosom on me.
    Let it heave for a man who’s breathing, a man who can feel, a man who can see.
    And to my cronies: you can read my books, you can drive around in my motor car.
    And you can fish your trout with my fly and tackle, you can play on my guitar,
    And sing my songs, wear my shirts. You can even settle my debts.
    You can kiss my little missus if she’s willing then, but – no regrets, boys.

    Your rosebuds are numbered;
    Gather them now for rosebuds’ sake.
    And if your hands aren’t too encumbered
    Gather a bud or two for Jake.

  • Maz

    QUESTION: Anyone one reading this, have you ever lost a loved one who was actually THE drunk driver and when you found out the news and it sunk in did you think….`HE/SHE DESERVED IT etc etc???

    Just wondering!! Drunk Driving is wrong full stop but some of these comments, so self righteous!!!!!

    Yes he did something stupid and thank god did not kill any other innocent person on the road.

    But to say that he deserved it well…maybe (yes he didn’t learn his lesson at all!!) Bet most of you wouldn’t be saying that to their family & friends faces!!

    • Lilac

      Right, but no one commenting on this site or anywhere else on the Internet is saying anything to his family and friends’ faces. That is beside the point – there are many things I would never say to grieving family members that may have been true about their loved one.
      However, he REPEATEDLY risked the lives of innocent people when he drove recklessly (drunk or speeding), and so while I wouldn’t go so far as to say he deserved it, I don’t think you should be surprised that people, especially those whose lives have been affected by drunk drivers, would react strongly and speak out against what he did.
      And just because a person dies does not mean others are required to think of them as perfect. I have lost loved ones to circumstances that made me both unbearably sad and also angry. You don’t know what his family and friends are thinking.
      Calling this a mistake means that it was beyond his control, and as his prior citations and DUI attest, this wasn’t a mistake so much as reckless behavior from someone who should have known better. You need to stop being self-righteous as well.

    • Maz

      I’m not condoning his actions AT ALL!!

      It was obvious he was going to out like this and ultimately NEVERY LEARNT HIS LESSON!!

      The point is, people do not to be making horrible comments about people deserving to die – and no i am not going to discuss my personal experiences. I’ve lost friends to stupidity but i would never say they deserved it!!


      FULL STOP – Now you can go on continuing to be self-righteous…have a nice day :)

    • Maz

      Oh and i’m sure you have never done anything stupid!! Your a saint!!

    • Maz

      think you should double read my original post because i never called this a mistake!!

  • Maz

    and 1 more thing for you Lilac…i’m not a jackass fan and never have been!! Just cause his dead does not mean i think his perfect…have some respect because maybe one day one of your family members might make a stupid mistake and pay the ultimate price!!! Think about it!!!! No one is perfect!

    • lilac

      I absolutely agree with you – I don’t understand why you are upset at other people for saying the same thing. I also never identified you as a fan nor did I claim that you said Dunn was perfect – I was speaking generally about what happens after a person dies and how those left behind tend to sometimes rewrite their life experiences.

      I think you are the one who needs to reread – I never attributed the “mistake” to your post, but many people are referring to what he did as a mistake. I also never said you were condoning his actions. I was calmly responding to your question about people losing loved ones. I also agreed with you that I don’t think people should say he deserved to die – go ahead and reread what I posted. I DID say that I am not surprised at the way people have responded, which (again) is not the same thing as condoning.

      I never called myself a saint, and I never claimed to have never made mistakes. I have known many people who have done things just as dumb as Dunn has, and as I said, it made me upset, so I was talking about the complexity of feelings that loved ones go through. I haven’t ever endangered anyone else’s life by driving recklessly and/or drunk, though.

      “have some respect because maybe one day one of your family members might make a stupid mistake and pay the ultimate price!!! Think about it!!!! No one is perfect!”- I don’t see how anything I said was disrespectful. And as I already said, in my original post that I HAVE lost loved ones.

      Judging someone for an illegal act isn’t self-righteousness. You are judging people’s reactions and implying that they have less heart than they should, and by extension are bad people. That makes YOU self-righteous, but as this is an emotional debate, I am not judging anyone for their feelings towards the matter. People will react the way that they will, and while I am not crazy nor do I relate to some of the responses (including some that have clearly upset you), I am not surprised.

      I didn’t mean to offend you, and you are clearly upset by my response. You asked a question, and I responded. I do hope that people are able to move past simply calling Dunn names and are able to talk about the problems our culture has with alcohol in general. That seems to be what you want, so I think fundamentally, we’re in agreement.

    • Jill

      Oh my goodness! Maz, I’ve been reading your comments and understand TOTALLY what you are trying to say. I have an example: I’m from Nashville, TN and Monday morning a friend of mine, who I just spoke with Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. on Facebook, got THE PHONE CALL! Her son had been “run over” by an 18-wheeler!!! WHAT???? He was a great kid and had wonderful parents, however, he had a ”
      DISEASE” called ADDICTION and ALCOHOLISM. There is a restaurant across the street from a truck stop. He crossed the street (walking) and ended up falling asleep underneath the 18-wheeler. The driver came out of the place, got in his truck, put it in gear and drove a quarter of a mile, made a turn and threw the boy out from under it. Word has spread like wild-fire and I am hearing some of the most HORRIBLE THINGS about this kid. PEOPLE NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!! Everyone is saying, “He was a drug-addict; he was wasted, he was worthless, he just got out of jail,” etc. NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE should JUDGE another person, EVER!! First of all, I am a mother and have two boys around this age. Second of all, I am a recovering addict. And third, I TRY to look at the full spectrum of things. I think it sucks that if you are on drugs or are an alcoholic, you DESERVE what you get. He needed help! If someone had a diabetic seizure and passed out at the wheel because they didn’t take their medication and killed someone, would they be scrutinized? Absolutely not. I hurt for this poor boy. It’s a tragedy – for ALL INVOLVED!! Being a mom, I feel for his parents, NOT BECAUSE HE HADN’T FOUND HELP AND FOR BEING AN ADDICT, but for THE LOSS OF HIS LIFE! I feel for his brothers and the rest of the family. On the other hand, the tables were turned in this scenario, however, I FEEL FOR THE POOR TRUCK DRIVER that didn’t feel his truck running over this child. His life will never be the same. What I’m saying is, is that ALL PARTIES INVOLVED in these tragedies are changed forever. Does the boy with an addiction problem deserve to die because he had a disease? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!! Does someone deserve to die because they were impaired and took a life? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Did they make a horrific mistake, one that could have been avoided? DEFINITELY!!!! Does someone who is a repeat offender and doesn’t learn from their mistakes deserve jail time, ABSOLUTELY, a lot of it! Hopefully, they will live and change their life and help others. IT IS A TRAGEDY for anyone to lose their life or to take a life, unexpectedly. People DO say awful things and judge others and if you don’t know it by now, you will learn that carma is a bitch and it WILL bite you in the ass in the most unexpected ways…CLOSE TO HOME!

  • blondieandi

    What a fucking dumbass!! These people have some nerve to defend a drunk driver. Just cause he was a star,if you wanna call him that, doesn’t mean you can drink&drive. He did wrong,& died. Plain & simple


    STUPID, INTENTIONAL, WRONG! There are NO accidents. Drinking until you are DRUNK is an intentional act. My sister was KILLED by a drunk driver.
    NO SYMPATHY for the DRUNK that drives. He/she INTENTIONALLY drinks until they are drunk. They ARE responsible for ALL of their actions. If I get MY way, my petition WILL change the LAW