P!nk & Carey Hart Release The First Photo Of Newborn Daughter Willow Sage


At the start of this month we learned the happy news that happily-marrieds P!nk and Carey Hart welcomed the birth of their firstborn child — a girl the couple named Willow Sage. Just a few days later, we got our first peek at the little darling when her parents took her out in public for the first time to a beach in Malibu, CA … tho, heavily bundled up, we really didn’t get to see Willow Sage at all. Today, at last, P!nk and Carey give us our first proper look at their new baby with the release of a beautiful family photo published in this week’s issue of People magazine. Check it out below.

When Pink and Carey Hart’s week-old daughter Willow Sage posed for her first family photo shoot on June 9, she didn’t miss a beat. “Willow is a pro!” Pink, 31, tells PEOPLE. “Or else she is borderline narcoleptic like her daddy – she slept the whole time.” All kidding aside, the Grammy-winner and her motocross-champ husband of five years, 35, are relishing their new roles as parents following Willow’s birth on June 2. “You hear people say it all the time, how life changes so drastically. But you can’t possibly grasp how beautiful that is until you have your child,” says Pink.

What a gorgeous photo! And what an absolutely beautiful little baby! Don’t they make just the cutest little family ever? So precious. I kinda love that P!nk and Carey are wasting no time giving us our first look at their baby girl. If you consider that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon gave birth to their twins months ago and we still haven’t seen them and here, it took less than a month for P!nk to give birth and then release the baby photo … I guess P!nk and Carey are so damn proud of their gorgeous baby girl that they couldn’t wait to share her with the world. This week’s issue of People magazine will feature an entire coverstory on little miss Willow Sage, make sure you pick up a copy to read and SEE more :)


  • Jenn

    i didnt know p!nk was married until like 2 weeks ago.

    • Virginia

      LOL I’m sorry, but how could you not know? You do hang around this site, right?

    • Ali

      haha yeah me either..

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    OMG what a cute baby!! I love her name. I am biased as Willow is one of my favorite movies.

  • fab4runner

    That’s an adorable picture :)

    I like the name Willow but adding Sage is just too many plants for my taste.

    • fab4runner

      Haha I didn’t even mean to use a pun.

  • Just Me

    I think this is the classiest baby photo I have seen in a long time. I love how Pink and and Carey’s arms envelope little Willow and that Pink isn’t wearing makeup, but still has that new-mom glow. I am so thrilled Pink and Carey are one of those rare celebrity couples who separated and were able to mend their marriage and appear to be happier than ever. Congratulations on your beautiful new family. Wishing you a lifelong of happiness and babies are the best!!!

    • Lynne

      I glad they got back together too! This is such a beautiful pic! :)

  • RJ

    I Hart this couple. <3

  • kendra

    I love this picture! It’s not super cutesy or expected..Such a great little family..I can’t wait to see this little doll grow up!

  • Gill

    So cute!!! Makes me broody for mine to hurry up and come out!

  • Monica

    This is the sweetest pic………<3

  • krissy

    I am not usually a fan of selling your private moments to magazines. I understand people are proud, but it just seems odd to me.

    That being said, I think this is one of the sweetest newborn photos I have ever seen. I LOVE how their arms are intertwined to hold her, I love how they are very natural looking, how simple the image is. That is a really beautiful photo.

    • Lulu

      Either sell it yourself under your terms, or get hounded by paps out for the first shot. Easy choice that makes sense to me.

    • krissy

      I disagree. Beyonce has kept her wedding pictures completely private, and no one even knows what her dress looked like.

    • nicole

      yeah, Lulu’s spot on. its easier to sell to the magazines, on your terms and do something positive with the money (like college fund or charity) then let a sleezy pap make big money off it and hounding you day and night.

    • Carissa

      Pink posted this today on her website on why they made the decision: http://www.pinkspage.com/us/news/important-note-pnk

  • Virginia

    I love the fact that they released their family portrait. And you know it’s to drive down the cost of what paps would get for “Willow’s first photo”. It’s beautiful, TASTEFUL (ahem, Mariah) and just plain beautiful.

  • C

    I think it is a great pic, I was on another site and they were ripping what Pink is wearing but I thought she looks beautiful and its very simple and understated.

  • cutitout

    That name is very green and holistic…

  • briony bordaman

    she is absaloutly georgeous!! <3

  • Magan

    What a great picture! Willow is such a cutie!

  • marina

    very nice photo congrats to you both, I love the name and good for pink for saying what you said about the p people. they need to leave kids what would happen if she got hurt because of of them things will never be the same again.

  • Matt


  • Ama

    I saw the Magazine this and other photos were in. Their daughter is a beautiful little girl. Pink also explained why they choose the name Willow, I don’t have the magazine with me, but If I remember correctly Pink said she choose the name Willow because the Willow tree is the strongest tree and her favorite tree, it can withstand anything-negative or positive and still stand. What I read from the interview was cute, definitely shows the relationship between the two and the love between the family. I’m sure they will be great parents.

  • Ahhh! This baby photo is so precious. They just look so full of joy. Least celeb of any celebrity couple. So much lurve to them!

  • Purple

    Nice!!! I luv pink!!

  • It’s a cool pic and it’s a perfect way to make good money! But it’s better not to show the child to the public

  • yao

    I saw the Before & After pics in People. Now I understand why the baby is held so low ha!

  • Purple

    Oh pls d baby is cute nd d name is extra pretty!

  • lollipopi13

    Shes gorges and love de name congrats

  • mia

    Hi pink i just wanted to say your baby was so cute and im a big fan im going to come to one of your concerts by have fun with your baby

  • mia

    Hi pink i just wanted to say your baby was so cute and im a big fan im going to come to one of your concerts by have fun with your baby your a hit

  • violet

    i think yous will make great parents congrats and good luck (yn)(L) xxx

  • panagiota

    I wish the best for you and your baby the wollow who love her so much and I where the same …….. Your recently to come here in Cyprus Holidays where is a small island with amazing foot !!!!!!!!!!

  • kaitlyn

    im a fan of urs i just wanted to say have fun with ur baby.

    ps. she probly will turn out like u p!nk

  • mimi

    how sweet! I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she’s older.

  • e bone

    i like the family pic cute and and happy for u pink n carey love your big fan!!!!