Watch: ‘The Muppets’ Release A Full Length Movie Trailer


After releasing 3 parody movie trailers (which you can see HERE, HERE and HERE), The Muppets movie — due out at Thanksgiving — has finally released a full length “official” trailer. Despite the fact that this fourth trailer is not a parody, it is still very funny … very cute … and very much The Muppets. Check it out in full below.

Oh man … this movie is going to be amazing. As much as I enjoyed the parody trailers we’ve seen thus far, this newest trailer is the definitive Muppets trailer released yet. It is very obvious to me that great pains were taken to ensure that this new Muppets movie stays as true as possible to the Muppets legacy. I really miss the days when The Muppet Show was on TV. I really believe that this new Muppets movie will bring back some of the magic that we’ve been missing for a very long time now ;) LOVE THIS TRAILER!!


  • schmee

    I want to see that SO bad. I’m sure I’ve already annoyed my friends by posting clips to facebook.

    But really, who wants to be friends with people that don’t like the muppets?

  • Jesse

    Love it!

  • nikki

    I grew up on the Muppets and would love to take my son to see this… I love that they had the “munah-munah” playing in the car (great skit from the original show)… but I don’t think whoever does Kermit’s voice sounds enough like the original Kermit! And who is the little Muppet dude in the powder blue suit with the brown hair???

  • Chelle

    @ Nikki: I totally thought it would be Brian Henson (Jim’s son) doing Kermit’s voice (he used to) but it’s some guy named Steve Whitmire. Hmph. I guess no one will ever be Jim Henson expect Jim Henson. *sigh*

  • Cara

    I am a huge muppets fan. Been playing my DVDs for my 4 year old to try to get him hooked, since I’ll be seeing this with or without him!