Cheryl Cole Speaks Publicly For The First Time Since Being Fired From ‘The X Factor’


Early this month we learned officially that singer Cheryl Cole was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger as judge on the US version of The X Factor (due to premiere on Fox this Fall) reportedly due to the fact that producers feared that the US audience would have difficulty understanding Cole’s Geordie accent. Just one day after news of Cole’s axing was announced, Simon Cowell spoke out publicly about the decision to fire Cheryl from X Factor. Since that time, Cheryl Cole has been silent … but yesterday, she posted a message to her fans on her official blog to finally speak out and give a personal update in the wake of the X Factor debacle. Click below to read her statement in full.

Hi my Gorgeous ones.

It’s me! I wanted to talk to you all direct, and first and foremost thank you all for your continued love, unbelievable LOYALTY and support and remind you that I love you all to bits.

Where do i start? I have had the weirdest past few weeks (nothing unusual there though.) I wouldn’t even know how to begin to tell you all about it. What I do know for certain is that I have the BEST, most unbelievable people out there, who I feel so lucky to call my support system. You never fail to amaze me. I have been reading your letters and opening my prezzies ( I feel very spoilt ) and hearing all of your kind, special and inspiring things you want to say to me.

I feel your presence and strength always, and no matter what decision I make or what it is I’m facing, I appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know. It also breaks my heart a little when i hear that some of you worry about me and need to know that I am ok, so I want to PROMISE you that I am absolutely fine and more than ok!

I have had the time that I have not had in so long to just chill with my loved ones and do the normal things that I like to do. See my friends and family and be with my doggys :D. It feels long overdue and sooooo good, even my feet are happy to not have to wear a pair of high heels hehe..

You are my little soldiers and you mean the world to me. Remember what I tell you, stay strong, keep calm and carry on ;) I’ll speak to you all soon when I have some new news, until then I salute you :)

Lots of love and cuddles. Love me CC x

And there you have it … Cheryl doesn’t really tell us much, tho she does make it clear first, that she loves and appreciates her fans and second, that she is doing just fine. While I believe that both things are true, I suspect she is very likely still smarting from the public embarassment of being fired from The X Factor before the show was even close to its premiere date. That said, Cheryl Cole will be just fine. In no time at all, a new opportunity will come along and this X Factor mess will be forgotten. Let’s not forget that Paula Abdul herself, who is one of the new judges on The X Factor, suffered a public embarassement like this when she was axed from American Idol … and look how things turned out for her. It’s nice to hear from Cheryl … glad to know she’s doing OK.


  • Tahnee

    Her accent is Geordie not Welsh!

  • Nate

    He said nothing about anything. What a waste of time that was.

    • Nate


  • kieren

    Any idiot could see this fiasco was planned from the start. It was a good way to get the nobodies name out there in America and let people know she was Will.I.Am’s new “act”. She and Simon knew exactly what they were doing when they concocted this sham.

  • neil

    i wish Kylie Minogue’s the new judge, i mean what achievements does Nicole have besides being the lead in Pussycat Dolls? an almost debut album, an almost second album, a number 1 uk single? where as for Kylie… UK number 1 singles, top 40s, millions album sold, concerts sold out, grammy winner etc…

  • Cheryl ur so good and the x factor is stupid without yhoo ! xx

  • Alis

    Cheryl I’m your biggest fan Nicole , tulisa ,Kelly Rowland or anyone will Neva replace u your such an amazing person you inspire me and the x factor is shit wiv out u … Haterz can hate I will always luv u .