Lindsay Lohan Films A Commercial While On House Arrest


Last month we learned that Lindsay Lohan, who is currently under house arrest for a theft conviction and probation violation, worked out a deal to promote the sale of electronic cigarettes by posing for an ad photo. Today we learn that the always entrepreneurial Lohan has worked out another endorsement deal to promote the use of an online sales website called According to TMZ, Lindsay was paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. for filming an 11 second video … all while she is being “punished” for her crimes. Brilliant.

Lindsay Lohan’s house arrest is paying off BIG TIME — because last weekend the actress shot a brand new commercial from inside the confines of her apartment … TMZ has learned. Lohan got in front of the camera for an Internet penny auction site called A rep for the company tells us Lohan was originally offered $25k for the job … which the actress turned down … but the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount. We’re also told Lindsay was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website.

Um … you realize that this means that Lindsay actually made MORE than $25,000 … which, coupled with the $10,000. credit, means she got paid around $35,000. for less than 5 minutes of work. HMMMM. As grossly disgusting as this feels to me, I can’t say I blame her at all … I mean, why not get paid exorbitant sums of money while on house arrest if the legal system allows the practice? I guess this means that Lindsay could possibly be taking time away from her bizzy party schedule and non-paid photo shoot schedule to film more commercials … while she’s supposedly being punished! OY! I can’t even deal …

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  • LG

    and this boys and girls is an example of how no publicity can actually be good for u. how bad publicity can, yes, indeed, be bad sometimes.

    ive said it before n ill say it again: she is such a big dork.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Look she can make her bread any way she wants but the fact of the matter is whoever is paying her 35,000 dollars is a moron because I am quite sure many people will STAY AWAY from any brand she promotes!

  • Mariah


  • JStar

    She will never be take seriously as an actress.


    What a desperate attention whore! This is an all new low, even for her. I mean, really? This stupid website? What an absolute joke. She doesn’t deserve her fame (whatever is left of it) nor this sum of money. She is the epitome of desperate, tacky, and just…uh. She will never be hot again, either. What a flop.

  • Ashley

    Is somebody serious really give her money to do a commercial? I don’t know about anybody else but whatever she selling makes me not want to buy the product

  • Panti Christ

    ala Tamar: This is some!


    • Panti Christ

      :D lol